The Jenkins (Bendett) Family pt. 3

Eleonor was not forgotten among the other children and she was a happy girl who was one of the best in school. Only that there weren't many others of her age in the neighbourhood (apart from the townie 'forever'-children) made her sad occasionally. Her friends were mainly teenagers like Patrick.

For the moment Christopher required most attention though.

Soon the day of his first age transition came.

Marisa took it upon her to teach him, because it was what she liked best about the small children. She showed a lot of patience and almost regretted it to leave the training of some tasks to Darren, who wanted to participate in the upbringing.

Her own fondness of knowledge and her engagement encouraged the children and were reasons why they were learning so fast (although Christopher did not pick up as quickly as the other children before him).

He looked very similar to Patrick at that age apart from his eyes, which were those of his father.

Marisa knew how much the children mattered to Darren and so she hesitantingly left it to him to teach Christopher to walk.

Marisa would have never imagined to enjoy having a large family so much. She looked more beautiful and happy than ever before.

Darren had the life he had been dreaming of since Ben's mother had left him shortly after Ben was born.

Marisa was the love of his life, but apart from that he thought that he could not have picked a better woman to have children with.

She was in fact a better mother than some of the family sims in the neighbourhood, maybe because she was a practical woman and good in organising her day efficiently.

Neither Darren nor Marisa found it much trouble to bring up the children and so Marisa had no objections against Darren's wish to have another. They probably woohoo'd more often than any of the other couples and without protection it was not surprising that it did not take long before Marisa was pregnant again.

Just like Ben before him, when he was a toddler, Patrick helped looking after his younger brother. He felt the wish to be close to his siblings.

Even Eleonor, although she had not grown up yet, tried to spend time with Christopher and make friends with him.

When her pregnancy was confirmed Marisa told Patrick that another family member was on the way, knowing that he would be very happy about the news.
Darren had not seen Brandi for a long time. He was a bit afraid to meet her, but at the same time he did not want to loose her friendship and finally decided to invite her over and get her and his wife acquainted.

Most of Marisa's friends were coming from downtown, where she used to live. They were many women in the neighbourhood she would have liked to be friends with though. Her pregnancies following shortly one after the other had stopped her from going out so much and she was looking forward to meet someone new.

Brandi arrived and Darren introduced her to his wife. They were both working in the same profession and so they soon had a topic to talk about. They were getting on well with each other and Darren started to feel more relaxed, having been a bit nervous before Brandi arrived.

They were always showing their affection and it was normal to them and Darren therefore did not think about it when he caressed his wife. On top of that he did not think that often about Brandi anymore and he assumed that it was the same for her. She was living with Maurice and they had children together as well. From what he heard they were a happy couple.
But Brandi did not take the situation as lightly as Darren had imagined.

Seeing Darren and his wife obviously being very happy hurt, at the same time it served as a cure for her longing for Darren, which had never completely stopped despite her own happy relationship.
It was only for a moment that she could not control her temper. Later she could not tell what she said to Darren, being too busy to restrain herself from slapping him. Darren asked her to calm down, realising that Marisa could find out that he had kept a secret from her.

His wife did look at him questioningly and he did not know what to say. The fear to loose Marisa was so strong that no word managed to pass the barrier in his throat.
After a short moment Marisa decided that she did not really want to know the reason for Brandi's sudden outburst and she never asked Darren about it afterwards. He never mentioned the kiss in the clothes shop but eventually told his wife that at one point Brandi and he had been close to becoming lovers.
Brandi calmed down and now felt sorry that she had endangered Darren's marriage only because she had kept her own unrealistic wishes.

She did not leave and tried to show Darren that she was hoping to continue their relationship as friends and that she would not attempt to make more out of it in the future.

Darren, who understood that he had his own share in the development of events, was glad to respond to her efforts and they silently agreed to pretend that nothing had happened.
Marisa had prepared dinner and they were talking about the children and their friends while they were eating. The evening ended much better than they would have expected at one point.

Soon after Marisa was on maternity leave again. It was the fourth child already and being pregnant almost felt like her normal state

just as holding a toddler in her arms. Since she got married to Darren she had spent more time at home than at work and sometimes she wondered if she should not give up her job alltogether. Once she had the strong wish to become chief of staff, but now she was more interested to develop all her skills and to pass her knowledge on to her children.

Now that they were all teenagers their age difference did not matter much anymore and Patrick was beginning to make friends with the older ones. He really liked Louise Simmon and found her almost as nice as her sister Alice. Unfortunately they did not see each other often and didn't become friends.

Ben almost missed his chance to meet his youngest brother while he was still a toddler. He was very busy at university and could only visit them again shortly before Christopher was about to grow up into a school child. They had waited until then to tell him about Marisa's pregnancy. When she came out of the house he was surprised to see her in that state again and he wondered how she managed to cope with the strain.
Marisa assured him that she was perfectly happy and did not suffer from exhaustion as much as some other women.

Afterwards they went into the house and Ben could finally meet his new little brother. Only half an hour after his arrival and after greeting Patrick and his sister he was already playing with him.

He carried Christopher - who took to Ben immediately - around for most of the afternoon.

Ben had a short break and was staying with the family until Christopher's age transition, which was to take place in two days.

There were some complications during the age transition because of Christopher getting entangled with his father who was holding him. But in the end he turned into a healthy and happy school child, continuing to play with Ben, who had already become his friend.

'Shit Dad, how did that happen?'
'I have no idea, but I would appreciate it if you'd stop swearing and help me and your brother Patrick. He is sticking to me somehow and I also got cramps in both arms.'
Patrick thought that it was the weirdest thing he had ever seen, but later Christopher told him that it had been funny rather than frightening (which was a blatant lie because he had feared that he would be permanently attached to his father).

After Christopher's birthday and Ben's visit the family concentrated on Marisa who was to give birth soon.

Patrick in particular was very caring about his mother. The children loved their father, but their mother they admired on top of loving her. She expected a lot from them and could be firm when they were behaving silly or irresponsible, but she also had trust in them and was a sim they could turn to when they needed to talk about something.

Darren admired his wife too. She managed their large family as if it was nothing and still found time to work on her skills. As if this was not enough she could turn into a very passionate woman when they retreated into their bedroom in the evening and they still woohoo'd almost every day.

Then their child was born. It happened in the morning again, only that this time Darren was at home. Kaylynn was glad, because she had been very worried that there might be complications when Marisa had given birth to Eleonor and nobody else was in the house but her.

Marisa gave birth to another daughter, which they called Elise.

Like the others before her she received a warm welcome from her father

and her mother. Marisa observed that the girls both had hair when they were born, unlike their brothers.

Patrick immediately greeted the new arrival when he returned from school.

For a short time Eleonor and Christopher were in the same age group and they were playing with each other a lot, even when they brought friends back from school. The children who were born during the baby boom had reached school age by now and finally Eleonor would have been able to find friends of her own age. But she never felt she really belonged to them and Darren had to accept that she was actually too old and closer to the teenagers in the neighbourhood. He would have liked her to remain a child for longer, but once again it turned out that his children were growing up quicker than the others.

Ben would have liked to come over for her birthday but the semester had started again and so only the rest of the family and Rose Gardener, a girl from the neighbourhood were present when Eleonor became a teen.

Maybe it was because she transformed so early that Eleonor's family thought she looked slightly younger and smaller than the other teenagers, but she turned into a very sweet girl.
As mentioned above, Darren did not like to see his children grow up so quick and did not even want to think about the time when they would leave for college.
Elise had just been born and already the wish to have another baby formed inside him. He did not mention it to Marisa, who had told him after Elise's birth that their family was large enough now. He respected the wishes of his wife (the whole family did, there was no doubt that she was the boss).

They had always noticed that Eleonor came after her mother and the resemblance became even more obvious after she had turned into a teenager.

She was very happy that she had finally reached that age.

Eleonor was more interested in popularity than knowledge or family. Nevertheless one of her first actions as a teenager was to pick up her sister, who had woken up during the celebration and feed her.

She spent the rest of the evening with her and then went to bed herself, because it was the middle of the week and she had to go to school the next day.

With Patrick and Eleonor both available to look after the baby, Marisa had time to help Christopher with his homework and teach him to study.

Before she went to bed that night she looked at herself in the mirror. With two teenage children she half expected to find the first signs of age in her face, but she was still as young as ever.

Ben at College pt. 3

The rest of the second semester passed without major events. Dirk and Ben both went home to visit their family and to meet the new members that had been born into it in the meantime. Then the next exams were due and another term was completed.

Maybe they realised that they were already halfway through their studies or Orlando's engagement had initiated it, but it was the period in which they all progressed with their respective relationships. Willow had been seeing Tara a lot and they had become a couple.

Willow was a romance sim and in that respect not that interested in a serious and long lasting relationship. But she liked Tara very much and since her choice to find a suitable partner was limited by her orientation, she could imagine to live together after college.
When she met her the evening after their exams, she realised that she had seriously fallen in love with her.

