The Simmon Family pt. 3

One day shortly after the birthday party Mary invited her friends Brandi and Lilian, who she had not seen for a long time. She had always wanted to become a top scientist and after much work and studying she reached the top of her career shortly before the twins grew up. She worked late afterwards and only a few days during the week, but her friends had been busy as well. Brandi had given birth to a daughter and was probably already pregnant again at that time. Lilian Gardener had another child too and since her daughter was already a bit older than Brandi's she had been occupied looking after the toddler.
Mary was the only one who had not tried for another child since the birth of the twins. She and James felt that they had everything they needed in their three daughters, who in their opinion (and that of a lot of their neighbours) had turned out very special, not only because of their intelligence.

As many had expected Alice and Patrick fell in love not long after his birthday party. It was almost unavoidable after being such close friends during their childhood.

Surprisingly Alice did not go out with him, but with Alistair in the end. Patrick was her best friend and she thought that he was good looking too and yet she could not forget Alistair and how she had seen him during her and Lisa's birthday party. Only shortly before she fell in love with Patrick she had visited him and she had the impression that he was interested in more than friendship. Soon after he called her and invited her on a date.

Her mind, as always, wandered into different directions - college, her last test in school ... - but it still was a great date and not only because it ended with her first kiss. People would have been surprised how passionate Alice was because she was hiding it well, appearing to be more interested in a good conversation than in flirting and kissing.

They met again later in the evening and it was even better. Kissing Alistair made her feel a tingle in her stomach and it was an exciting feeling.
Actually she was the first of the sisters to make this experience, despite Louise and Beau going out for some time now. Beau's family was growing and he and Louise did not see each other as often as they would have liked. When Alice returned home and told her about the date, Louise looked sad because her own first date, to which she had looked forward very much, had been disappointing.

Meanwhile Lisa kept seeing David but they remained friends only. Like Alice and Patrick their love was more a state of enhanced friendship and - in their case - not really fuelled by strong attraction.
At Patrick's birthday party she met Alexander Goth, who had not really mixed with the other children apart from Patrick and did not know many of them.

Then she fell in love with Barry when she was over at the Broke household, but it was the same as with David and remained without consequences.

Lisa was the first girl that Alexander got attracted to. He had actually wondered before if he was interested in girls at all, his few friends all being male.
But Lisa, he thought, was very beautiful and they got on well with each other. They talked on the phone a few times and then Alexander strolled past the house one afternoon and was lucky to find Lisa outside, who immediately came up to him.

Lisa liked Alexander too, even if she couldn't exactly explain what appealed to her. He was not exactly good looking but she thought he was cute and they quickly became good friends.

Shortly after she invited him again one evening and fell in love with him. While David and Barry had been friends from childhood, she did not know Alexander then and maybe it made him more interesting.

They spent most of the evening cuddling on the sofa until Alexander had to leave.

Louise had waited and been patient for a long time, but finally Beau invited her on a second date and this time it was a lot better right from the start. Louise guessed that the first time she had simply been too tired and hungry to enjoy it.

Her mother sometimes worried that Louise would not make full use of her abilities in the future, being much too family orientated and already dreaming of getting married and starting a family at this early age. She did not see a reason why she and Beau should not remain together when they became adults. She had been longing for her first kiss for a long time, but she wanted it to be a memorable event, something she liked to recall later in life.
After they had dinner she followed Beau inside the Leisure Centre and there they kissed for the first time.

The kiss itself had been very good, but it was soon interrupted by the old Ms Crumplebottom who hit Beau with her handbag and then started shouting at them. Still, it did not stop the date from being absolutely great and it did not stop them from kissing a lot more soon after.

Ms Crumplebottom was still watching them and did not stop complaining about their behaviour, but they just laughed and ignored her.

Louise did come home very late that evening and maybe that is why Alice was thinking that it would be alright with her parents if she went out with Patrick one night. It looked like fun to sneak out at midnight and she had slept in the evening so she would not be too tired in school the next day.
James had not paid much attention to Alice when she dressed up and got ready, but when Patrick arrived and Alice went outside to join him in the car, James rushed after her immediately.
'What do you think you're doing Alice?!'

