The Gardener Family pt. 3

After thinking it through while he had a shower and dressed Alistair decided to ask Alice out on a date. Though he had even dared to name it a date, it was more a friendly outing. Alice did not seem to expect or desire any romance and he thought it was best to let her have a good time.

Alistair was very hungry since he had not had breakfast before he left, and he asked Alice out for lunch. After the waitress had picked up the plates they still sat at the table for a while enjoying being outside in the early afternoon sun. While they were talking Alistair casually began to move his hand across the table until as if by accident it landed on hers. She responded with a movement of her fingers, which he now began to caress.

This innocent gesture was extremly exciting to those two and eventually they both burst into a nervous laughter and pulled their hands away. But afterwards their relationship was not the same anymore.

He was filled with much more romantic feelings now and just wanted to hold and touch her. He was not sure if she felt the same, although she seemed to like his embrace and pulling him tighter gently rubbed her cheek against his. Still, while hoping and wishing for his first kiss and even thinking about going steady with Alice, he did not expect her to share the same thoughts. She was a very nice person, but did not appear to be very romantic.

The date continued mixing fun with the first attempts at love. David Pleasant walking past still attracted Alice's attention but even if her quick mind stopped her from pondering over the big moments of teenage life for too long, she felt very strongly for Alistair and did not get distracted from him for any amount of time. When they ended the date Alice told him that she had a great time and was really happy she had accepted his invitation. He had promised to return home in the afternoon and when he knew that he would have to leave her soon, the wish to touch - and to kiss - her increased. He restrained himself, still thinking that she might not want it, and after saying goodbye to her she was already turning and walking away when he changed his mind. Waiting for the right moment should not keep you from making use of it when it comes.
The kiss was almost as intense as the age transition and he was glad he had not missed his chance.

When he returned home his thought returned to his little sister who had just woken up.

He picked her up and told her everything about his first date. She cuddled up to him not understanding a word but hearing the excitement and happiness in his voice.

Alistair thought about Alice the whole remaining day and she must have done the same, because in the evening she rang him up and asked him if he would go out with her again, since their first date earlier had been so great. He was a bit tired, because he had got up so early in the morning, but the prospect of seeing her was too tempting and one hour later they met downtown, starting where they left off in the afternoon.

Alistair was much more confident now after they had shared their first kiss and she had been the one to initiate the second date, which was what Alice had hoped for. The way he touched her was so soft and gentle and she could not get enough of it - still she could not stop her mind from wandering to completely unrelated topics like becoming more athletic or going to college and if she would have had to be the one to make the first moves she was afraid to spoil everything.

Later when they were dancing she could smell the leather of his vest as she rested her head on his shoulder. It was already very late and they were lucky they hadn't been asked to leave yet.

The DJ who had entertained himself watching these two youngsters pretended not to look at them when they finally disentangled himself but he couldn't wipe the amused smile off his face.

They retreated to the back of the dance floor and standing next to the wall resumed the kissing.

Alistair thought that it was actually not too hard to work out with a bit of practice.

Alice still wanted to get into the whirlpool that had been occupied by others the whole night, but then it was time to say goodbye.

On his way home Alistair thought that this had been the longest day in his life. Getting up in the morning to take Rose to sleep seemed to have happened years ago. Alice had been mainly a friend then and now he could not think about anything else but her.

It was very late when Alice came to his house.

She rang the doorbell and gave him a flower telling him what a great date it had been. Then she said: 'I've got something else for you. It should arrive here any minute'. And it was true. A moment later a telescope was delivered to the house.
'Wow, Alice that's so cool! How did you manage to arrange that in such a short time?'
'It's late, I have to leave now', Alice did not answer his question and sneaked off into the night.

Alistair was really impressed with her present. Although he should have been to bed a long time ago, he still stayed outside for a while looking at the stars. He wondered what Cary would say when he saw the telescope in the morning.

Before he finally went to bed, he was thinking about Alice again. The telescope was one of the best presents he ever got, but it could not top kissing her for the first time.

Rose, after she had learned to talk and walk, was now developing other abilities. Her parents loved to watch her when she was hammering on the xylophone, giggling or trying to repeat the sounds. They were happy about her progress, at the same time it saddened them to think that she would soon grow into a school child. They both would have wished to have another baby and only reason kept them from it.

