The Goth Family (Cassandra and Jerome)

When they arrived at their new house in the evening it was too dark outside, so they waited until the next morning before they had a closer look at it. It could have been an offspring of the old family home right next to it.

When they had finished moving the rest of their belongings from the taxi, Jerome went into the bedroom which was already fully decorated and sat on the bed.

When Cassandra joined him a few minutes later he moved towards her and said: 'So, what do you think?'
'What do you mean?', she asked, 'the house?'
'No.. Cassandra, what do you think, shall we try to make a baby?'

'Oh, that!', she got closer and cuddled up in his arms. 'Our first night in our new house, we could later tell the child..'
Cassandra liked it very much that Jerome so clearly indicated that he was ready to fulfil her greatest wish. She had once asked him if he wanted a child as much as she did and he had replied: 'That was the deal with you, wasn't it? I knew that when I was going to live with you it would mean to have children as well. It's part of being with you.'
She did not ask anymore, although his reply had not really answered her question.

Be as it may on the first night in their home the baby-project was started.

In the late morning of the next day Florence and some other friends arrived to welcome them in their new home. Apart from passing the deed for the toy shop to Cassandra, Mortimer had paid for much of the furniture and used other methods to give them a comfortable financial start.
Jerome had taken the job he had talked about and was soon to begin his career as researcher of paranormal phenomena.

When the guests had left they went back into the bedroom and continued with their attempts to get Cassandra pregnant.

They did not get up before the evening. Jerome smiled happily at Cassandra. He had no particular opinion with regard to children, but he definitely liked helping Cassandra to have one. 'If you think we should try one more time, you know, just to be on the safe side, just tell me..', he said. 'I'll just get something to eat, but I would be back with you in no time..'

But it did not take many more trials once they had moved to the new house. Shortly after Cassandra was overcome by morning sickness for the first time.

Although morning sickness was the wrong expression for her condition because she had to throw up in the afternoons and the evenings too. Her stomach felt awful but noone could have been happier in this state than Cassandra. She had no doubt that the sickness was a sign of her being pregnant at last.

She told Jerome and they celebrated it with a glass of alcohol-free champagne.

She continued to work for a short time until her condition did not allow it anymore.

She stayed at home then and left the money earning to Jerome, although she hated his work hours, which meant that he left in the afternoon and would not return before one o' clock at night. While he was at home he tried to give Cassandra all the support she needed, especially since she turned out to be one of the sim women who suffered a lot during pregnancy.

Still, fulfilling her wish for a child further increased Cassandra's love for Jerome and it was the best guarantee that she would continue to love him. She wondered sometimes what it would have been like if Don had not ran away from their wedding and she was almost grateful that he did. She could not imagine that Don would have ever made such a good husband as Jerome.

Her constant hunger was giving her the most discomfort. She could not get enough sleep because after a few hours she would wake up starving and had to go into the kitchen to get some food.

There were very few days where she would be well enough to enjoy relaxing with Jerome before he had to leave for work.

Usually some part of her body was aching and it was a relief when Jerome was at home to massage her back.

He was worried about her and some times he held her very close as if he wished to protect her from any harm that might befall her that way.

Cassandra was growing and her figure was getting rounder every day

and then at night their first child, a daughter named Callista, was born.

Little Callista was already sleeping when Jerome returned from work and he could not greet her until the next morning.

but it did not stop him from becoming her friend very quickly.

Cassandra found it harder to look after a baby than she had imagined. While Jerome was at home he would care for Callista, feed her and change her napkins. But when she was alone in the house she found it quite a challenge to care for the baby, look after her own needs and answer the phone calls from friends who complained that they weren't seeing them anymore, all at the same time.

To make things worse she was beginning to feel sick again. Cassandra was impatient to have another child and they had tried for it, but she had not fully recovered from her previous pregnancy and looking after the baby was taking a lot of her energy too. She had always calmed Jerome when he had worried about her, now she was a bit fearful herself. She wondered if she had overestimated her strength.

She went to bed and woke up in the morning feeling sick. During her sleep she had recovered though and did not feel as weak as she had the night before.

She did not feel well all afternoon although she tried to repress it and concentrate on Callista, but at night it was getting worse and she was throwing up once more.
Jerome followed her in the bathroom to see if he could help her in any way. On top of that he still managed to find Cassandra attractive even when she was in the middle of vomiting into a toilet bowl.
He could have waited with a second child, though he did not mind becoming father again. He felt that he was doing well in that role.

After Cassandra got pregnant he became the main caretaker for Callista for the rest of her babyhood. Cassandra could already feel the exhaustion, although her pregnancy did not show yet.
Callista grew and got ready for her next life stage.