'What were you thinking Alice? Going out in the middle of the night, my goodness!'
One look from James had been enough to tell Patrick that it was best to leave and a disappointed Alice followed the car with her eyes until it disappeared into a side street.

Her disappointment was followed by feelings which were even more unpleasant. She and her sisters had never fallen out with their parents and James lecturing her made her feel terrible. She understood that Louise was after all older than she was and that her parents were more likely to accept it when she stayed out late. Plus Louise had gone out at the weekend and not in the middle of the week, which looked like a silly idea now. What made her feel worst though was the realisation that her father was disappointed as well, in his case because she had not shown enough reason herself. She quietly followed him inside, too embarrassed to even look at him.

The Simmons did not notice the passing of time as much as the growing number of families who had small children in the house. It was hard to imagine that Louise would eventually grow up and move to college and then her sisters would follow soon.
Beau had asked Louise to go steady with him, knowing that she had been waiting for it.

He was more interested in knowledge than in family, but he believed as much as her that they would still be a couple after growing up. He had talked to Dustin about it before, because Dustin had always said that he had already been convinced at that age that he and Charlene belonged together and it had turned out to be true.
While Beau and Louise were a very different couple, they shared the same feeling of belonging. Louise had to wait relatively long for her first kiss, but she and Beau were the first teenage couple that went steady. Many of the others were only now beginning to go out with someone or they were going out with someone different than they had in the beginning. The only other stable couple were Alice and Alistair.

Lisa was seeing Alexander, who had taken a bit longer to fall in love with Lisa but did eventually. He still did not go out much and most times they were meeting at the Goth house. The house was old, dark and mysterious with all the graves in the backyard.

One day Louise was meeting her friend Melanie and they both agreed that it was a pity that despite sharing a lot of friends they were never going out in groups. Louise pointed out that there was a chance that it would lead to trouble because of the complications of some of them being in love with more than one sim. This problem was not unknown to Melanie, who had caused a crush in Cary as well as in Patrick, and in the end had chosen to go out with Barry Broke.

Louise was glad that she had nothing to worry about (apart from maybe Ms Crumplebottom) when she was seeing Beau downtown. She had invited him on a date one evening and it had been great again. But as much as she liked their dates, it would have been nice to go out in a bigger group too. Since Beau was the oldest and also seeing Dustin progressing at college he was thinking more about it than the others and he and Louise talked about it often. Once they were adults they would have to spend much more time studying and there would be even less chance to meet.

Louise was shy - or timid rather, especially among strangers or when they were too many sims around - but did not lack confidence. Everyone liked her and she was not too unhappy about herself.

Then came a turn in their life, which was particularly important to Alice. She really wanted to go to a private school and had constantly tried to convince their parents to invite the headmaster. Mary wished the same for her children, so she was not against the idea, but she and James agreed with Alice that she had to wait until the renovation of the house was completed. Up to then the twins had shared a rather small bedroom and they wanted to start using the space they had upstairs.
But then, finally, the big day came and Alice was allowed to invite the headmaster of the private school she had picked. When he arrived at five o' clock she eagerly came out of the house before he even rang the doorbell and greeted him with a big smile. She found it hard to control her excitement and make a good impression on the headmaster. All the Simmon girls were very eloquent though and the headmaster soon had a positive opinion of them.

Their conversational skills together with the excellent meal Mary had cooked, convinced him of the aptitude of the girls and made him overlook the house, which he considered not well equipped enough for children despite the renovations. He did not look around much though, because he had already made up his mind.
All three girls were accepted at the private school.

 The Simmon Family pt. 4

After her big dream was fulfilled Alice became more interested in her relationship with Alistair. Her urge to study and gain knowledge moved into the background and her wishes centred more on him.

They were hugging and kissing a lot and sometimes Alice almost forgot to do her homework over it, which was highly unusual for her.