They were flirting heavily over the kitchen table and Willow began to think that it would not be such a bad thing to share her life with Tara.

She made out with Tara for the first time that night.

Maybe there was a special atmosphere in the air, because it was also the night when Dirk seriously fell in love with Emmy. They had been in the kitchen with Tara and Willow, but neither couple had paid much attention to the other.

Later they went upstairs.
'You know, I feel like I have known you all my life', Dirk said, 'It's so strange to think that not that long ago I didn't even know you existed. Since you moved here I had the best time ever. I really love you.'

'Do you?', Emmy smiled shily, which was unusual because she was not a very shy girl. Until then, despite all the hugs and kisses, theirs had always been mainly a playful relationship and they were easily getting distracted from romance if the idea of a pillow fight crossed their mind.
By nature Dirk was a rather serious and not very outgoing sim, but since his late teens he had mainly been seeking pleasure and entertainment. Maybe it had been a way to cure himself from the pain over the death of his mother. Emmy had a light hearted nature and had not made many plans for her future yet. But she found it as hard to imagine to be without him as he did.

After his exams Ben had visited home to meet his youngest sister Elise, but when he came back he used the first weekend to invite Lauren on a date. Since the night after the completion of the first sophomore semester he had been thinking about making love to her. Of course they had seen each other in the meantime, but there had never been the same atmosphere, although Lauren was indicating that she wanted to woohoo with him too.
They went to the club in Bluewater, which was slowly becoming a favourite dating place for students, who missed privacy in their dormers. It was owned by Gabriella Martinez, who to Ben's surprise happened to be pregnant. After Dirk met Emmy he had stopped visiting her and some changes had obviously taken place in her life since.
Ben enjoyed the date with Lauren, but felt immediately that it was not quite the right time to woohoo. He was trying to get into a more romantic mood, but somehow it failed to develop.

Eventually he suggested that they should go into the backroom. When he was holding her, he felt very tender towards her and very much in love, yet he lacked the passion that had been there that other night.
After a while he was beginning to worry that she might expect him to start making love to her. By then he had decided that he did not want to, because the whole situation seemed far too unnatural and forced. He told Lauren and she suggested going outside and take a relaxing dip into the whirlpool.

Once the pressure had been taken off him, he was much more open to the charms of Lauren again. He really admired her, she was so confident and strong. She had a way to question him with her glance, but she always seemed to find the answer in his eyes. She understood him without explanations.
She was sitting on his lap and he caressed her thigh. He was beginning to feel the passion that had been missing earlier in the bedroom.

When Lauren started to kiss him it was almost too much for him. He wanted to woohoo in a bed before he attempted doing it in a whirlpool and hated himself once again for his indecisiveness.

He was so fed up with it that he swore not to let it happen again. He did not wait long after their date before he called her and asked her to come over. They kissed outside for a while and then Ben told her that he wanted her to stay for the night. 'I want to make love to you.'
'Yes, me too', she replied.
'No, I mean tonight, I want to make love to you tonight.'

Afterwards he knew that you did not have to arrange everything to make it the perfect moment. They gave each other all the love they had and it was ecstatic and romantic and just right.

They slept for a bit, but Ben woke up again soon and was sitting on the bed, watching Lauren in her sleep. He was tempted to wake her up. He wanted to woohoo with her again, and when she stirred and opened her eyes, he moved over and gently kissed her.
She came out under the blanket and cuddled up to him.
'I would not have waited for so long, if I had known how good it is.'
She giggled. 'Shall we try if it can still get better?'

Ben did not need another invitation.

When they got up it was near dawn. He looked at her and at that moment she appeared a most special girl to him, so full of strength and confidence.

Ben went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Lauren and him. He was glad he had not waited any longer with his first time.

A few weeks later Dirk had shut off his computer after completing his term paper and was ready to go to bed, when Emmy came in.
'I think the cow wants to tell you something', she said. 'It thinks that there is an emergency. There is a girl in the house who urgently must be taken on a date. She has studied too hard and is in desperate need for some fun and distraction.'
'So, that's what the cow says?'

'Do you think, this could give the girl some relief in the meantime?' He put his arms round her and they started kissing, getting rather carried away.

The next day when he met her on his way to the bathroom, he stopped and said: 'I have not forgotten my promise to the cow, and since immediate action is required, what about tonight?'

They went to the leisure centre, had some food and danced for a bit, but eventually they went upstairs, because it was usually empty and they wanted to be alone.

Emmy was all over him and it required all his will power to tell her to stop. He was getting very excited and did not know if he could restrain himself from making love to her right there on the sofa.

Emmy explained, that she was ready to have sex with him and Dirk regretted that it was not possible to beam from one place to another. He would have liked to be back at the dormer right now. He asked her if she would like to go home and they called a taxi and left.

Lauren and Ben had shared the taxi downtown with Dirk and Emmy and were let off at the Hub. Ben had finally accepted that he would simply have to wait what the future had in store for him and that no worries about it would change that. He realised that every time he had overcome his doubts and made a step towards Lauren it had left him more content and at peace with himself.

Woohoo with Lauren had been another step in this direction. He desired her and was already looking forward to take her back to his place later.

Their passionate kissing was interrupted by Mary-Sue, who suddenly stormed up and began shouting at Lauren, pushing and poking her. Lauren did not easily loose her composure, but the attack had come completely unexpected and Mary-Sue's poking was painful too. She turned away and started to cry.
Ben stared at Mary-Sue before he followed Lauren to comfort her. He did not know Lilith's mother very well, but when he had met her before she had always been friendly to him.

'Do you have any idea, what this was about?', Lauren asked, when she had recovered.
'No, not really. She seems to think that we have treated Lilith badly. Have you fallen out with her over something?' - 'No, we are really good friends. I like her a lot.'
Ben tried to hide the feeling of guilt. He did not believe that Lilith would have talked to her mother about him, but it was the only explanation he could find for Mary-Sue's outburst.
'Anyway, are you alright?'
'Yes, I am fine', Lauren answered, not knowing that it was far too early to say that.

Mary-Sue had been staring at them from the background, but shortly after she came over and started pushing Lauren again. Lauren had to defend herself and could do nothing to avoid the fight that followed. She hated it, but she was fit enough to last a fight, although it proved that Mary-Sue was a little bit fitter still.

Mary-Sue was pulling Lauren's hair and tried to hold her down with a tight grip on her neck, but eventually Lauren managed to get away from her.

Ben ran over to her and when Mary-Sue approached once more he blocked her and showed that he was going to protect Lauren from any further attacks.
Mary-Sue looked grim and shot an angry look at him.
'I would have thought better of you, Ben. I thought you were a nice boy, but you are despicable.'

'What have we done? Why are you bothering us?', Lauren began, but was cut short by Mary-Sue.
'And you shut up! I am not even talking to you, you slut.'
Ben and Lauren's date had seriously suffered from their encounter with Mary-Sue and they were immensely relieved, when she finally left the club.

Meanwhile, Dirk and Emmy had arrived back at the dormer. They got themselves some cereal from the kitchen, but Dirk had already been thinking about woohoo with Emmy while they were in the taxi on their way home.
'You're not tired, are you? Shall we go into my room?'

They hurried into his room, where they resumed the passionate kissing of earlier. Dirk had started to think about woohoo almost immediately after coming to university. He was close to doing it with Gabriella. Now with Emmy it finally happened and he was full of excitement.

'You can keep your clothes and everything in your room, but wouldn't it be nice, if you started sleeping in my room?', he asked her afterwards. Emmy answered that she liked the idea.

It was hard to keep a secret at the dormer and Ben had seen Emmy coming out of Dirk's room in the morning. His date with Lauren had not turned out too bad in the end, but Lauren had said that she would rather go back to her place because her head was hurting, and she had not come with him.

The first semester of their junior term had ended and they were one step closer to their adult life. With all the work it required, being a student was still like a break, a time to find out what they wanted, before they were taking on the responsibilities of a fully grown adult. Orlando could not wait and was counting the days to his graduation.

Apart from his doubts with regard to Lauren, which had occupied him to no small extent, Ben had always enjoyed the time at college and he would keep a lot of good memories from it. He had seen the birth of more siblings, had kept his old friends and made new ones.
He liked his study of psychology and it did not require much work, because apart from being well prepared, he was intuitive and sympathetic.
He had made up his mind that he wanted to marry Lauren after they graduated, but he was not as impatient as Orlando.

From what she heard, the Martinez club (it was actually named "Flowers and More..", but nobody called it that) was a very good place for a date, and Willow was longing to finally make love to Tara too.
Willow had a small child like face and looked very young even when she stopped wearing her hair in braids, but she was really the leading partner in the relationship. She had never lacked confidence and with her inclination as a romance sim flirting came natural to her.

Tara was happy to leave the initiative to Willow, and snuggled up in her arms when she began to caress her.

They became passionate and then Willow had her first woohoo as well.

