The first part of the stories are found here

New 8 August - The main update is Homecoming 1 and 2. There are other updates and new pages, but this is the main one.

New 23 August - Another generation of teenagers is moving to college in Broke 2 here, Simmon, Jenkins 2 here, Pleasant 2 here , Gardener and Bluewater (Stratton). There is an update for the Martinez family and under Students (Anderson/Shulkov). The main update is the a new chapter of the Delarosa Family, also in Bluewater.

New 10 May 2009 - Drama. A lot has happened in this neighbourhood since but this was the first time one of my sims.. It shocked me for an entire weekend. All found in Caliente  pt. 5 (to be read first), more under Lothario pt. 2 and Broke 2 (Dustin and Charlene, pt. 2 - going back in time a little) .

There also is (or shortly will be) a new site introducing you to my Strangetown sims here