At least they could try to fully enjoy the period while Rose was still small.

To spend time with their daughter they had to compete with Alistair though. Since he had grown into a teen he had taken over a lot of tasks with regard to Rose and often was the first who noticed that she was hungry or tired.

He also played with her a lot and eventually Rose liked him almost more than Cary.

One day they invited Ben over who should at least get to see Rose once while she was still a toddler. He played with her for a while, but then she was tired and after she had been put into her crib he sat down with the rest of the family and they talked about college. His parents were pleased that his relationship with Angela was going well. They had not expected that it would last past their teenage years, but it only proved that their son was much steadier than they had thought.

Ben would have liked to visit them for Rose's birthday, but the college work did not allow it. So on that day apart from the family only Melody Tinker, which the boys had brought back from school was there with them.

She did not know the Gardeners well, but cheered just the same when the time for Rose's age transition came.

When Rose had turned a school child, Cary realised that he was growing older too and although he was one of the first to to become a teenager, he was almost the only one who did not have a girlfriend yet. At one point he had thought that Melanie liked him, although Alistair had told him later that she had a crush on Patrick Bendett. Patrick on the other hand was known to go out with a townie girl named Jasmyn now and when Alistair brought Melanie with him one day Cary tried to refresh their initial romantic feelings. Nobody ever found out what was said or done in Rose's bedroom that day and Cary and Melanie later refused to talk about it. Fact is that it did evoke love between them, but for Melanie it was not a happy turn of events and she rejected any further moves from Cary.

When Cary, seeing that he had a chance, began flirting with her, he noticed that something was wrong. He could not understand it, because he was sure that Melanie fancied him too.
'What's up?', he asked and tried to put his arms round her.

She removed herself from him. 'Please, stop doing that', she said. 'I think I have a look what Alistair is doing? Are you coming?'
Cary was very embarrassed. 'I'm sorry. I did not want to ..', he stopped and decided that the best way to save the situation was to pretend that nothing had happened and that they were only friends.

A few days later he went out and meeting Barry, he learned that Barry and Melanie had recently decided to go steady. He now understood why she had reacted so strange. It became clear that one girl he would have liked to go out with already had a boyfriend.


Cary realised that he would have to hurry up a bit, or there would be no nice girls available anymore. He wished it was not so, but it also bothered him slightly that Alistair had not only found a girlfriend, but was already dating and kissing her too.
He started to go out more and one day he did actually meet a girl, who he had not seen around yet. Pauline looked really nice, although he did not fancy blond hair very much and they sat for a long time in the café until she had to leave for her job.

He invited her over one day and being impressionable and a bit desperate he developed a crush for her. Later back in his room he was thinking about her and although he was happy he was not sure if she really was a girl he liked better than others.

For Rose her brothers were the best guys in the world and she did not understand why others weren't thinking the same.

Initially she did not gain many friends, but she had grown up into a loving family where each member listened to and respected the other and so she did not notice too much.

With the support from her family, especially from Alistair, who had helped her to study and do her homework, her grades improved quickly.

Lilian had changed her style a bit and Andrew thought that she was more attractive than ever. Their attraction for each other never ceased and they were often tempted not only to make love, but also to give in to their wish to have another child.

The Gardener Family pt. 4

Then one day Cary's life took a decisive turn. He was still not sure if he should ask Pauline on a date or if he should actually try to go out with Melody Tinker, when he was invited over by Patrick Bendett. Patrick was more a friend of Alistair and only lately he and Cary had been talking more to each other. It was therefore the first time that Cary visited the Bendetts and the first time he met Eleonor, Patricks younger sister. There were many others around that day and they were all hanging out on the lawn together. But Cary repeatedly had to stare at Eleonor.

He was very happy when they separated from the group later in the evening and he could talk to her alone. He got on really well with her and the fact that she was the youngest of all the teenagers in the neighbourhood, while Cary was one of the oldest did not matter at all. On top of that he now understood what he had been missing with regard to Pauline (or even Melanie). They were nice girls and good-looking, but Eleonor was special and it was not only her nice face that appealed to him.