She felt very good about it, especially since Tara and her had turned out to be very compatible in this respect as well.

She expressed her feelings in a serenade to her girlfriend.

'Ooh, that's so sweet', Tara purred.

They went outside into the hot tub and watched the morning sun coming up in the distance. Willow massaged Tara's back. She was still excited and wanted to make love more.

Since it seemed to be a very liberal club and nobody else was outside at the time, she saw no reason not to do it in the whirl pool.

The woohoo raised her spirits and she found new energy for her studies in it.

It was a good time for all of them. Each had been fortunate in their personal life, even if it had taken some of them longer than others, and with the exception of Orlando, who still suffered from the lack of early education and needed to learn more, they all went through their studies with ease.

Like their friends they had gained a lot of money through their grants and they had decided to buy their own hot tub, which was always a really good place to relax, socialise and have fun of all sorts.
'Do you think about sex a lot? I do, these days I can not look at Emmy without thinking about it, I wonder if this is normal', Dirk was asking Orlando.
Orlando shrugged.

Maybe Willow would have been a better person to ask. She was very happy with Tara, but she was curious what it would be like to woohoo with someone else.
One day, they had just completed their junior year by then, when she came home from her course she saw a girl sitting in the hot tub together with Emmy. 'Who's that?', she inquired, nodding in the direction of the girl. Orlando, to whom her question was addressed, laughed. 'I can not blame you for not recognising her. That's your friend Mary Perry.'

The day after they met, Mary had called Willow and they talked for a very long time. She seemed to be very keen to become friends with her and Willow liked her a lot too. She had been over once or twice afterwards and they continued talking on the phone. So they had become good friends, but so far Willow had never seen her without her cow costume, something that had started to interest her exceedingly.
Mary had no reason to hide behind her costume. She was a very nice looking girl and Willow joined her and Emmy in the hot tub, soon beginning to get a bit closer to Mary.

It was already dark when they got out of the tub. Mary immediately slipped back into her costume and Willow noticed to her own surprise that she almost found Mary more attractive like that. She was pretty, but there was something about that cow mascot costume, that provoked and excited her. It was a bit like going out with a figure from a fairy tale. 'Here we are, Willow and her magic cow.' Mary grinned. Maybe the strangest thing about the costume was that it was still possible to recognise facial expressions or mood. 'No, honestly, I'm glad you came over today. I had a really good time.'
She wondered if it was possible to kiss Mary while she was wearing the costume.

They went inside and Willow was pleased that Mary was getting along with her housemates. Apparently she had been able to make a nuisance out of herself more than once and one former student, Vassily, could not stand the sight of her.

Later, when they were upstairs and alone, they began hugging. Willow would have liked to ask why Mary would always wear her costume, but studying psychology she knew that she would not be likely to get a true answer if she asked directly. Mary would want to talk about it herself one day.
Tara was much more attractive than Mary, but Willow quickly developed very intense feelings for her.

'I don't know how you manage to look at me like this with those false eyes', Willow smiled, realising that she was about to seriously fall in love with Mary.

Suddenly Mary turned away. 'Maybe I should leave now', she said with her muffled voice.

'No, come on. What are you afraid of? Is it because we're both girls?' Mary remained silent.
'That's it, isn't it? There is nothing wrong with it, come here I show you.'
Willow cautiously lifted the head of the cow costume a little bit, slightly worried that Mary could freak out if somebody dared to enter her private sphere. But Mary actually helped her finding her lips.

'Can I see you again? Maybe we can go out one day?'
Willow had to bite her lips not to ask if Mary would be wearing her costume in a downtown club as well and only said: 'Sure, why don't you give me a call tomorrow?'

They did talk the next day, but the work for university stopped them from going on a date. It did take Willow almost the entire semester to finish it and she also didn't want to neglect Tara over Mary, although she would have liked to find out more about her.

The Jenkins (Bendett) Family pt. 4

Marisa, who had accumulated a lot of holidays, stayed at home, but participated less in the upbringing of Elise than she had with the other children. She was hoping to be promoted when she returned to work and Darren tried to give her more time to study.
Marisa was still thinking about giving up her job, but she was so close to the top level of her career that it would have been stupid to quit now.
Darren liked the idea, hoping that she might change her mind about not wanting to have more children.

Patrick and Eleonor almost competed in the care of Elise and there remained hardly any work for Marisa.

Marisa would never allow their older children to neglect school or their friends while they looked after the baby though, and sometimes she insisted that they would leave Elise in her care and go out to have fun.
All the girls agreed that Patrick was a good looking boy, but after Alice had started to go out with Alistair he had not found another one he liked.

This changed when he met Melanie Stratton. Although Melanie looked very different she was a lot like Louise Simmon in character (they had soon become friends), a shy but very nice girl.

First they were only friends until one evening when Patrick began to see her in a different light.

Cary had shown an interest in her, but Melanie did not fancy him as much as Patrick who she liked a lot.

Very soon they fell in love with each other.

Brandi came round on the same evening and Marisa, who still hoped to make more friends in Pleasantview, went out to greet her. It pleased her to see Patrick flirting with Melanie as she passed. Her teenage son was as romantic as his father and she would have liked it if he found a girlfriend.

Brandi had come to terms with her relationship with Maurice and it did not hurt her anymore to see Darren flirting with his wife. When her jealousy had passed she began to like Marisa and wished to become her friend too.

Patrick stayed outside with Melanie until his father came out and told him that it was time to go to bed.

Eleonor and Christopher still spent a lot of time with each other after Eleonor had grown up and her relationship with him became as close as the one with Patrick.

Elise was closest to her father and loved it when he was playing with her.

Christopher was doing well in school and came home showing off an A+ report.

Eleonor did not have as many friends as Patrick and was always glad to meet new teenage sims. Melody Tinker lived in Bluewater like Melanie. Patrick often visited Melanie there and he was thinking about taking her on a date soon (hoping it might lead to a chance of having his first kiss).

His plans changed when he met a girl on the street one day, which he had never seen before. Her name was Jasmyn Love and she was the most beautiful girl he had ever come across. They stood outside and talked for a while and in the evening even when he tried to think about Melanie his thoughts kept wandering back to the other girl and when he would meet her again.

It didn't take long and by the time when Elise was celebrating her first birthday Jasmyn had already become a good friend and was invited for the birthday party.

He flirted with her a lot that day and Jasmyn's smile and the sparkle it brought to her eyes showed him that she fancied him too.

If he would have noticed how she looked at him when he was not seeing it, he would have known that she liked him even more than he thought.

She was the last to leave and when they hugged before he said goodbye to her, they came close to kissing each other.

Jasmyn had been over almost every day since they met and Patrick felt he owed Melanie an explanation why he had suddenly stopped visiting her. He wanted them to remain friends and did not want to hurt her, so for a while he was making excuses for not seeing her.
Even if Melanie did not know the reason for it, she understood that something had happened and that Patrick did not feel the same about her anymore. She would have liked it to be different, but eventually she accepted it.

When it came to teaching the toddler, Marisa had taken over in the care of Elise again. Elise was the slowest in learning of all their children, only talking she learned easily.

Since the birth of Eleonor Darren had insisted to teach his children to walk, but without his knowledge Marisa had always practised with the toddlers a little, unable to resist the temptation. She tried the same with Elise, but after she knew how to talk she did not look interested to learn something else.

Maybe she did not see much reason to start walking, because there was always someone to pick her up and carry her. Patrick thought that Elise was not quite as cute as Eleonor or Christopher had been, but he felt the same affection for her as for his other siblings.

Knowing that his mother would most likely not even let him take more care of Elise there was no reason not to invite Jasmyn.

For Francis Layton it was not unusual to see two teenagers flirting with each other. It was a picture he knew from home.

In his opinion, the way they were staring at the other sometimes, and standing around as if they were paralysed, they looked really stupid.
Patrick and Jasmyn did not care. They really fancied each other and both had a heavy crush.

Melanie and Barry had started going out and Patrick thought that he could now invite her and introduce her to Jasmyn without causing any pain. When they were standing next to each other he noticed for the first time that they looked a bit similar because of their hair and the clothes they were wearing. Only that Jasmyn was more beautiful than Melanie (who was a good looking girl too though).
Melanie soon realised that Jasmyn (who she had met before) must have been the reason why Patrick's attitude towards her had changed, but she did not dislike her for it. As much as she had wanted to go out with Patrick, it would not have been right if there would have been someone else he liked better and Jasmyn was obviously very attracted to him. Going out with Barry made it easier for her to think that way too.

Meanwhile Elise was growing up receiving the support and care that Marisa had given to all her children.

Eventually Elise got fed up with crawling and learned to walk from Darren who trained her when he came back from work. Darren had been promoted several times and was heading the police department now. Different to other jobs it did not lead to a reduction of work hours though and he regretted having to work so much sometimes.