Since they were going to a private school it was Louise who had begun to study more. She was encouraged to practice her creative skills and she became a master before the end of her teenage years. She could also see Beau in school and stayed home in the afternoon more often.

James was promoted again and had thereby reached the top level in his career too. He had expected it as little as his other promotions, especially since he had been working in his former position for a long time. When he came home he glanced at the big limousine and decided that the best thing about it was that he could now stay in bed for an hour longer.

A bit later his friend Brandon Lillard came along and they hung out on the lawn for a long time reflecting on life in general and theirs in particular. It wasn't only his promotion which put James in a thoughtful mood.
'You know', he said to Brandon, 'sometimes it seems like yesterday that Mary and me moved into this town and got our first jobs. And then I look around, at our house, our daughters and I realise how much has happened since then. It seems almost unreal for a moment. I am still young and I don't feel I have changed much in all this time. My daughters are the most important sims in the world for me apart from Mary, but sometimes, if only for a split second, I wish I could start all over again.'
Brandon did not say much in reply to James' ponderings. He had a rather positive attitude towards the passing of time because it had resulted in Lilith growing into an adult. It never showed that he was a romance sim and he had never been going out with anyone before he started seeing her.

Since their daughters were seeing their friends a lot and were out of the house more often, the love life between Mary and James had regained the passion that had partly gone missing when the children were still younger.
When Mary returned from her job at night she wasn't always tired and they were woohooing more often again. His feelings for her had never changed since they had fallen in love shortly after their move to Pleasantview and the sex with her could still put a smile on his face (and hers) for most of the following day.

Then his thoughts wandered on to his daughters and touched the topic of passing time again. Alice had started to let her hair grow and wasn't wearing it in a ponytail anymore. This made her look almost like an adult and he had begun to suspect that the moment when his daughters would move to college might come much earlier than he and Mary wished.

Lisa had not changed her style much, but she was beginning to look more mature as well.

Only Louise still looked as young and innocent as always despite being probably the most grown up and mature in character.
He tried not to think about his daughters moving out any longer and asked Brandon to tell him about his recent life instead.

A short time later one of the worries Louise kept became true with regard to her sister. Alice and Alistair had mainly been seeing each other at home and one day she decided to ask him out on a date again. It was Saturday afternoon and as always they enjoyed being with each other.

Actually they had an even better time than usual and more than ever Alice felt the need to touch and kiss Alistair.

That's how they spent most of the date and it involved Alice too much to notice the horrified looks she received from Darren Bendett.

Eventually they decided to sit down and have a meal but they continued flirting with each other during the dinner. Alice had the best time of her life.

And then Patrick walked in. He and Alice had never fallen out of love although Patrick had started to see a girl from the neighbourhood called Jasmyn and was very happy with her.
It was no secret that Alice was going out with Alistair, still, seeing them together was a massive shock to Patrick and the most painful experience he ever had.

When she turned round and saw Patrick and the expression on his face Alice immediately got up and walked towards him. Alistair was too happy to grasp what was going on and although they were good friends he did not know how Patrick felt for Alice.

But Alice could read the face of her friend and she felt terribly guilty, not so much because of what she had done, but for hurting him so much.

She did not waste time and began to talk to Patrick straight away. Her reaction softened Patrick's feelings a bit and made him less angry, but not much.

'Look Patrick, I am so sorry I hurt you, but you knew that Alistair and I are together, didn't you? I did not think you still feel about me that way, you know, with you and Jasmyn going out.'
Patrick knew that she was right and that he really had no right to condemn her, but it did not ease the pain.
'You are my best friend. I could not bear to loose you as a friend. Don't be angry with me', Alice pleaded.
She then explained that although she would always be fond of him, they had both chosen to be with someone else and that she had actually been thinking about asking Alistair to go steady with her this very evening.

Patrick did not want to loose Alice as a friend either and telling himself that the whole scene could have happened the other way round if Alice would have walked in on a date with Jasmyn, he managed to hide his true feelings and put on a smile.
When Patrick accepted her apologies, Alice cheered up again. She promised herself that she would do everything to bring their friendship back to its former level.