He was thinking about her when he got up the next morning and it made him smile. As soon as he was back from school he picked up the phone and called her and they were talking for a long time.

He spent the weekend with his family, but on Monday when he returned from school he called her again and asked if she would like to come over. Soon after she arrived they started flirting with the result that they both had a serious crush on each other before an hour had passed.

Cary could not stop looking at her, she was so.., he could not find words for it.

'I'm really glad you came', he muttered and tenderly caressed her cheek. There was so much more he would have liked to say to her, but they had only just met and he was afraid to scare her off.
At the moment it did not look like it.
She rubbed her cheek against his hand and looked rather happy. 'I'm really glad I'm here', she replied.

At last they managed to move from the spot where Cary had greeted her and dissolve the spell, which had prevented them from saying anything meaningful. They had a really good afternoon, finding out that they had a lot in common and were interested in similar things.

In the evening she was invited to dinner and they sat down with the rest of the family and Darren Bendett, who was at their house too, although it was not because of Eleonor. Andrew was in a very cheerful mood that evening and decided to serenade Lilian.
'Stop making a fool out of yourself, dear', she said, but the way she smiled showed that she did not mean it.

There was a reason for Andrew's good mood. Bringing up four children had aged them and if they did change their mind and would decide to have another child when Cary and Alistair were out of the house, there was a risk that they would be too old by then.
They were still not sure if it was not better to concentrate all their love on the children they already had, but rejuvenating themselves left them the choice. After discussing it, this was the evening they were going to do it. 'Are you ready?', Andrew asked. 'Yes, if you are.'

Almost immediately after they had drunk the famous rejuvenating potion, it swept through their entire body, making every fibre of it vibrate.

Cary still liked to go out, but he since he met Eleonor he was in a much more relaxed mood. One day he asked if he could DJ in the Hub for a while and he was proud that he got quite a lot of people on the dancefloor. He wanted to ask Eleonor on a date, but he did not know if her parents would allow her to go out late and he was also afraid that he could be hit by the same troubles as Alistair.

At the moment Alistair was in the process of rebuilding his friendship with Patrick. He was extremly sad that he had fallen out with him because Patrick had always been his best friend.

It had all started when Alistair went on a date with Alice one evening. She had recently changed her style a bit and in Alistair's opinion she was easily the most attractive girl in the neighbourhood. Had they seen the expression on Darren Bendett's face they might have guessed that something was up, but when they were kissing they did not really take much notice of what was going on around them.

It was only the second time Alice had invited Alistair rather than the other way round and they had a fantastic time. Alistair felt that Alice was going to tell him something and he hoped that she would ask him to go steady because it had been his greatest wish for some time.

But then Patrick came in and to Alistair's surprise he was completely shocked to see him and Alice together. He was not aware that Patrick had been and was still in love with Alice, especially since he was going out with Jasmyn. Also, Patrick knew that he was dating her, which made it even harder to understand the reaction of his friend which resulted in an argument with Alice.

The date still turned out well for Alistair, because Alice did in fact ask him to go steady that night, but it had nasty consequences and when Cary heard about it he was thinking what would happen if Pauline or Melanie walked in on his first date with Eleonor.

Since Darren had been present that evening, he was very upset about Alistair and it was the reason why he had been over at their house on the day he invited Eleonor over for the first time. That Darren was not only Patrick's but also Eleonor's father made the whole situation more difficult. Cary really did not want the Bendetts to think badly of their family and he was sure his parents would not like it either.

Cary was longing very much for his first kiss, but it was better to wait for a while before he asked Eleonor out on a date. In the meantime, the usual flow of their days was pleasantly interrupted, when Ben came over to visit them one day. He was already in his final term and it had been a long time since he had last seen his family. They understood that he had to work really hard to achieve good grades, but they were all very glad that he had finally made it, because he had been missed by all of them.

They all liked to hear about the life at university. Ben told them that he and all his friends were doing really well despite a slightly chaotic atmosphere at the dormer. He and Angela were happy together.
'You should have asked her to come with you', Lilian said, 'you talk about her all the time but never gave us the chance to meet her.'

The visit from his older brother reminded Cary that they had always been around in groups and he decided that it would be a brilliant opportunity to date Eleonor without making it look that way. He chose carefully and apart from her he invited Beau, Louise and Alice. Alistair was included of course, and he and Eleonor turned into a couple that way. It worked just as he had planned it and Eleonor looked quite happy with the arrangement.