As soon as Elise was fully trained they invited Ben over. He had managed to build a strong relationship with all his younger siblings, including the ones who were born after he left for college and would have never forgiven them if they had not let him see them when they were small.
Ben was together with Lauren again, yet he still wasn't sure what direction his life would take. When he played with the toddlers, he was always happy though and forgot his doubts regarding his family orientation.

The whole family was glad to see him and when they all had dinner in the evening, Darren looked around and congratulated himself on having such a wonderful family.

When Patrick started to see Jasmyn, Eleonor began to feel a bit envious. She did not want to trail behind the other teenagers forever and thought that she was old enough to have a boyfriend too. In school the girls talked about boys of course and George, the boy working in the local shop, featured in their conversation a few times. Apart from being good looking, George also had the advantage of being easy to find. Eleonor was not the first girl who suddenly became keen to do the shopping for the family.
She agreed with the others that George was really nice and after she paid for the goods she stayed in the shop for some time talking to him.

George, who was completely unaware of what the girls were saying about him, often wondered why they stayed in the shop for such a long time, since you could only buy food and there was no entertainment. He was flattered by their attention though and after Louise he got a crush on Eleonor.
But once again poor George was left alone with his affection. Eleonor liked him, but she was hoping for the same kind of attraction that existed between Patrick and Jasmyn and it simply wasn't there with George.

Jasmyn had a part time job and Patrick hated it when he could not see her before the evening. He kept looking at the clock and was on the phone immediately when she returned from work at six.
He had not invited her on a date yet and until that one evening, when she visited him after she finished work, he had planned to take her out one day and then he was going to kiss her.

But then she looked so beautiful and he felt that she was waiting for him to do it and he did not want to wait any longer and then he gave up his plan, pulled her close and kissed her.

It was already late when she arrived and they had only little time before Jasmyn had to leave again. When Patrick came back into the house some of his family members tried to talk to him, but soon gave up when they realised that Patrick was neither listening nor responding. He could not think about anything else but his first kiss and did not sleep for a long time that night.

When Elise had learned all the skills of a toddler, Marisa began to concentrate on her own again. She still hadn't received that promotion she was aiming for, partly, because she had been on maternity leave for such a long time and partly, because she was expected to bring some skills, like her technical knowledge, to the maximum.

It was a strong wish she had anyway and she had used every free minute of her time practising. After spending one whole night on the surgical training station she finally achieved the goal that she had been working on for so long.

Because Marisa did not spend all her waking time with Elise, her younger brother Christopher had a chance to get to know her better.

When Marisa saw that even her youngest son was getting involved in the education of Elise, she knew that she did not need to worry about her missing out.

She had almost reached the age to grow up.

When the day of her birthday came Patrick looked at the cake and remembered the celebrations that had taken place before. The way the family had grown he almost expected that his mother would inform him on another pregnancy soon. They were so used to having a baby or a toddler in the house.

Ben arrived in the early afternoon and was greeted by Patrick.

Shortly after, Jasmyn, who he had invited for the birthday, came along. He caressed her tenderly and that was the moment when they completely fell in love.
He was looking forward to introduce her to Ben and convinced that his brother would like her very much.

Patrick was chosen to be the one to take Elise to her birthday cake. Everyone assembled in the living room and after he had helped her blow out the candles, Patrick placed Elise on the floor where she disappeared in a cloud of coloured sparkles for a moment before she reappeared again as a school child.

Elise had received the support of her entire family and she grew up well.

It did not show so much when she was fully dressed, but lately Marisa had gained weight, which was very surprising, because after gaining the full mechanical skill she wanted to maximise her cleaning skill and using Darrens fingerprint scanner for training she was very active and walking around in the house all the time.
She stayed up after the celebration and practised a bit more.

Everyone was in bed already, but she knew she was close to reaching her goal and did not feel like she could go to sleep like that. Around 2 o' clock in the morning the breakthrough came and she put down the fingerprint scanner and had a last look at her recently grown daughter before she went to sleep.

She had not changed her mind and did not want any more children - four were enough - but like Patrick earlier she realised that they were used to have a small child in the family and it would be strange, when there was no toddler to look after anymore.

Despite her efforts Darren reached the top of his career before Marisa. It was more a change of career than a promotion. When he was in charge, Darren had uncovered a lot of corruption in the police department and had decided to make it public. It increased his reputation and gained him the respect of the few honest policemen around, so his open criticism would not have cost him his job. But he was extremly disappointed with the force he had served for so long. He left the police and began fighting crime on his own, becoming Captain Hero.

Marisa still had a lot of holidays left, but she wanted to go back to work. The children were in school most of the afternoon and she was also hoping that she would now get her promotion to Chief of Staff. Patrick or Eleonor, who finished school at one o' clock, looked after the younger children until their parents returned home.

Marisa and Darren had saved a lot of money since their marriage. They hardly bought any furniture and they did not go out much. Shortly before Elise grew up they enlarged the house and three bedrooms and two bathrooms were added on the second floor. The bathrooms had been most important to stop the children from arguing who could use the shower first in the mornings. One bathroom was simply not enough for such a large family.

Brandi was one of the first who they invited after they finished building and decorating. She looked even better than she used to, but she was only a friend now and there was no romantic affection between her and Darren. Marisa had met her a few more times in town and they had become friends too.

Ben at College pt. 4

She talk to Mary the next day, but the work for university stopped them from going on a date. It took Willow almost the entire semester to finish it and she also did not want to neglect Tara over Mary, although she would have liked to find out more about her.

One of those days Orlando encountered one of his cousins, who had actually been at the same college the whole time. The Centowskis were a large family, but did not seem to have close family ties.

Ben finished his term paper before the others and had plenty of time to divert himself with other things during the first senior semester.

They had all come to appreciate the bubble blower, but it could not disperse the thoughts in his head and probably intensified his latest reflections.

He was not sure if a part of him was actively seeking trouble and confusion. When he invited Lilith over one evening, he knew that it was risky and that he could not say with honesty that it was only to see one of his best friends. Why he was thinking so much about her lately and why this always happened at a time when he was really happy with Lauren, he could not tell. All he knew was that he always restrained himself in the wrong moments and did not control himself when he should.

Lilith was going out with Brandon and until now their love had caused no danger to their respective relationships. Ben was well aware that he was actively stirring his (and her) feelings. Despite all his intense reasoning he had an inclination to act sponteaneously in a completely different fashion afterwards.
From Patrick and his father he heard that a change had recently taken place in Pleasantview and a few days later they had discussed this in class. It was a very interesting psychological phenomenon and Ben wondered if the way he felt was in any way affected by it.

That evening he had a strong crush on Lilith and he was about to convince her that there were better ways to pass the time than doing an assignment, when he was interrupted by a guy in a suit doing a strange little dance.

He was handcuffed and driven to a large building, which he recognised as the secret society, Charlene and Dustin had talked about. He looked at it, but somehow he could not develop an interest.

'Look, I appreciate that you have accepted me in your secret society', he said to Kevin Nanale, after they had presented him with the suit sporting the llama symbol, 'but at the moment my mind is somewhere else. A friend of mine had come over when you arrived and I was hoping to spend the evening with her. I would really just like to go back home again.'
'Never mind', Kevin replied 'you can come back anytime.'

They drove him back to the dormer, where Lilith was still sitting on her assignment. But the special atmosphere of that evening had passed and they spent the rest of her visit talking. Lilith was speechless when he told her about the fight between Lauren and her mother (Lauren hadn't mentioned it). She was surprised that her mother had started a fight, but the fact that she had beaten Lauren was equally astounding.

That Orlando was the first to acknowledge the change that had taken place nobody would have predicted either. He made a phone call to Gretchen who came over immediately.

They headed straight to the hot tub and stayed there for the next hours.

Inside the dormer another student in a suit had arrived and it was Willow's turn to become a member of the secret society.

She enjoyed her visit more than her friends before her (the secret society was useful, but slightly boring), because she met Sabrina Caine. She heard that Sabrina had an affair with Aemon, but after a while she got the impression that Sabrina did not have a particular gender preference. They got on very well.

By the time Willow left, she and Sabrina had already kissed for the first time. As with Mary she did not like Sabrina better than Tara, she simply liked to try her charms on more than one sim.

The hot tub was empty when Willow returned. Orlando and Gretchen had gone into Orlando's room and where cuddling on the bed. Since he was a teen the others had always seen him as the ordinary guy from next door and - or because - Orlando was seeing himself that way. Gretchen smiled, thinking that he could be quite different when they were alone. She was glad that none of the other girls had ever discovered his hidden qualities.

As predicted (the psychology department had immediately conducted several studies, which were followed by others from the sociology, science and history department) the different mental attitude was slowly spreading across the campus.

Together with the overwhelming majority of the neighbourhood, Dirk welcomed the new freedom. On the outside it did not have such a big impact on his relationship with Emmy, but he found it much easier to communicate a romantic interest now. It was all much more spontaneous and natural.