Patrick did not leave straight away, but tried his best to ignore Alistair and Alice who in turn disappeared to the other end of the restaurant.
Although she felt extremely sorry for hurting Patrick, Alice did not want to end her date. She had not compromised or played down her relationship with Alistair, which proved how much she cared for him, and so it seemed like a good idea to ask him to go steady despite of what had happened.

She still stayed on for a moment when Alistair left and let the evening pass before her inner eye. That she might loose Patrick as a friend worried her, but apart from that she felt very happy.

Darren was over at their house a few days later and she apologised to him too and explained the situation.

Following the example of their daughters Mary and James decided that it would do them no harm to go out on a date too.
The Londoste had been taken over by a new owner and was meant to be more entertaining now.

It had been ages ago since they had been on a proper date, but James and Mary still knew how to make it a success.

After all the time they still found the same interest in talking to each other.

After dinner they danced and then spent the rest of their date kissing.

When they returned home they went upstairs and made love. Afterwards James realised that they had not taken any precautions and that some part of him had willingly risked a pregnancy.
Despite being a family man this was something he found hard to understand in this particular period of his life. For some time the idea of having another baby had filled him with a fear he could not explain.

Shortly after Mary began to feel sick and had to throw up in the morning. She was pretty sure she was pregnant but it came unexpected. Although, thinking about Louise and then her younger sisters going to college, she and James had reflected upon having another child, they had not planned to have one. It could only have happened the night after their date when they were both in a special mood and careless.

Since she was not certain yet she decided not to tell her daughters for the time being. She did not mind them having friends over. She felt very exhausted and tired quickly, but she could still relax even if the house was full. If it got too bad there was always the energizer.
One day Alice brought a townie teen back from school and Wendy Kim came along as well. Maybe it was accidentally or maybe someone had mentioned Alexander's attraction to Wendy, Lisa then invited him too. Alexander ended up spending more time with Wendy than with her and appeared to have a lot of fun.

Lately Lisa had thought a lot about her first kiss and that it was really overdue. She and Alexander were more or less going out with each other, but she wanted to have a look around before she chose Alexander to be the first to kiss her. Louise had talked about George, who was working in the shop, a few times and that he was the first one she had a crush on before she found her true love in Beau. The next time Lisa was in town she went to the shop and started a conversation with him.

She liked Alexander better, but thought that George was quite good looking and as nice as Louise had said. When she left she had developed a crush on him too.

When she saw Alexander with Wendy she began to doubt if she should have her first kiss with him. She was a popularity sim and not too concerned about those things, but to her (like all the other teenagers) the first kiss was some kind of binding act and she and Alex would be seen as a couple afterwards. She wasn't sure at the moment if she was really his first choice.

Alice had watched Alexander until she went into the living room to play chess with whatever-his-name-was. He was nice and looked like he wanted to make friends, but her mind was too occupied to remember his name. Their game of chess turned out to be a challenge and something in Alice's mind clicked, giving her the same insight into logical thinking her mother and Louise had. On top of that she thought about Lisa and that she deserved better in her opinion. She couldn't quite understand what her sister saw in Alexander.

A short time later James came back from town bringing a surprise with him. Baron was an older dog but as soon as James spotted him he wanted to take him home. The girls liked him straight away.

It was not the most convenient time to add a pet to the household. Mary's pregnancy was beginning to show and required the family to look after her well-being. She was happy and looked forward to another child even if it had not been her foremost wish. James on the other hand had very mixed feelings. His fears about a baby did not leave him and it was strange because at the same time he was happy about Mary being pregnant.

Louise thought it was great that her mother was expecting another child.

As much as he was attracted to Wendy, Lisa meant more to Alexander and he said that he was seeing her as his girlfriend. His father was inside together with Ivy, who had recently moved in with them, and Lisa had spent most of the afternoon in the hot tub out in the garden with him. Alexander felt it was a perfect day to ask her on a date.