Jerome swung her up into the air and she fell back into his arms as a smiling toddler.

After she had bathed her and combed her hair Cassandra held her up to look into the mirror. She had to admit that her daughter was looking a bit strange compared to some other children she had seen, but it did not stop her from considering her a beautiful little girl.

Like many knowledge sims Jerome found a lot of pleasure in teaching his daughter. Cassandra would have liked to participate more in it, but her pregnancy had progressed and Jerome insisted that she should look after herself.

He was proud that Callista had learned to talk so easily.

Her inclination to walk was less strong and she needed the encouragement of both her parents. Cassandra was the first, helping her to stand up and walk towards her. After some trying she felt that Callista was close to make the first steps on her own. But Callista was too tired to continue and she sat down and cried, asking to be taken to bed.

As soon as she was awake Jerome picked her up, dressed her and continued with the practice.

So in the end he was also the first who saw Callista walk on her own, although Cassandra had put just as much effort into it.

'Did you know that Callista can go to the potty by herself now?', Jerome asked Cassandra, who could not really know because he had only just succeeded in teaching her this last skill. 'Anyway, how are you? And how is the little girl in there?'
'You don't know yet, whether it will be a boy or a girl', Cassandra responded.
'You should believe a specialist for extrasensory perception. It is going to be another girl.'

'No, really, are you alright? Do you need anything?'
'I'm fine darling, stop worrying. I feel much better this time. It was a really good idea to buy those flowers from Florence.'
Florence had begun to sell snapdragon bouquets at her shop, which were expensive, but, as she assured, worth their money. 'Having them in the house is like aromatherapy', she explained, 'they helped me a lot when I was pregnant with Violet. You will notice the effect straight away.'
It was true. The scent that the snapdragons were giving off, was not only very pleasant but also led to a general feeling of well being.

It is unlikely that Cassandra would have been able to play as much with Callista as she did without them.

She was glad that she did not feel too exhausted to take part in her upbringing.

She would not remain a toddler for ever and weren't they cute at that age? Cassandra would have regretted it if she had missed this period in her daughters life, because she was asleep most of the time.
'You are going to meet your uncle today', she told her.

Mortimer was busy in town although he expressed his regret of not being the first to meet his grandchild. Alexander arrived early in the afternoon and was immediately approached by Callista, who wanted to be fed. Afterwards he played with her for a while.

But Callista had been up since the morning and eventually she was too tired to play. Jerome picked her up and carried her to her crib. When he came downstairs again, Alexander remarked that Callista looked very much like him.

Alexander left and they went to sleep until they woke up from Callista crying and demanding attention.

Cassandra went downstairs to get a drink and Jerome was about to pick up Callista when he heard his wife screaming downstairs.

It was too late to call for an ambulance and the baby was born right there. As Jerome had guessed it was another girl. She was named Morticia.

So, when Mortimer came over to be introduced to his grandchild, another one had already arrived.

The Goth Family pt. 3

To tell the truth Mortimer was not all unhappy about his daughter and her husband moving out. He and Ivy were getting really close and he had the feeling that Cassandra did not approve of it. Ivy was nice, but only a few years older than her, and it hurt her to think that Mortimer could forget her mother if he loved another woman.

Meanwhile, they were positive developments in Alexander's life too. At Patrick's birthday party he had met Lisa Simmon, who he really liked and who seemed to like him too. After the party they began to talk on the phone every other day and one weekend he walked past her house 'by chance' and had the luck to find her outside. He had a great afternoon at her place and when she invited him again a few days later it was even better. It was the first time he caressed a girl and it felt really good.

The day she visited him for the first time he fell in love with her.

He introduced her to his father who was impressed with her impeccable upbringing and her ability to express herself. Alexander had been worried that she might feel uncomfortable in their dark eerie house or in the company of his father, but she did not show any signs that it was bringing her down and was as confident as always, so he relaxed after a while.

After he fell in love with her he found her more beautiful than ever and he would have liked to kiss her. He was not sure how to initiate it though and when he was just about to do it, it was very late and Lisa told him that she had to go home because she had promised her parents to be back by eleven.

Love was confusing and yet it was a very good feeling too. And Lisa Simmon was not just any girl, she and her sisters were considered to be very special. He could still not believe that she had picked him, because there were others who were interested in going out with her too.

Yes, it was not easy to understand what Lisa found so particularly attractive about Alexander. He tried, but he was not an easy character and not the best looking teen boy either. But then it is not necessary to be superior to everybody else to become special for one single person and Lisa found Alexander incredibly cute.