More natural and more intuitive; for Ben the time had come, when he had to accept that he had secret wishes and desires that were in contradiction to his family orientation. He could have chosen to repress them and he had tried; but while it made him faithful to Lauren he was betraying himself.
The next time Lilith visited him they only needed to look at each other to understand.

They went to his room and undressed. Ben wondered how long he had wanted this and understood that his feelings for Lilith had always played a big part in his indecision regarding Lauren.

Tonight there were no more guilt feelings or thoughts about possible consequences, for the first time he could simply enjoy loving her. 'One day it would have happened anyway, don't you think?', he asked her, when she moved closer and rested against his shoulder. 'Yes, I guess so', she replied. She was relieved that Ben did not bring up moral issues regarding his faithfulness to Lauren or she would have probably told him that Lauren had cheated on him with a student living at their dormer. The feelings between her and Ben were completely unconnected to her relationship with Lauren, who had turned into her closest friend next to Charlene.

'Wow', was the first thing that came to Ben's mind when they got up again afterwards. He had not expected the woohoo with Lilith to be so good.

Now that his longing was satisfied his guilt feelings returned for a second; at the same time he knew that this was most likely not the last time he had been with Lilith.

Orlando had been the next after Ben and Willow to get abducted by the secret society. He found some entertainment in the styling chair, which somebody had brought along. He had known Bill Riley for some time and always hated his haircut. He cut his own hair and knew how to use a razor and scissors.

He had not believed to have such a talent though. Bill Riley was very pleased with the result when he looked at himself in the mirror. Orlando was planning to become a natural scientist but it made him wonder if he would not like to own a shop one day.

When Dirk was made a secret society member the following day (when Lilith visited Ben), he continued where Orlando had left off and showed equal creativity. The first guy who got a new styling was ugly and there was no way to cure this, but he still looked much better than before.

Most girls in the secret society had looked rather plain too, but there the new styling did wonders. Dirk was pleased as much as Kari and thought she was really quite lovely.

He styled another girl, whose name he could not remember, and she was very happy too.

When he came back it was 2 o'clock in the morning, but Ben, who was planning to write his term paper, was still awake. Although he had always kept it a secret from Dirk that he had fallen in love with Lilith when they were teens, so much time had passed since Dirk went out with her that he saw no reason not to tell him that he slept with her.
'You and Lilith, really? I had no idea that you fancied her, I didn't think she was your type. So, anyway, what was it like?' Ben laughed and shook his head. 'So? If you tell me you must expect that I ask.'
'Great. Absolutely fantastic.'
Neither of them was aware of it, but this late night conversation very likely influenced some of Dirk's decisions shortly after.

For the next days Ben worked hard on his term paper and did not have the time to see any of his friends. This was their last semester and the grades would be decisive for their final degree.

Dirk had completed most of his semester work and while Ben was learning he was invited to Lilith and Lauren's dormer by Ben Gardener. He had hardly talked to Ben when Angela and Lauren returned from their courses and maybe it was the first incident where he did not act like he would have under different circumstances.

It would not have occurred to him to interfere with Lauren and Ben's relationship, but since Ben had cheated on her (and there was a rumour that Lauren had cheated on him), he felt that the situation had changed now. He had always fancied Lauren a bit and the way she reacted to his flirting she liked him too.

For the moment Dirk could not explore his chances any further though, because he was called over by Lilith who asked him to join him in the hot tub.
'Lilith, I don't want to worry you, but it looks like you forgot to put on your swimsuit', he remarked, giving her well formed breasts an appreciating look at the same time.

'I know we ended our relationship when we went to college, but have you never wondered what it would be like to be with me?', she asked.
'More than once, believe me', he answered. Since Ben had talked about her the other night, he had become ever more curious. He had begun to think more about Lilith again and whether they had really moved in such different directions. Unless he was a complete fool, Lilith was giving him clear indications that she wanted to revive their relationship and he would definitely not say no to that.

He had almost forgotten how good it felt to kiss her and not wearing any clothes made it better still.

With their passionate kissing a lot of their former feelings returned and Dirk discovered that their love had never completely disappeared.

Lilith sitting naked on top of him was bringing him close to loose his senses. He bent over her and they had their first woohoo.

Being with Lilith for the first time was exciting enough, but as soon as he got out of the hot tub and walked into the house, there was another surprise waiting for him. When he entered the dormer he was approached by Lauren and she made it quite clear what she wanted of him. He found it very unusual, because Lauren had always seemed to be interested in Ben only, but he decided that it would be a bad move to question her about it at this moment. So he only asked for confirmation.

When she said that she wanted to be with him, he chose to simply accept and be grateful for what was given to him. It was a boy's dream come true and he still wasn't sure what he had done to deserve it.

He was very exhausted afterwards, but Lauren was also the type of girl you liked to fall asleep with. Had he not known it already, it would have been necessary to tell Ben that he was an idiot to have doubts about a relationship with her.
She was already sleeping and he was careful not to wake her up when he put his arm around her.

When he got up the next morning he met Lilith in the kitchen, who did not seem surprised to see him at all. She could surely guess where he had spend the night, but did not show any jealousy.

Instead he ended up in her room later, making love to her again.
Dirk stayed for almost two days and got the impression that the atmosphere in their dormer was very heated up. He had shortly woken up when he slept in Lauren's room and had been hearing Ben and Angela making love to each other as well.

Compared to them, the dormer where he was living, seemed almost quiet, although they all had relationships too and usually at least one of them had their girlfriend over on any day.

When Ben completed his semester work and visited Lauren, he could confirm Dirk's observations (which remained general and excluded vital details), getting into a very similar situation. He thought that Lauren had changed, but maybe he had only stopped to put her on a pedestal and was beginning to see her as a sim with needs and desires.
After greeting him, she immediately led him into her room and they spent the next two hours in there.

Later they played chess for a while. Lilith was there too and when Lauren went into her own room to do an assignment, she asked if he would like to come to hers. Before he knew he found himself sitting naked on her bed.
'Lilith, I don't think this is a good idea. Lauren did not see me come in here, but you don't seriously believe she would not notice if we woohoo right in front of her?'
Lilith laughed. 'I'm sorry Ben, but if you don't want it, can you explain to me why you've taken your clothes off?'
'Wanting it has always been my main problem, I guess. But I don't want to break up with Lauren or is that what you want me to do?'
'No, I don't. But you don't have to worry about it, she is not going to be angry with you.' Ben looked at her in disbelief, but saw that Lilith was completely serious.
He did woohoo with Lilith and as she had said, Lauren acted as if nothing had happened.

Shortly before he and Lilith had been out with Dustin and Charlene and he had not been able to keep his eyes off her the whole evening.

Dirk had wanted to go on a date with Emmy for a long time and one evening he asked her if she would like to go to the P.U.R.E. They had a great night out.
First they headed for the dance sphere and both took a spin.

Afterwards they went upstairs and relaxed in the whirl pool for a while. They were kissing a lot, but left it at that. They would have plenty of time to woohoo later and Dirk did not want a large audience.

Most of the evening they spent on the dance floor doing silly dances and having immense fun.

With Emmy you could do these type of things and he liked that about her. She had other habits though that made him wonder if she wasn't a little bit strange.

Without them he would have had no doubt about living with her after college. He was still more attracted to her than any other girl despite of what had happened with Lilith and Lauren. Seeing them and his other friends had made him wonder if he really wanted to remain a pleasure sim forever though.
It had been good while he was at college and he had the best of times with Emmy, but on the long term this might not be enough. What would happen to their relationship if he decided to choose a different path?
He would wait and see. It was possible that he missed her so much after a couple of days that he would ask her anyway.

Orlando was already looking for a house for him and Gretchen. They only had to wait a little bit longer although being so close made it even harder for Orlando.

Orlando found it difficult to talk about it but when they were sitting in the hot tub one night shortly before their exams he explained to Gretchen that he had stronger physical needs than he thought he would (when he didn't know anything about it) and that he was thinking about woohoo with her all the time.

What more he had to tell was whispered into Gretchen's ear.

Gretchen, who had moved steadily closer to him, sank back when Orlando gave her a demonstration of what he was talking about.
Once more she was glad that the other girls didn't know about his ability as a lover.

The others regretted that they had not gotten to know Gretchen better when she was living with them and they tried to make up for it. Orlando was on the phone for a while and Dirk and Willow sat down with her.

A few days after one of the girls from the secret society came round and Orlando was surprised how openly she showed her interest in him. He made sure that she was seeing the engagement ring, although he thought that she was very attractive.

She was brought along by Sabrina, who had been invited by Willow. Willow did not loose any time to show Sabrina that she had an interest in her.
She was disappointed when Sabrina suddenly said that she had to leave. She had envisaged to take her into her bedroom within the next half hour.

Instead Mary Perry was the second girl she woohoo'd with. One day Willow remembered with some guilt that she had promised her to go out a long time ago. She decided that even if she didn't take her on a date she would at least invite her to come over.
They had a very romantic time in the hot tub, before Willow suggested to go upstairs.