The situation could have been embarrassing if he and Eleonor would not have gotten on so well. Alistair and Alice had not seen each other for some days and had to make up for the kisses they missed during that period and Beau and Louise always liked being close to each other.
Cary and Eleonor only talked, but the looks they exchanged made him confident that she wanted more from him.

It was actually fun to be out with so many friends and after a while they combined to a group again, playing darts and hanging out with each other. They were still opportunities to separate from the others and Cary used them to hold hands with Eleonor and tell her how happy he was to see her.

Eleonor told him that it had been a great idea to go to the park because apart from seeing him - which was best of course - it also gave her the chance to get to know Alice better and also meet her sister Louise. They joined the others and spent the rest of the afternoon talking.

They had also flirted and hugged a lot in the afternoon. It was nice to touch her body and when they got up from the floor he asked her if she would like a backrub. When he massaged her shoulders she sighed and stretched her back towards him.
He had worried that it might happen again that a girl he fancied found somebody she liked better but there seemed no such risk with Eleonor.

They had so much fun together.

And she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.
By the time they ended the outing Cary was very much in love with Eleonor.

A few days later Andrew brought a dog home. Ceaser was hyperactive, funny looking and rather stupid dog, who loved to roll around in puddles and dirt (or a puddle first and dirt later for better effect). The whole family was fond of him immediately.

Cary had not intended to wait much longer before he invited Eleonor on a proper date, but she was quicker and invited him first.
They went to a rather new place called No Issue and after a coffee in the backgarden they went inside and danced.

Later on they were dancing a lot closer.
'This felt better than anything else, it was worth waiting for such a long time.'

What Cary referred to was their first kiss that had happened shortly before. His first feeling was one of relief because he had begun to believe that he would be an adult before he kissed a girl. It was soon followed by very tender emotions towards Eleonor.

Those in turn were followed by many more kisses. Cary didn't know that Eleonor shared his reflections when he began to think of the possible consequences of having a girlfriend. It was easy to forget that Eleonor was much younger because apart from being slightly slimmer and smaller than the other girls it didn't show in any way.

Ben had not told them much of what was going on in the dormer, but there was enough talk in town and the teenagers in Pleasantview were speculating how the recent changes in the neighbourhood affected them. The first woohoo of Barry and Melanie did not remain a secret for long (neither had bragged about it, so it had to be Beau who mentioning it to someone) and from then on it had become a very interesting topic.
Andrew hoped that his own secret would never be revealed because he would not have known how to explain it to his wife. Sierra Hourvitz worked with them but she wasn't even a friend. At least the wellness centre was almost empty when it happened. They had sat in the hot tub and talked and then she began to move closer. There was no doubt that she initiated it, but this would hardly matter to Lilian because he made no attempt to stop her. Andrew could say in all honesty that there was no woman he found as beautiful and desirable as his wife, but the evidence was speaking against him.

The only excuse he could find for himself was that he may have wished to be with another woman apart from his wife at least once in his life. To wonder about the underlying reasons was the longest lasting effect from his adventure with Sierra since his feelings for Lilian were never affected. He did not admit to himself how much he enjoyed doing it with Sierra.

After Barry and Melanie other teenagers followed and Alistair soon had the chance to find out about the liberties they had now. Alice was rather straight forward when she called him one evening and he could hardly believe what he heard, but he did not waste any time to doubt it and hurried over to her place.
She was already waiting for him outside and in Alistair's opinion she only looked more seductive wearing her school uniform.

When they were upstairs in the bedroom of her parents he was afraid that she would reverse her decision because she started to talk about college and asked him what he was planning to study. He still had a hard time to grasp what was happening and at this moment his mind was blank with regard to the more distant future.
But before he had to think about an appropriate answer, she indicated that she didn't really want to talk either and they began kissing.

After their first woohoo Alistair wondered what he had done to deserve so much luck. He was going out with the hottest girl in the neighbourhood and what he had just experienced with her had topped everything that ever happened to him as well as everything he could imagine to happen.

He could not think about anything else the entire evening.