While Alexander made more friends and was happy with Lisa, Mortimer's love for Ivy took a heavy blow when Don Lothario returned. Ivy did not know anything about Don and for her he was nothing but a neighbour who had recently come back to Pleasantview. He gave her the impression to be lonely and so she invited him and some friends for a night out.
Mortimer should have known that Ivy did not have any bad intentions when she invited him too. Nevertheless he blew up when he saw Don Lothario flirting with Ivy. This was very unfair towards her, because she had rejected Don's advances. It was even more unjustified that Mortimer was still holding it against her for such a long time, which in turn angered Ivy who did not like to be punished for something she hadn't done.

And yet, despite their anger they could not bring themselves to separate. Ivy could always find a reason for having to walk past Mortimer's house and Mortimer would always find a reason to come out and talk to her. He still liked her company as much as before and eventually he regretted that he could not bring himself to forgive her. If only it would not have been Don Lothario! This sim was bringing nothing but trouble into his family.

Incidentally, after they had fallen out they began to see each other more than before. Mortimer had almost forgotten what it was like to love and when he got a taste of it again he did not want to do without it any longer.
Slowly his jealousy and his anger decreased and he and Ivy were beginning to be happy again. In the end it was their temporary break up that changed Mortimers mind with regard to Ivy moving in. The fact that their relationship had survived this difficult period together with seeing Ivy almost every day he began to muse about the possibility of her living with him.
He had still not completely forgiven her when he spontaneously decided to ask her one evening. Ivy was surprised but happily agreed to his offer.

He did not regret his decision. The house which had been empty since the departure of Cassandra and Jerome, filled with life again after Ivy moved in.

Cassandra did not like it at all though. At the first opportunity she picked a fight with Ivy. Mortimer was shocked to see his daughter behave like this. At the same time he was confident that Cassandra would accept Ivy one day and that they might even become friends. He assured her that the memory of Bella would always remain with him.

Ivy celebrated her move-in with a new style. One evening she was staying upstairs for some hours and when she came down she looked very different.
'Mortimer, I want to tell you again how sorry I am about all that happened. I do not care for Don or anyone else (which was not exactly true, because she used to have affair with Enrique Martinez at one time and she still liked him) apart from you and I am so happy to live here.'

'My goodness Ivy, you look so..', Mortimer was too confused to respond to her apologies. Ivy looked great with her new hairstyle and clothes - she also looked a lot more like Bella. She did not wear Bella's clothes, but clothes that Bella would have worn as well. She did not have exactly the same hairstyle, but the hair was flowing around her face in the same manner Bella's hair had done. For a moment it was highly irritating, but then Mortimer regained his sense. Ivy was similar in type to his former wife, but she was more than a substitute.
He suggested that they should go out for dinner, so that all the effort she had put into her styling would not be wasted.

They had a great evening out. Mortimer felt young again and he flirted with his girlfriend over the dinner.

When they got up from the table he put his arms round her and kissed her. She held him tight and pressed her body against his.

Mortimer would have liked to woohoo with her, but despite her response to his kisses he was still not sure if she really wanted it or if she was seeing more the beloved companion in him. He was after all considerably older and there was the fear that Ivy might find sex with him repulsive.

Alexander's life was much less complicated. He had begun to find more friends of his age in Pleasantview, he was happy with Lisa and he was already planning to invite her on a date and kiss her for the first time.

On Tuesday afternoon he was talking to one of his friends and told him that he was going to ask Lisa on a date on Friday.

Wednesday he met Wendy Kim. She came back to his house after school and stayed with him all afternoon. Alexander found her very attractive and he fancied her immediately. They got on extremely well too and he did not think about Lisa once during the time he was with her.

When she said goodbye they hugged and she gave him a peck kiss. It was not a real kiss, a proper one that would count as the first, but it was enough to get Alexander all mixed up about his feelings.

He talked to some mates at school about Wendy and somehow this was passed on to Lisa. He was undecided if he should ask her out as he had planned or if it was better to find out who he liked better first, but before he could make up his mind the phone rang and he was invited to the Simmon house.
To his surprise Wendy was there too. Later Alexander thought that he did not handle the situation very well. He had to admit that he was pleased to see her and sometimes during the afternoon he had so much fun with her, that he almost forgot that it was Lisa he had come to see. Wendy was flirting with him too, maybe because she didn't know that he was going out with Lisa - then again she only did it when nobody from the Simmon family could see her.

It gave Alexander a lot to think about. He felt stupid for not even having kissed a girl yet. On the other hand he fancied Wendy a lot and felt that his first kiss should be with the girl he liked more. On this he couldn't make up his mind until he invited Lisa the next time.
They had a great afternoon and Alexander spontaneously asked her on a date.