For Mary it was a moving experience. She loved Willow a lot.

When Ben visited Lauren again it was almost a repetition of the last time. After Lauren had greeted him they went straight into her bedroom.

Afterwards he stopped in Lilith's room. Lilith could really turn him on and he forgot about any potential exhaustion. He didn't really know what the two girls had made up between them, but he understood that while Lauren's permissiveness did not stretch onto others, she accepted him to be with Lilith.

Maybe it was because she did not see it as a threat to their future together.
A steady relationship between him and Lilith had the potential to turn into a disaster, although Ben found it increasingly harder to keep this in mind.

The night before their exams Ben realised that he had neglected some of his friends and family and he called Angel and invited her. Dirk liked the idea because he had also not seen Angel for a long time.
'Angel! You never said a word when we were talking on the phone.' Ben gently stroked her large belly. 'As big as you are, you must be close to giving birth.'
'No actually I still have some time to go. But I feel like I am growing from day to day.'
Angel talked a little bit to all of them, but did not stay very long. She explained to Ben that it was very tiring to carry such a weight. One day she had even asked if she could lie down for a while when she had visited at his father's house.

Orlando, Dirk and Willow returned from their exams at the same time and they congratulated each other in turns.

An hour later Ben returned having graduated with honours like the rest of them.

The Jenkins (Bendett) Family pt. 5

With a toddler around it always used to be lively and despite the encouragement from Marisa, Patrick and Eleonor had chosen not to invite friends over to their house much. Now they were making up for it and began to bring their friends back when they returned from school.
One day Patrick invited his friend David, who he had not seen for a long time.

Shortly after Cary Gardener came over. Patrick had been friends with his younger brother Alistair for a long time, but until recently he did not know Cary very well.
Eleonor had been out to the swimming pool earlier and had met Barry Broke there, who she had never seen before. Since growing up she had not encountered anyone who really appealed to her and then Barry came along, looking gorgeous and extremly attractive. He had given her an appreciating glance and a broad smile and had she not known that he was going out with Melanie she would have tried to flirt with him. If only his girlfriend would not have happened to be one of their family friends! For the first time she really fancied someone and it made her miserable that he was not available. Her mood changed when she saw Cary Gardener, who she had also never met before. She wondered where they had been hiding until now. Cary was just as attractive as Barry (or only a bit less) and contrary to him he did not have a girlfriend.

Then Manuel Caliente, who had only recently grown up, walked past and he and Christopher began talking to each other.

Wendy Kim had already come over earlier (she was one reason, why Patrick had invited David, who had told him that he would like to get to know Wendy better) and soon a big group of teenagers and children were squatting on the lawn.

It was the day when Marisa finally got her promotion and she brought a friend back from work too.

Eleonor liked meeting new people and would have talked to them all if Cary had not been among them. She had looked over to him a lot and he had looked at her too. As soon as she could she separated from the others to talk to him alone.
(In the meantime Wendy had steadily moved up closer to David and Patrick had the impression that she quite liked him).

Cary was slowly becoming a bit desperate. He had made a few female friends and and had flirted with some. But there was none he really fancied (apart from Melanie maybe) and he was beginning to worry that he might be the one who had to move to college before he would find his first girlfriend. Since he and Patrick had not been friends he had not met Eleonor before, who mainly knew the teenagers who were hanging out with her brother. There was an age difference between them, with Cary being one of the oldest teens and Eleonor the youngest, but it did not matter to him. For the first time he had met a girl he really liked.

They were getting on straight away.

He waited only a few days before he invited her back to his house.

Eleonor still fancied Barry a little bit more (Barry had already been charming when he was a school child and after meeting him he had become the guy of her dreams at an instant), but the difference was marginal. Cary smiled at her in a way that put a smile on her own face and since there were no interfering boyfriends or girlfriends she did not have to restrain her feelings. 'He's really sweet', she thought and the next moment she had a crush on him.

Eleonor was happy, but Patrick had an experience that almost crushed his teenage heart. It was weekend and he had agreed to meet his father at the 50's Diner in the early evening. As soon as he walked through the door he spotted Alice and Alistair, who were cuddling and flirting in one of the corners of the restaurant.
He had fallen in love with Alice shortly after his birthday and since then he had spend more thoughts on Melanie and Jasmyn than her. They had not even seen each other very much lately, but maybe this was the reason why he only realised now that he had kept the love for her all along.

And maybe he had always kept a hope that they would get back together one day, as much as he loved Jasmyn - whatever the reason, to fall out with Alice was the worst thing that ever happened to him and it depressed him immensely.

She was wearing her hair open now and it really suited her. She apologised to him immediately, but also reminded him that he was going out with someone else too.
He tried to forgive her, but the pain was too strong and even though he told her that he accepted her apology he could not bring himself to really do so.

In the coming days he was very low and depressed, although he was hiding it before his family. He felt he would take a long time to cheer up, unless something positive happened in his life and cured his pain.
The most positive thing in his life was definitely being with Jasmyn and he had wished to ask her to go steady with him for a while now. He gave her a call and invited her over. Fortunately it was not one of those days when she had to work.
When she gently caressed him after he had greeted her it cheered him up a bit already.

There was no reason to wait any longer and he kissed her and then asked if she wanted to be his steady girlfriend.

Jasmyn answered that she had hoped he would ask and would love to go steady with him. It made Patrick happy again (although the incident in the restaurant had brought Alice back to his mind and she had snatched a small part of his heart that used to belong to Jasmyn).

Jasmyn had noticed that Patrick looked down when she arrived and she was glad that the usual smile had returned to his face.

Being with Jasmyn helped Patrick to forget about Alice, at least for the moment. They were making out for the first time that day and it was great.

His thoughts returned to Alice sporadically, but not being depressed anymore he became optimistic that they would be friends again soon.
He was more prepared to admit his stupidity in acting jealous as if he did not have a girlfriend. And Jasmyn was not only a substitute, he did love her a lot and it was great whenever they were together.

By the time Jasmyn left Patrick was everything else but low. Like his father, being in love gave his face a special shine.

As Patrick had hoped, he and Alice did not fall out for long. She came round the next day and apologised to him again. He also apologised for making such a scene and even if their friendship had not yet returned to its former level most of his anger had passed by then.

He told her that he had asked Jasmyn to go steady with him and that he could see now that he had been wrong to accuse her of cheating while he was going out with another girl.

When they were making up he felt great relief and realised how much he would have regretted it, if he had lost Alice as a friend. They had always been close since they were children and he hoped they would continue to be so when they became adults.

He swore to himself though, that he would keep in mind how much pain could come from cheating and that he would try to avoid that and remain faithful when he got married one day.

If Patrick was able to forgive Alice it should have been possible for Darren as well, but he did not find it easy. At first he could not believe it when he saw Alice walking into their house.
It took Alice a lot of pleading and explaining before he was willing to forget that she had hurt his son.

Nothing was as important to Darren as his children and he still kept the wish to have another one.

Elise soon had the same good grades as her siblings.

One day Darren brought a colleague back home, who had only recently moved to Bluewater and into their neighbourhood. No man could match Darren in her opinion, but with Marlon she met the second who was coming very close. Marisa thought that apart from being very good looking and nice, he had a natural charm that was hard to resist. She half closed her eyes, slid a bit deeper into the hot bubbling water and had a good time watching him and her husband.

The other man that was close to equal Darren was Peter Stratton. The way he looked at her did not escape her attention, although when she went to his shop he usually recomposed himself and treated her with the same professional friendliness as his other customers.

When she met him on Main Street one day he did dare to pay her some compliments though and Marisa could not deny that she liked it. Warm hearted, honest, simple - she had a soft spot for this type of men.

Since they made up Patrick and Alice went back to seeing each other more often. He realised how much he cared about her and made an effort to keep their friendship strong and stable.

Most likely both of them kept a notion of the possibility of coming together again one day.
A simpler reason for Alice visiting them more was that she had become friends with Eleonor too.

Eleonor did not feel like she was missing out for being younger than the others anymore. She had the time of her life and was rather satisfied with herself.

She had got to know Alice better when Cary invited her on an outing with his brother and some other friends. When she got out of the taxi, Eleonor noticed that this was a gathering of couples. Alistair and Alice were there and Beau and Louise, which left her and Cary a couple. She soon understood that this was the idea, because Cary came up to her with a smile and gently caressed her cheek.

Most of the afternoon they spent as a group though, hanging out on the lawn talking. Eleonor wished she would have had a chance to talk to Louise more. She seemed to be a very nice girl and she wondered why Patrick and her had never become friends.

When it was getting dark, Alice and Louise carried on talking to each other, Beau and Alistair had disappeared to somewhere and Cary came up to her and tentatively put his hands on her shoulders. When she didn't object he started to massage her back.

That evening they fell in love.