Although sims found it hard to explain how and when the change in their mental attitude had taken place, they soon learned from their own experience and that of others about its consequences.
It was too limited to call it greater sexual freedom even if it this was definitely true for teenagers. It was not some force that was driving them towards unfaithfulness (and therefore unfortunately no excuse for Andrew) because they were many who remained true to their spouses or partners (and often those you would have least expected it from). It combined with a feeling of greater autonomy and self-determination, although it also released some secret wishes and desires that some would have rather not known to have.
That they knew this to be a mental, internal change was probably the reason why they thought more about it than they did about some other substantial developments in their neighbourhood.
Andrew believed that a good love life with his wife was the best protection against another affair.

He hated that he had a secret and actually tried to talk to Lilian one evening. The way she reacted he realised that she was so far from suspecting that he might have an affair that she would simply not believe him until he told her the whole story and he was too afraid to do that.
Even if it would not lead to the break up of their marriage it could cause an incurable rift and that was terrifying enough.

Even if his brother hadn't told him Cary would have noticed that something was going on between him and Alice. They were seeing each other a lot, they talked a lot and they had fun together. All this was not unusual.

That they kissed was not unusual as such either, but Cary noticed that their relationship had recently become much more intense. You could almost see how Alistair was browsing the possible alternatives for being alone with her.

It wasn't always easy to find privacy in their house, because their parents returned from work early and often brought colleagues and friends with them, but it didn't stop Cary and Eleonor either.
They were not aware of it, but despite their different motives for it, they were going at the same pace. Eleonor wanted others to accept that she was on the same level with them albeit being younger and Cary felt that for being one of the oldest teenagers he was trailing too far behind with regard to love.

So they had a much shorter period than the others between their first kiss and their first woohoo, which took place in the bedroom of Cary's parents. For Cary meeting Eleonor was a massive turn in his teenage life. In comparison his previous feelings for Melanie or Pauline diminished to nothing and he felt that before Eleonor he had not known what it was like to truly love someone.

Eleonor left no doubt that she considered herself old enough for the first sex and Cary did not want to think about her being younger. They still had some time left but he wasn't looking so much forward to college anymore since he and Eleonor got together. He had finally found a girl that was special to him above all others and he was in no hurry to separate from her.
They should have probably waited a bit longer but neither of them wanted to.

Maybe it would have been greater if they had waited, but making love for the first time had nevertheless been a good experience and Cary found Eleonor even more beautiful than before (he still loved her eyes most, but he also liked the parts of her body which he had not seen before that evening).

Andrew soon had the chance to learn another lesson about greater autonomy requiring more self-control. Diane, a friend from work, had invited him on an outing and when they met in town he found himself surrounded by a number of very appealing sim women. There was Lauren, who shared a dormer with Ben and was absolutely lovely. Diane was very good looking too and then there was another woman called Christy Stratton who Andrew found almost as attractive as his wife.

He was almost relieved that they all seemed to have a great interest in Darren Dreamer who was a member of their party as well. Andrew knew that Darren loved his wife, but he and Christy came very close that night and Lauren kept looking at him admiringly.

It looked like Darren and Christy knew each other from before. Even if it was not so, Andrew could understand why Darren was tempted. When Christy decided to exchange her ugly tracksuit for a better style sim men began to look twice and there were a number of them who fancied her.
Before he could get the wrong ideas Andrew decided to end the outing and go home (where he made love to Lilian immediately).

The Gardener Family pt. 5

When Lilian invited her best friends to the Lulu Lounge her observations were similar to those of her husband. She had hoped that Cassandra would come too, but she must have been too exhausted from her pregnancy and didn't turn up. It was nice to see Mary and Brandi again though and it looked like they would have an entertaining evening.

She and Mary talked about the fact that a lot of their neighbours appeared to enjoy sex in public lately and at this point Mary still claimed that although she didn't condemn it in any way she could not really imagine doing it herself.

When Lilian walked past the hot tub to the dance floor about half an hour later she noticed that Mary had changed her opinion. Mary had mentioned a few times that she found Ryan Delarosa very attractive but Lilian still would have never expected her to cheat on James, already because she didn't believe that Mary was the type for an affair.