They had a good time, but while the afternoon had been very romantic, the P.U.R.E. lacked the right atmosphere. After a while they decided to go somewhere else.

Unfortunately before the taxi arrived and took them to the Leisure Centre valuable time was wasted and when they arrived Lisa realised how late it was and that she had to go home. Alexander was wide awake and knowing that his father was not strict in this respect he decided to stay in town for a bit longer. Soon he noticed a little dog and started playing with it.

'You don't look like you have a home. Do you want to come home with me?'

So Alexander returned from his date in female company and Pepper became a new member of the Goth household.

The whole day at school he was thinking about the night before and by the evening he was determined not to waste time anymore. This time he kissed Lisa immediately after saying hello to her.

When he was holding Lisa, Alexander thought that Wendy could not compete with her even if she was very attractive.

They spent the rest of the evening outside in the hot tub. He could not look at her face that night without wanting to kiss her again. Contrary to the other teen boys he did not find Lisa's sisters very attractive, but he agreed that all Simmon girls had this really sweet smile.

Her smile wasn't Lisa's only advantage and Alexander used the opportunity to admire the others while she was getting out of the tub.

He did not let her leave without kissing her one last time.

In the following days the family tried to become friends with Pepper while teaching her to behave at the same time, which was not easy. Living on the street before, she had to get used to being in a house.

It still bothered Alexander that the last date had not been that great though, and at the next opportunity he invited Lisa on another. They danced, hugged and joked

and making out in the corner of the restaurant was having a part too.

Lisa said that she had one of the best days ever and she had looked very happy.

Mortimer didn't think he was too old for dates although he preferred an ambiente that was more elegant and gentleman's style. He took Ivy out for dinner and while they were eating he tried to be entertaining and charming.

But Ivy wanted him to understand that she wanted a romantic relationship with him despite his age and she flirted heavily with him over the dinner table.

Mortimer understood her intentions and did not hold back anymore once they finished their meal.

When they came back to the house later Ivy led him straight to the hot tub and Mortimer had the chance to prove that he was adequate to younger men. Not only was he happy that he wasn't going to end his life without woohooing with a beautiful woman again, he also felt that he had given Ivy no reason to complain.

 The Goth Family (Cassandra and Jerome) pt. 2

With a toddler and a baby in the house the hours in which they could sleep were rare. It would have been too much for Cassandra to handle it on her own and Jerome had to take a leave from his job for the time being.
Usually at least one of the children was awake and often both of them were. Cassandra would pick up Callista, feed her and play with her.

Meanwhile Jerome would feed Morticia, change her napkins and cuddle her.

Or on other days it was the other way round. Callista loved to be with her father and being hugged and cuddled by him.

Morticia was drawn more towards her mother. She was going to look similar to her sister, but both parents thought that their character would be very different, although it was hard to tell at such an early age.

Callista was learning very fast and they tried to provide her with toys which would further her talents. Jerome accepted that his daughter was not the most beautiful child in the neighbourhood. He liked her funny little face just as it was and that she was a bright girl mattered more to him than her looks anyhow.

She had become quite independent, a sign that she would not remain a toddler for much longer.

She grew up without a big birthday party. One moment she was still playing with her toys, the next she stood up and turned into a school child. Her parents had bought a cake and had come to the living room to take Callista to the kitchen, where it was waiting for her, otherwise they would have missed her age transition.

They celebrated a bit afterwards, but not for long, because Callista would start school the very next day.

Morticia followed the example of her sister and grew up to the next stage of her life only two days later.

As her parents had already expected Morticia was different from her sister. She was very keen to learn how to walk and it was the first skill she mastered. Jerome had returned to work and when he came home in the evening (he had been promoted just before Morticia was born) his little daughter was walking towards him. Cassandra was standing behind her and smiled at him proudly.

But - and this was also not in the least unusual for a knowledge sim - Jerome was too keen to teach the toddler to leave it to his wife. He taught Morticia to speak her first words.

He also potty trained her.

The mixture of being nice, clever and a little bit weird (a Goth family inheritance) made Callista very interesting to the other children in the neighbourhood and she soon found friends even among the older ones.

She still wasn't pretty, but had a very expressive face and after a while others usually thought that she looked quite nice.

Cassandra returned to work when her and Jerome's schedule guaranteed that one of them would always be at home to look after the children.

But not for long.

Later in the evening she told Jerome that she thought she was pregnant again.
Jerome said that he was sure he knew which night it happened, because he had guessed immediately afterwards that it would not remain without consequences.
Maybe the constant exercise in his job had strengthened his intuitive perception. He was getting rather good at it.