Soon after she invited him out on their first date. She was a confident girl and did not see why she should wait for him to ask. She did not think she was too young for her first kiss. The other teenagers soon forgot the age difference when they met her and it did not bother Cary, who had become very impatient to kiss a girl.

The place they had chosen had opened not so long ago and was called No Issue. Despite its bright colours it had a relaxed atmosphere. They talked out in the small back garden and then went inside to dance. Eleonor liked dancing a lot and it was what she usually did to cheer up when she came home from school.

It was fun, but after a while Cary's expression and smile indicated that he was hoping for something else.

There was a small backroom and in there they had their first kiss.

Afterwards they danced some more, much closer now. Eleonor thought that it felt alltogether different being with Cary.

Like many others before them, Cary and Eleonor decided that it was a good idea to get some practice and the last hours of their date they spent mainly hugging and making out.

It was a dangerous time for a teenage girl (or teenagers in general) to make the first romantic experiences and it was her brother Patrick who was to find out not much later. He had travelled to Bluewater wellness centre one morning for no particular reason other than the hope to meet a few friends and hang out with them. It was not such an obvious choice and there was no-one there who he knew with the exception of Wendy Kim. Wendy was a sort of good acquaintance, not really a friend. David had told him that she had become very jealous when she saw him with Ashlee, which obviously meant that she fancied him. Patrick was surprised, when - after asking him to join her in the whirlpool - she moved closer and cuddled up to him. She had never given him the impression that he was her type.

Whatever she had been thinking about him before, in the Bluewater wellness centre this morning Wendy soon made it clear what her intentions were. She was pressing her body against his when she started kissing him and the bikini she wore was not worth mentioning. Patrick knew that at this point at the latest he should have stopped it, but that was far beyond his ability.

Before he had any time to wonder why she had picked him out of all teenage boys in the neighbourhood, he found himself having his first woohoo with a girl who had never been on his mind until then.

And afterwards he became aware that he had done it right in front of others, who, although not his friends, knew enough of them to spread the news.

When it happened his mind had been blank and none of this had mattered. Afterwards though, Patrick did not know what to think. It had been a very exciting experience, at the same time he would have liked his first woohoo to be special and with a girl he really loved. At this time only Beau and Barry (and their girlfriends of course) had found out about teenage woohoo and most of them still expected it to happen after they grew up and went to college. And with the exception of Andrew Gardener none of the sims in the neighbourhood had yet discovered that their newly gained autonomy was too hard a test for some. Patrick also wondered if it was the destiny of the males in his family to behave in a way that was opposed to them being family sims. Darren's encounter with Brandi he did not know of, but his brother had mentioned similar troubles.

Strangely Darren and Marisa, who had a very active love life, needed a while to discover that some fundamentals of romantic behaviour had changed. They liked it when they did though.
Either their satisfaction with the recent development lulled them or they underestimated the impact it had on their teenage children, but most of the parents did not really suspect that their sons and daughters were having their first sexual experiences at this age. Darren and Marisa were unaware of Patrick's recent adventure.

That it was possible that Eleonor could soon know as much as her brother, simply did not occur to them. They were open-minded, but they probably would have worried more, given that Eleonor was so young.
Patrick was better informed than his parents and sometimes he was worrying in their stead. He knew that for Eleonor her age didn't count and she appeared quite interested in the woohoo topic. Patrick wondered if she was aware of the impression she made on some of the neighbourhood boys. Irfan Philipine, who had come back with them after school did not move from her side the entire day.

Eleonor had become friends with Beau Broke and visiting him had got to know Barry better too.

One day she had asked him and his brother on an outing. She also invited her brother and Melanie, the latter partly to protect herself from making any moves towards Barry. He treated Melanie with care and respect and did not flirt with Eleonor in any way. Right from the start she felt that they had a special relationship though and when they all toasted each other he was giving her a very deep look.

Now he had come over and Eleonor was sure that he had been thinking about her since their outing. While she was talking to Barry, Armando, a friend of him and Patrick, approached and judging from his expression he thought a lot of Eleonor too.

She spent most of the afternoon with Barry, but Armando did not give up and repeatedly tried to get near her and talk to her.

Barry came round again only two days later and Patrick had the impression that he was very tempted to start something with Eleonor.

He liked Barry, but he was not sure if it would be a good idea if he became Eleonor's first lover, already because Barry was going steady with Melanie. He worried that Eleonor did not share his opinion and was in fact thinking very differently about it.
In the meantime the rumour about Barry and Melanie had spread and rumour also had it that he and Lisa Simmon had gotten very close one evening. Patrick (who was aware that his encounter with Wendy was not a secret anymore either) tried to casually bring Lisa into the conversation, while Armando - who was also visiting again - was trying to approach Eleonor. Patrick realised that he would have a hard job if he decided to fend off every boy who tried to get close to his sister and she had not even mentioned Cary very much lately.

Eleonor becoming so popular also had the side effect of many visitors coming to the house and left Patrick little chance to be alone with Jasmyn. Now, after he had his first woohoo there was no more reason to wait and he wanted to find out what it was like with a girl he loved.

She came over a lot, but then others arrived and he did not even have the chance to tell her. Eventually, when she visited him and soon after the younger children brought friends along with them again, he decided to ask her on a date. It was a good idea.

They had a really good time and when Jasmyn agreed to come back home with him afterwards, he was sure that she would make love to him tonight. They were still some sims around and Patrick led Jasmyn upstairs where they sat on the sofa.
Jasmyn was shy and he still had not said clearly that he wanted to woohoo with her, but everything was going right and therefore it says a lot about Patrick that he had to relieve his heart before he was making any moves towards her. He did not tell her about him and Wendy, but admitted that he had been unfaithful and felt really bad about it.

Patrick was only a teenager and not an angel though. He remained very vague when he talked about cheating and Jasmyn wasn't taking it very serious. The way she knew him she was convinced that he was exagerating an innocent flirt.
They cuddled for a while on the sofa and then Patrick suggested going into his bedroom. Jasmyn was not stupid and understood the idea behind it, but there was no reason to refuse something she wanted as much as him.
First the situation was a bit confusing for both. They were certain about their decision, but there remained the question how to start.

Once they found a way into each others arms it became a lot easier.

The sun was about to go down when they got up again. Patrick thought that woohoo with Jasmyn had been completely different and although getting carried away through sheer physical desire had its own attraction, he thought that it had been much better with her than with Wendy.

Jasmyn had no comparison and had simply liked it.

He had been very gentle - but not too much -  and she showed him with her embrace how happy she was that her first woohoo had been such a good experience. None of the teens who were family sims wanted to save themselves until their marriage. Most of them had no doubt that the one they were going out with at the time would be the one they'd marry one day anyway. Jasmyn was thinking that about her and Patrick, and Patrick usually did too, unless Alice came to his mind.

This time his parents were not so unaware, already helped by the fact that Patrick's woohoo with Jasmyn had happened at home. Marisa was a good observer and when she happened to look at Jasmyn and spotted the expression on the girl's face, she immediately understood what it meant.

Jasmyn was searching her face, as if she tried to find out if they had been caught, and this way betrayed herself.

She was a bit worried what Patrick's parents were thinking about her, but at the same time it had been one of the best days of her life. Their date in the afternoon had been a lot of fun and what had followed afterwards still occupied her thoughts. She found it hard to leave, because it was good to just have Patrick next to her and look at him.

Marisa did not want to interrupt her son and his girlfriend (what they were doing now was innocent enough), but her observations had made her too curious to leave them alone. She tried to look as indifferent and casual as she could while she was standing in the kitchen sipping her coffee.

Irfan's ways were taking him past their house surprisingly often these days and when Eleonor invited him the next time he showed his romantic interest very openly.

It worked and not only on Eleonor. Before, Irfan had been attracted to her but now he was in love. Although it happened so many times before, teenagers remained ignorant of the fact that they were prone do develop such feelings quickly and were always stupefied when it happened to them.
Patrick had watched him and his sister from inside and wondered how far Irfan was prepared to take it.

If he was worried about Eleonor loosing her virginity, he was too late. She might not have talked about Cary much, but she continued seeing him and as soon as the first chance arose they were upstairs in his parent's bedroom.
Although she was flattered about the attention she received recently, there was not anyone among the others - apart from Barry - who she liked as much as Cary. Cary had no intention to wait with his first woohoo as long as he had waited for his first kiss and Eleonor never saw much point in waiting.

Everyone was downstairs and there was no risk to be disturbed.

Eleonor liked her first woohoo and had wanted it to be with Cary, but maybe one sign that she was still very young was that she was mainly proud that she had done it.
Lately she had become more concerned about growing into an adult. Soon the first of their friends were old enough to move to college and Cary would be among them. The time as a teenager was to be one of the best periods of their life, but she did not like the idea of having to wait for a long time before she would follow him.

Irfan flirted heavily with Eleonor during the entire visit and she did not put him off. That's were it stopped though, as much as Irfan probably would have liked it to be otherwise.