'What's going on there?!', Brandi inquired.
'Don't ask. I haven't got a clue. Be glad that you didn't see what happened before, I don't think Mary remembered that she was in a club and everyone could watch them.'
When Mary got out of the hot tub she directed a short glance at her friends and then walked up to Ryan again to talk to him, only to find herself in his arms once more a few minutes later.

'Come on, at least the hot tub is empty now.'
Mary joined them shortly later and begged them to never mention this to anyone, not even their husbands (particularly not their husbands, because they were both friends of James).
'I don't know what it is with this man, but I just couldn't resist although I knew it was wrong. I don't want this to endanger my marriage or his and I think we should keep a distance for a while.'

When Alice was over at their house a few days later, Lilian overheard her when she told Cary about her date at the Diner when Patrick and her had fallen out because of his jealousy and Lilian was very glad that she could completely trust her husband as well as herself.

Alistair was sitting at the table one day, watching Rose with one of her friends when it suddenly occurred to him that she was close to become a teenager. He and Cary had been too distracted by their own life to take much notice of what their little sister was doing (even if they were both very fond of her).

He realised that she had invited friends a lot lately and usually those who were also old enough to grow up. He and Cary had mixed more with others shortly before their age transition and he guessed that it was a preparation of the next generation to become a circle of friends when turned into teens.

It was a clever idea because they had discovered - maybe a bit too late - that it was a lot of fun to go out together and had repeated it a few times since their outing at the park.

Beau and Louise already talked a lot about college and even if Cary tried not to think about it too much he was aware that he needed to prepare for it. He had played chess mainly for fun but doing it for such a long time had increased his logic skills until he became a master.

Andrew felt very uncomfortable when Lilian brought Sierra back from work one day. He didn't talk to her much but kept an eye on her the whole evening, being extremely worried that she could tell Lilian about their encounter at the wellness centre.
Sierra was usually a friendly and reasonable sim, but she was slowly gaining a reputation for her frankness when she wanted someone and Andrew didn't know how far she was prepared to go in this respect.
Eventually he hinted to Lilian that he was in the mood to spend some time with her alone which led Lilian to say goodbye to Sierra shortly after.

Alistair continued to be a very happy and content teen sim.

Their parents had accepted that their two sons were close to becoming adults and had replaced their child beds with bigger ones (they weren't sure with regard to Cary, but that Alistair and Alice had woohoo'd with each other had not escaped them) and when Alistair went over to her house they usually made love as well.

With the exception of maybe Barry and Melanie they were the most active couple and every time he woohoo'd with Alice it was an outstanding experience for Alistair. They entered a realm where nothing seemed to exist except him and Alice and she was the goddess there.

After she had asked him on the day of their first woohoo he had thought about it and decided that really wanted to live together with Alice when they went to university. It was impossible that her company could ever annoy him. Alice had another sister now and there were other things like homework and studying that occupied them, but it was alright to do something else when the other was visiting and he loved it that it was so easy with her.
While he was eating his spaghetti he watched her playing with Ceaser. Ceaser was not such a friendly dog and Alistair was proud that he had managed to teach him to behave towards strangers (he had become Ceaser's master).

Unobserved by her brothers Rose had grown, made friends, learned and all of a sudden (in their view) she was ready to become a teenager.
Ben had returned to Pleasantview and was living with Angela. Cary had visited them one day, but it was the first time that Angela was included in a family celebration. Cary guessed that their parents would have liked to see Ben and Angela getting married, but they had no plans for it at the moment. It did not stop them from seeing Angela as a family member though.

Before she blew out the candles Rose had a look around. She was very happy with her birthday party even if it included only family.

Although Ben had already been out of the house when she grew up, she liked him a lot. He had always spent time with her when he came over and watched her tricks or played with her.

Her two younger brothers were great too. As a school child she had spent more time with Alistair, but had always remained close to Cary even if she couldn't remember how fond she had been of him as a baby.

Cheered on by her family Rose blew out the candles. She had a good childhood and expected to have a good time as a teen.

'Wow Rose, I think me and Alistair have to keep an eye on you.'
'I am not letting any teen boy near her, that's for sure', Alistair added with a grin.
'Oh shut up you two!', Lilian said but she was smiling too. She could spot that her sons were proud of their sister.