On this occasion Cassandra was as certain as him though. That night they went into the bedroom as soon as both children were asleep.
She had known that she was likely to get pregnant if they woohoo'd and for a split second she had wondered if it wasn't too early, but those doubts were quickly thrown overboard in the course of the action.

A few days later, going downtown in the evening, Jerome met Aemon. Cassandra had told him that she did not feel too bad apart from the throwing up and that he should go out and enjoy himself for a few hours. While she preferred going to friend's houses she knew that Jerome liked a visit to town from time to time.
He asked Aemon how he was doing and whether he'd missed any news. The children did not leave them much time to socialise with their friends. Aemon told him that he was quite successful in his showbiz career and that he was still seeing Katie and a few other girls from university, but that he had not made any particular plans. 'You will not hear that I'm getting engaged in the near future', Aemon joked. Jerome laughed, but wondered if Aemon really made more of his young years than he did. Due to the relatively short duration of pregnancies and early childhood he was about to become a father of three, although not that much time had passed since his college graduation.

Next, he and Cassandra were invited to the wedding of one of his former housemates at college. Although Angel had left university not long ago, Jerome felt that she was already more integrated into the neighbourhood than Aemon had appeared to be.
He liked her husband Marlon too. Despite moving to Bluewater only recently he seemed to have a lot of friends there.

Cassandra had arrived later because Jerome had not been sure if they were both invited. He wasn't the only one who needed to get out of the house sometimes and he was glad that she agreed to join him at the wedding.

Her pregnancy wasn't showing yet, but the signs were clear enough. She had feared that she would have to throw up at the party and considered staying at home first. But she was also looking forward to get out and be among others. Fortunately, no sickness spoiled her fun.

Now that they were both old enough, Callista spent more time with her little sister and Morticia was gaining from her knowledge.

Cassandra never felt as bad as she did at the beginning of her second pregnancy, but she was often tired and grateful that she could have a nap while Callista was playing with Morticia.

When a belly began to show and she was placed on maternity leave she invited Mortimer so that he could get to know Morticia a bit better.

They had not seen each other much because Cassandra could not really forgive him for living with Ivy. She did not know her well but despised her regardless and as a result she visited her father very rarely.
They all went into the living room and Cassandra watched Mortimer playing with his granddaughter.

When he got back from school Alexander joined them and him Morticia liked even better than Mortimer.

She did not have the same friendly nature as Callista but she and Alexander grew fond of each other quickly.

Of course Alexander didn't forget that he had another niece and he gave Callista a big hug before he left.

Jerome had become a family man by accident and as a consequence of wanting to be with Cassandra, but he turned out to be the type who found it - relatively - easy to bring up children and enjoyed looking after them.

He was also very caring towards her.

She was so glad that she had married him, especially after she met Don again one day. Jerome was superior in all respects. She couldn't understand how she had been able to believe that she could change Don. Maybe he would have fulfilled her dream to have children too, but she was not sure if she still would have had a man by her side to bring them up.
She only wished that Jerome would not have to work so much. You got a lot more holidays in other jobs and he worked long hours too.

When he was at home it was great. They always had a good time and he never failed to cheer her up when she was low.

It was only when he got another promotion and his work hours changed that they profited from the changes in the neighbourhood though.

While they tried not to neglect Morticia's upbringing over Cassandra's pregnancy, they nearly forgot to check whether Callista needed support. When they became aware of their negligence Jerome immediately took the task upon him. It didn't require much work, because Callista was already doing well in school.

A bit of help with the homework was all she had needed to raise her from the good to one of the best and shortly after she presented her first A+ to her parents.

She held up the piece of paper which told about her achievement, so that they could read it well.

When she calmed down she put down her report card and said hello to the baby. It was a habit she had adopted from her father, although she was also looking forward to another family member.

The age transition of her sister was an even better event. Soon they would go to school together and there would always be someone to play with.
Jerome had Morticia on his arm and helped her to blow out the candles on her birthday cake.

Then he put her down on the floor and they all watched her while she was swung up in the air and turned into a school child.

After her birthday Morticia helped herself to a piece of cake and then checked how she would look if she let her hair down.

She was visibly happy with the result.

'A short rest with no toddler in the house', Jerome said when their daughters had left the room.

The Goth Family pt. 4

Alexander did not get to see Lisa much after their date because she and her sisters stayed at home more in the last stage of their mother's pregnancy. They all hoped to be there when the baby was born.
He wished they could have met more often (some of his friends had recently made some very interesting experiences) but he went out on his own occasionally and still had a good time.