Patrick was thinking a lot about the date with Jasmyn and he did not wait long before he invited her out again. Already at the start things were going wrong, because she had thought that he wanted her to come over. When she understood that he wanted to go downtown, she left, saying that she wanted to have a shower first and when they met again it was much later than he had planned.
That's when it started to go really wrong. While she waited for Patrick, Jasmyn had talked to some teenager, who, unaware that she was his girlfriend, told her about Wendy and him. First Jasmyn did not grasp that he was talking about her Patrick, but then she understood that this was what Patrick had hinted at the other day.
For a moment, when they said hello, she did not remember being angry and was happy to see him. Immediately afterwards the story came back to her mind though and upset her. She told Patrick how much he had hurt her for forgetting their relationship over such a meaningless encounter.

Patrick, knowing that he had done wrong and feeling guilty about it, reacted by getting angry with Jasmyn for making him feel that way. She had no right to tell him what to do, he reasoned, completely forgetting about his jealous scene when he saw Alice and Alistair together, and was even tempted to break up with her and 'become a free man'.

He was clever enough to understand that he would regret this very much the next day though and more wisely decided to make Jasmyn forgive him. He admitted that he had been afraid to tell her the whole truth and that he was not proud of what he had done. Since he accompanied his apology with an embrace, Jasmyn already felt her anger dwindling. She really liked Patrick very much and more than all hated it that the information she received had caused them to fall out.

Patrick asked her for the opportunity to make up for his behaviour and she agreed to stay out with him. He sounded honest when he told her that he had no explanation because he did not know himself why he had done it, that it had simply been beyond his control. She was willing to forgive him, mainly because she wanted their relationship to be the way it was before.

When Patrick saw that her anger was fading, he cheered up and was very concerned to keep her in a good mood. Jasmyn realised that hearing any more about his woohoo with Wendy would only increase her sadness and so eventually they both chose to pretend that nothing had happened.

They managed to have a good time and Jasmyn even came home with him afterwards. As soon as they arrived there, Patrick would have liked to woohoo with her again, although he did not know if it was a good idea to propose it. On the other hand she had come back with him, despite it being late, and wasn't that clear proof that she was thinking about it too?

He was making some tentative suggestions and while he was talking they both moved on further into the bedroom.

Somehow they happened to be lying naked on the bed shortly after. Patrick looked at her and told her how glad he was that he had not lost her.
Jasmyn understood that she felt so much for Patrick that even his unfaithfulness could not change this.

Maybe she also understood what he had tried to explain to her earlier, because all rational thinking had dissolved and she just wanted to be with him. They did not talk much more.

When they got up, the children were already asleep (Christopher had kindly chosen to fall asleep on the sofa, when Patrick went into their bedroom with his girlfriend) and Patrick felt the need to look after Elise and tuck her into her blanket. He wanted to be alone for a moment and take account of the evening. He was very relieved that he had not broken up with Jasmyn and also surprised that the date had ended making love to her.

Apparently though, her anger (just as his) had not completely passed, even if Patrick could never prove that it was her who put the bag in front of their door and set it on fire. When Patrick stepped on it to put it out he discovered that it was filled with some stinky sh.. .'Yuck!'

Shortly after Ben graduated and reminded them that their age transition into young adults was going to happen in the near future.

Ben at College pt. 5

Orlando had already invited Gretchen and Ben called Patrick and Eleonor and asked if they would like to visit the campus.

Soon Patrick would go to college too and now was the last opportunity to show him the life at the dormer. Although they had talked about it briefly on the phone before, Ben was surprised to hear which experiences his brother had already made as a teen.

Eleonor was younger still, but when Ben overheard her talking to Dirk, he began to wonder how far her experience went.

He could imagine that it depended mainly on her. There would be enough boys available.

The next day Dustin and Charlene had a party. Dirk felt a strong need for some romance that day and even tried to flirt with Charlene until she made it clear she didn't want that. Lilith was there too, but she was talking to someone else.
Before he spent time with his other friends, Ben had chosen to get into the hot tub with Lauren. Seeing them together did not lift Dirk's mood, even if he wasn't jealous of them.

Maybe he instinctively guessed that it was not a good time to flirt with Lilith, because when Ben Gardener suddenly decided to make a move at her, Ben got a jealous fit and he and Lilith had an argument.
As soon as he began to speak, Ben became aware that it was stupid and highly hypocritical, but he could not control his temper. In fact what happened was close to nothing, nevertheless it really upset him when he saw Ben putting his arm around Lilith. 


Maybe he was already touchy because earlier, before he and Lauren started kissing in the hot tub, she had talked almost exclusively about Darren Dreamer.
He knew that he was often overcritical of their relationship, but such details bothered him at times. It was like a tiny stone in your shoe; enough to create discomfort.

The next day he was at Lauren's place and shortly after he arrived, many others followed because Ben Gardener was throwing a party. He talked some more to Lilith and apologised for his stupid behaviour. He was relieved that their relationship had not suffered a lasting damage.


He could not imagine her not playing a role in his future life.

They had visitors again the next day and celebrated some more, but the whole time Ben kept wondering if Lilith really wasn't angry anymore. In the late evening he called her and asked if she would like to go on a date.
He didn't know what would come out of it. He mainly wanted to secure their friendship, but there was a different atmosphere right from the start. When they were dancing, Ben began to imagine a possible future, where there would be more such dates and Lilith was his wife.
'I think I'm about to fall in love with you..', he said and smiled. It sounded silly since he loved her already, but he didn't know how to express it differently. He was very close to see Lilith as his true love.

Later he and Lilith were having dinner and they talked about the changes that had taken place in the neighbourhood. There was a lot of truth in what she said, but he felt that it was also an attempt to rationalise her emotions.

They knew each other too well to hide their true feelings. Ben was convinced that she too was aware that they were close to cross another barrier. If there hadn't been a Lauren and a Brandon, this could have been the night when he proposed to her.

In a way his relationship with her had many aspects of a good marriage. Lilith knew him better than anybody else and he was always comfortable with her. He believed in her too and encouraged her to realise her plans and dreams.

They ended the date with some more dancing. They had not even flirted and kissed that much during the night; they had talked, eaten, joked and fooled around and had been wonderful, an absolute dream date.

It was one of the best nights he ever had.


Before Ben went out with Lilith, it had been their turn to invite friends again. Dustin and Charlene were close to leave the campus and Orlando was already gone.

Ben had invited his friend Jerome who remembered his student days fondly but without regret. He had two daughters by now and Cassandra was already pregnant again.

Ben was outside with Lauren when Orlando had left in the morning. They hugged and promised to visit each other in their new home soon.

Then Orlando said goodbye to Lauren who had become a friend only recently. It was probably a good thing because otherwise there would have been a risk of him falling in love with her.
He told her a bit too enthusiastically that she was the best girlfriend a sim could imagine, quickly adding that this was of course referring to her and Ben and how much he believed them to become very happy together.

Then he called a taxi and as soon as he hung up, his age transition started.

Orlando smiled, feeling very happy and optimistic. Apart from looking forward to his life with Gretchen, he had done very well at university and could anticipate a rosy future.

Ben was still a bit confused by the behaviour of Lilith and Lauren. Of course he was glad that they weren't jealous of each other, but he couldn't quite understand it, especially with regard to Lauren, who showed no signs that she fancied him less.

The partying continued with Lilith inviting Ben, Dirk and Emmy over. Charlene and Dustin had agreed to postpone their departure and arrived shortly after.

During the course of the party Ben decided that the attitude of the two girls he loved had to be due to the changed atmosphere in the neighbourhood. He could not imagine that Lauren would have been able to smile when he was making out with Lilith otherwise.

He noticed it in himself. Ben Gardener flirting with Lilith had angered him a lot for some reason, but when he noticed that she and Dirk were not seen at one point during the party (and he could guess where they were), he remained calm.
Meanwhile Dirk would have preferred it if Emmy had not walked into Lilith's bedroom, but she had always claimed to be tolerant and not jealous at all. At the same time he found it slightly disconcerting that she did not appear to care about him woohooing with Lilith.

If love was her criteria she was right not to worry. Having fun with Lilith (and Lauren before) had no influence on his feelings for her. She did have some strange habits - like staring at him when he was asleep - and he was not sure about her mental stability, but he loved her and when the time came for him to leave he was very sad to separate.

First it was Ben's turn though. They had celebrated for long enough (Charlene had given another graduation party) and all felt that it was time to return to Pleasantview.

Ben was very thoughtful when he walked towards the taxi. In the last semesters he had relaxed and he and Lauren planned to live together when she returned from visiting her relatives, but he had never reached the certainty he had hoped for. He could not forget his date with Lilith and wondered how everything would develop.

Dirk left shortly after.

He had found a good house in Pleasantview and was looking forward to his new home. Of course he was sad to leave Emmy behind, but he was convinced that they would see each other again within the next days.
When she was on her own, Willow did no see any reason to stay and she called a taxi to take her Downtown where she was going to live.