Rose had turned into a beautiful girl even if Andrew wished that at least one of their children would have taken more after Lilian. They had both seen a tendency to become a family sim, but Rose was fonder of knowledge (and probably also admired Alice a little bit).

More birthday parties followed soon after her own and with Joy (who had been the first), Amy, Dyson and herself a new generation of teens began to populate the neighbourhood.

The Gardener Family pt. 6


It was autumn and it introduced them to falling leaves, rain, thunderstorms and lightning. Together with the birthday of Rose it also reminded Cary that he could not delay his own age transition for ever. Beau and Louise had already left for college in the summer.

When even his parents, who would have loved to keep their children around as long as possible, indicated that it was time he started thinking about college Cary understood that he had to make the step into adulthood. If he searched his inside he knew that it was so and a part of him was looking forward to being a student. If only he and Eleonor could have gone to university together. He tried to see her as often as he could, trying to memorise every moment with her.

'Will you visit me when I am at college?'
'I would like to but it is a long way and I don't know what my parents will think of it. They want me to study more and my mother hopes that I get another grant. I will call you every day though, I will not forget you I promise.'
As much as he liked being with her, it also brought him close to tears at times. Only a short while and he would not be able to hold her like this anymore.

Eleonor could feel his emotion and she tried to make the most of the dates they had before he was leaving. Patrick was still at home and as much as she always wanted to be accepted as being in the same age group she did not feel like she was ready to grow up yet.
She was not as depressed as Cary about their separation but still sad enough to try to be as close to him as possible. They embraced holding each other very tight.

Usually she tried to cheer him up though, telling him that it would surely take a lot less time than he believed before she would become a student as well.

The day before he was leaving he invited her over, wanting to make love to her one last time.
'I'm not sure, so much has changed, maybe it would be possible to stay together when you are a student. Why should I suddenly not be able to kiss anymore?'
Cary would have liked to believe her, but he knew it wasn't true. Louise had reported that for the short period before she had followed Beau their relationship was altered and that the barrier that kept teenagers from adults still existed (which was so unbearable to her that she joined Beau after only a few days).
He looked at her slim body by his side and imagined how terrible it would feel if he was mentally blocked from finding it desirable.

He fell asleep after their woohoo and Eleonor kissed him on the cheek and then got up. Unlike him she fancied a few others, but she did love him and wondered if she had really understood until now that he would be gone. Others would leave one by one and even if she still had some time as a teen it might not be so much fun anymore.

Cary woke up again when Eleonor kissed him and after he had dressed and said goodbye to her, his father called him and gave him a present. It included only a few little things, their main present had been furniture and a computer, but this was already transported to university.
He and Alistair still talked for a while and then he went to sleep.

The next morning he said goodbye to the rest of his family, starting with his sister.
'Now it's your turn, Rose. I'm sure you and your friends will replace us appropriately. You will all have a lot of fun.'

Then he hugged his mother who had him promise that he would visit them more often than Ben had done.

The schoolbus arrived at the same time as the taxi. Cary looked at it. He would never ride on it again.

The change of generations that had started when their older siblings returned from university continued with the age transition of some of the children and the older teens making place for them. The age differences within their group diminished and before long it was Alistair's turn to grow up.
He was sad to leave his family and his dog, but overall Alistair had a much more positive approach to it than Cary. He was going to share a dormer with Alice, Lisa, Patrick, his girlfriend Jasmyn and George McCarthy, the guy who used to work in the shop. With such a group of sims they were guaranteed to have a good time, and to live with Alice was what he had hoped for anyway.

He did not need to be reminded and planned to visit his family often. He told Rose that he wanted her to tell him everything about her life as a teen and call him at least once a week. She would mix with the same families as he and Cary had done; many of their friends had younger brothers and sisters who had recently become teens or were close to their age transition.

'And how do you feel Alistair? Are you ready to leave?', his father asked.
'Okay, let's go.' Alistair loved his family, but the thought that in a few hours he would be an adult and sharing a house with the greatest girl that existed was too exciting to feel much sadness.

'Are you sure, you are ready, Dad?'
'Just give me a moment', Andrew sniffed. It had been predictable but he still had hoped that one of theirs sons would remain with them for a bit longer.