He usually had a good time at home too although it slowly started to bother him that his life was not as eventful as that of his friends. Barry Broke woohooing with Melanie Stratton was big news, what Alexander wondered much more about though, were Patrick and Wendy doing it. Even if they weren't exactly his taste, Alexander was aware that the girls that had fallen in love with his friend were generally considered the most attractive in the neighbourhood. There was no doubt that Patrick was popular. Still, it surprised him that Wendy fancied him too.

After a while Alexander also noticed an increased longing that had not been there before and he thought that he and Lisa had not seen for too long a time. Her mother had given birth to another daughter, but there were enough sims around to help her with the baby and when he called Lisa she said that she would be happy to see him.

Alexander knew what he wanted when Lisa arrived at his house. What he found more difficult was to find a way to communicate it. After some talking and dancing they went upstairs into Cassandra's old room. That it had been relatively easy to get to the point where they were both lying naked on the bed (and without much initiative from his side) should have convinced him that Lisa would not object to woohoo with him, but Alexander was also getting a bit worried that she might not like it. After all it was the first time for both of them and he did not want it to be disappointing.

Lisa appeared much more confident and she made it easy for him when he didn't know how to start. When they were making out Alexander realised that he only had to proceed with the ideas that came into his mind at that moment.

It was not that difficult to work out and then it was rather good. Although Alexander really enjoyed the woohoo with Lisa (and did not think he had shown himself akward or unpractised) he could not get rid of the feeling that she already had experience.

Alexander loved Lisa and was sure that they would always remain close friends. When they kissed that night, he strongly felt that he was about to loose her though. There were some rumours that Lisa fancied Barry Broke but they were not the reason. It suddenly occurred to him that all his friends and acquaintances were already making plans for college and he seemed the only one who had not thought about it yet. They weren't only thinking about their major or what it would be like to be an adult, Alexander realised that he probably should have made his claim if he wanted to be with Lisa after they grew up.
In fact they did not see each other much after that day and when he talked to her some time later, after her sister Louise had left, she admitted that she was planning to ask George McCarthy to come to university with her and her sister.

As he had promised, Mortimer kept the memory of his former wife but he was really not too unhappy that Cassandra and Jerome weren't living with them anymore. Although Cassandra's aspiration was not unknown to him, he had expected that Jerome would have a modifying effect. Instead he seemed more than willing to give Cassandra the large family she dreamed of and he already had three grandchildren.
He liked his granddaughters (he had not met his grandson yet) and it would have been nice to have one child in the house again, but so many.. Mortimer decided that he preferred his second spring with Ivy.

Although Lisa and Alexander never broke up with each other (already because they had never gone steady), he did not see a reason not to try his luck with Wendy. The teenage community was humming like a beehive at the time and information travelled quickly. There were a few rumours regarding Wendy, who was said to have a strong interest in David Pleasant and was trying to become his girlfriend.
Alexander believed that he had a good chance though. He knew from David personally that he and Wendy had woohoo'd with each other, but he seemed more inclined to stay with Ashlee Pons. Apart from that there had been a strong chemistry between him and Wendy from the beginning and Alexander was hoping that she would prefer him eventually.

Wendy was indeed more interested in David, but after the evening when they kissed for the first time she began to think about Alexander more, deciding that he was just as lovely.

She had the impression that Alexander was not going out with Lisa anymore, because he flirted heavily with her the whole evening.
But either Wendy was getting worried about her reputation or she already guessed that her relationship with Alexander may become serious. Maybe it was simply too late when they met. Whatever, they were close to it but didn't woohoo with each other.

The first autumn introduced itself with the first rain and when Alexander went outside to marvel about it, he suddenly heart a loud bang.

Ivy came running out the back door when she saw the tree going up in flames. Mortimer had seen it too and immediately rang the fire brigade.

When they arrived the fire had already been extinguished by the rain and Mortimer received a heavy fine and a lecture for calling them unnecessarly.

He apologised and said that he would not panic so easily the next time, but inside Mortimer was furious. They had not much experience with the seasons and the changing weather yet and even if it was forseeable that water pouring from the sky would solve the problem by itself, they could not be expected to be aware of this instantly. In his opinion the fine was very unfair.

After the first teens had moved out, Alexander started to think a lot more about college. He had forgotten his homework a few times and was not doing as well in school as he could have, but he had enough skills to get him through his studies easily. The scholarships he received did not matter much in his case since his father would provide him with everything he needed.
Alexander was mainly interested in a different experience though. After checking himself in the mirror he came to the conclusion that he wasn't at all bad and he prepared himself to be more forward the next time he met Wendy.

It promised to become a great day as soon as they met. Wendy looked as happy to see him as he was seeing her.

Unfortunately Alice Simmon happened to walk past just then. Alexander didn't know if Lisa would be happy to hear details about him and Wendy and he asked her to come inside.

Actually, he would have preferred it if nobody else would have been around, but it seemed impolite not to invite Christopher in, especially as he was Patrick's younger brother. Alexander went into the bathroom to have a shower, while Wendy sat down and played chess with Christopher.
As much as he liked Wendy, the younger generation was another reason why Alexander thought it was time to grow up. One day he had met Joy Broke, the younger sister of Beau and Barry and in his opinion she was the most wonderful girl he had ever seen. If he stayed around longer he would surely loose his heart to her, but the age difference was just too great. By the time she was old enough to go to college, the others of his generation would be ready to graduate. Maybe he could have stretched his teenage life, but Alexander knew that it was time to move on and so it would be best to do it quickly.

After an appropriate amount of time had passed, he said goodbye to Christopher and Wendy saw this as a signal to go upstairs. She had a very natural attitude towards woohooing and none of the teens judged her negatively for it.

It did not bother Alexander that Wendy had made her experiences with his friends. He really liked her.

A lot.

Alexander did not tell her but until his first woohoo with Wendy her reputation as being easy to have had actually increased his interest in her. He was thinking differently about it afterwards because it had been much more than just fun.

When they came down again, Cassandra had arrived. She was living so close, but they were all too busy with their own life to see each other much. Alexander had visited them a couple of times to get to know his nieces, but he had not done so for a while and Cassandra was very glad to see him.

Alexander knew that he should have said goodbye to Wendy and do his homework which he had not touched for two days, but she indicated that she had loved doing it with him and would like to go back into the bedroom and Alexander did not want to pass on such an offer.
If it was possible to judge something like this objectively, Lisa was probably superior to Wendy, but Alexander was beginning to wonder if he and Wendy weren't more suited for each other.

Wendy was much more like his mother in type, but Alexander who could not remember her well, was not aware of that. 
It would have made no difference for Alexander anyway, to whom the idea to have a long term relationship with Wendy when they went to university had become increasingly appealing since this morning. Others were always seeing the fun-loving easy going part of her (and it was in fact a large part of her personality), but Alexander believed that there was more to her than that.
'Wendy, would you like to come to college with me?', he asked when they were cuddling on the bed.
'I was almost loosing hope that someone would ask me, I don't want to be a teen any longer.'

'I have to warn you', he said, 'I was planning to share a dormer with David and Ashlee, maybe it is not what you want.'
'I don't care', Wendy replied, 'David has become a family sim, did you know that? He is more of a friend now.'
'I like you a lot better anyway', she added before they engaged in another woohoo.

While Alexander and Wendy were busy upstairs, Cassandra and Ivy had another argument in the dining room. Actually, Mortimer had invited his daughter to confront the two women with each other and even though it looked like their relationship was not improving he left them to sort it out between themselves.
It was a wise decision because it helped that Ivy was not taking the insults from Cassandra anymore and started to fight back. She found some very clear words for Cassandra, but it was necessary to make her understand that Ivy saw herself as an individual and had no intention to become Bella's replacement.
'I am very sorry about your mother, but it is very unlikely she will ever come back, we all know this. You are so selfish, you put your own hurt feelings over the happiness of your father. You don't live here anymore, Alexander will go to college soon, would you rather see him all alone in the house than with a woman who really cares about him?'

The Goth Family (Cassandra and Jerome) pt. 3

Cassandra used the favourable circumstances to invite some of her old friends one evening. She would have liked to follow Lilian's invitation to town a while ago, but she did not feel well enough to go out.

'Look at your charming husband, Cassandra', Lilian said,'is he always like that or is he putting it on for us?'
Jerome laughed. 'Of course that's only show. Usually I am a horrible, brutal rogue.'
'No, that's not true!', Cassandra exclaimed, 'When you aren't abusing me or the children, you are alright.'

After Morticia had grown into a schoolchild, she and Callista were equally curious about their mother's pregnancy.
'What's up?', Cassandra inquired. She was aware that her daugthers would have liked to ask her about it, but didn't know how to start.

'Is it true, that Dad put that child inside you?', Callista finally dared to make the first step.
'Yes, in a way, but it is a bit more complicated than that. Half of it comes from your father and the other half from me.'
'And then you put it together inside you?!' Callista was surprised.
'Hmh, well, no, I told you it was a bit more complicated than that.'
Cassandra was preparing herself to give them their sexual education, but for the moment her daughters were puzzled and did not inquire any further.

Shortly after when she and Jerome were out in town, Cassandra felt a great longing to woohoo with her husband and they tried out the famous photobooth, which had served for pleasant experiences of other couples before them.

Afterwards Cassandra thought that while she could explain the mechanisms of procreation and genetics to her daughters, there was much that they would only find out about later when they were old enough for it.

A few nights later their third child was born.

Jerome and Cassandra could say hello to their first son, who was named Ivor.

'I always forget how tiny they are', Jerome said when Cassandra handed Ivor to him.
He would have been quite happy with another daughter, but he knew that Cassandra had wanted a son.
'Oh look at him, he is so cute.'

This time Jerome became the main caretaker for the first few days, because he had a holiday and Cassandra returned to work.

It was not necessary, because she had so much bonus holiday that she could have probably stayed at home until the children were ready to go to university, but she felt it was only fair that they got to see her face again for a change.
Cassandra had intended to quit her job, but it seemed stupid. She continued to receive her wages without ever having to go to work.
A short period was enough to make her aware that she rather stayed at home with her children and Jerome and her jointly cared for Ivor afterwards.

Ivor did not leave them so much time for the other children, but they were doing well without their help and Morticia brought home her first A+ before they had taught her to study.

She was very proud of herself and after telling her mother about it, she went downstairs to show the report to her sister.

Morticia did not find friends as easily as her and she envied her sister for being popular among the other children. Callista was nicer than her and also less shy.

She was very fond of her father and always came running out of the house when he returned from work. After she had hugged him that evening, she told him about Morticia and her A+.

Although it proved that she had no problems in school, Jerome felt guilty for not giving her the same support as his other daughter and in the evening he helped her with her homework and taught her to study.

When Jerome went to bed, he started thinking about the current situation and after discussing it with Cassandra, he activated the Servo that they had gotten from Mortimer and who became a member of their household from then on.

Cassandra had not liked the idea initially and had needed some convincing before she agreed to it.
'It will be great', he assured her, when they were in the living room, 'Servos love doing chores and he will be a great help to us. When you find out that you never have to clean up a dirty plate again, you will think differently about him.'
'I'm sure you're right', Cassandra replied, 'but I can not get used to the way he looks. It is irritating me.'
She appreciated that they would not have to worry about a nanny anymore though and could go out whenever they wanted.

The others happily welcomed Servo into the family and Callista immediately started to make friends with him.

In the evening Servo cooked a meal and they all sat down together, with the exception of Jerome, who was playing with Ivor. Cassandra was trying her best, but she was aware that she talked mainly to her daughters and avoided to look in the direction of Servo.

Ivor was developing well. Cassandra tried to engage her daughters in his upbringing - although they were too young to help - because she wanted them to have a close bond to Ivor when he would grow into a toddler.

Servo was offering his help in the care for him, but first Cassandra could not bring herself to pass the baby into his metal arms with those sharp edges.

'Don't worry about it Servo', Jerome said to him later, 'she will get used to you over time. Don't take it personally.'
Servo was fitted with a complete emotional system and he was very sad that Cassandra was so distanced towards him. When Jerome activated him, he had been tuned into his personality and so he liked Cassandra a lot.

Cassandra eventually overcame her reservations like Jerome had said, and one day she handed Ivor to him, so that he could hold him for a while. Ivor smiled and to Cassandra's surprise he seemed to feel completely comfortable.

To show him that he was fully accepted as a family member, they asked Servo to carry Ivor to the birthday cake when it was time for his first age transition. Jerome had invited Ben for the evening, who was making his first experiences as a father. His girlfriend Lilith had recently given birth to twins.

After Ivor had grown into a toddler, Cassandra sat down with him and started to teach him to talk.

Meanwhile Jerome was talking some more to Ben.
'Congratulations. So you are going to be a married man soon?'
'Yes, it looks like it.'
Ben told him about the children and they agreed that despite the strain and the exhaustion you got a lot of joy from them too.

'What was that?!'
'I don't know what came over me', Jerome said, 'I know we have not talked about it. But don't you think that it would be a good idea?'
Cassandra had carried the wish for a family for a long time, but after the birth of Ivor she had not really considered to have more children or not until later. It was more important to her that they would do well in life and get a good college education. She would have never expected that Jerome would strive to get her pregnant again almost immediately after Ivor had grown into a toddler.
Jerome wondered if he had fallen victim to some kind of virus that was passed on in the neighbourhood. He had discovered that he enjoyed the life with the children and especially after talking to Ben the night before, the idea to have another had become very appealing.
Anyway, it was too late to discuss it now. They both felt that the try for a baby had been successful.