They went to the P.U.R.E. and stayed on the dance floor for a while. It was not bad, but they both thought that the club did not have the right atmosphere, so Alexander asked her if she would like to go somewhere else.
Lisa agreed. When they got to the Leisure Centre though, she realised how late it already was and she ended the date and hurried home. She had an idea that Alexander had wanted to kiss her, but she did not want to upset her parents, especially not at this particular time while her mother was pregnant.

Alexander said that he was disappointed that their date had ended so abruptly when he called her the next day and invited her back to his place. This time he did not wait.
Lisa was after all happy that it had been him. She felt that Alexander had realised that he had not acted right when he was over at her house and that he was trying hard to make up for it.

They went into the hot tub again and spent the entire evening in each others arms. Lisa didn't care what the others were thinking, she thought that Alexander was really cute.

The sudden end of the first date kept bothering him and not much time passed before he invited her on another one.

Lisa enjoyed the date with Alexander. Before, they had mainly seen each other at home. Going out made a nice change and passionate kissing in public did too.

She was very fond of him, even if she remained curious about others. It was not unthinkable that their relationship would continue in adulthood.

Lisa looked very content and relaxed the whole evening and looking at her made Alexander happy in turn. It was around this time that some decisive changes were taking place in Pleasantview and it was one reason why they were glad that their relationship was gaining pace after their first kiss.

It was generally agreed that of all the teens in the neighbourhood Louise and Beau had the most serious relationship. They were already making plans to get engaged once they went to college. Apart from that nobody would have had reason to guess that Louise would be one of the first to experience the change in their life.

She was already close to woohoo with Beau, when he invited her over one day. They had seen each other a lot lately and she felt that his romantic approaches had become more pressing. It was not that she disliked it, actually it was exciting to feel that he was longing for her. She would have been prepared to do it with him, if there had not been so many people been at the house. While they were in the bedroom she could still hear them downstairs and she could not get rid of the fear that someone would enter the room any moment.


Beau asked her over almost every day after that and often he had that pleading look on his face. He was also starting to act a bit funny, nervous, giving her noogies (which she hated because it hurt) or being unusually playful (in a forced unnatural way).
It wasn't Louise giving in to him though. She had noticed a tension building up inside her as well and when she and Beau were together she felt all strange and tingly.

She still wasn't sure if it was really her first woohoo she wanted, until she and Beau started cuddling in the hot tub in the garden of Enrique's club. There was nobody else outside and they had more privacy than at his or her home. When he started kissing her, it became irrelevant anyway. Despite kissing him many times before, it felt very different that night and they were almost naked and he was getting so close to her.

He was on top of her with the crotch of her swimsuit remaining the last (and very thin) barrier between them and that's were Louise could not take it anymore. The tingle inside her was getting stronger and she felt like she was going to explode. In the end she seduced him, much to Beau's surprise and even more in accordance with his most secret dreams.

Their longing was not cured for long and returned a few days later. Louise knew that it was too late when she went on her next date with Beau and the whole night she made efforts to leave, but he always managed to keep her. First she was worried that her parents did not know what she was doing and then her mother came in and she started to worry about the opposite.
Mary, who had come to the club partly by accident and partly because she had been searching for Louise, watched her daughter for a while and then made up her mind that she could trust her. Brandi had given her some hints when they talked on the phone and it was very likely that these two were already having their first sex. Mary was aware of that. She trusted her daughter when she said that she believed Beau to be her true love though. Louise was close to growing up and in many ways she acted like an adult already. Before she left, she told Louise that she would allow her to stay out if Beau would take her home later.

Louise knew that her mother did not expect her to take her permission so far and stay out until the late afternoon of the next day. Woohoo was still new to her and the feelings it stirred in her frightened her even though they were pleasant.
When they arrived at the Bluewater Wellness Centre they became witness to Patrick and Wendy woohooing in the whirl pool. Louise had tried to ignore them, but she could not help throwing glances into their direction. It was weird watching two others doing the same things she and Beau had done only a few days ago and as a result they both got embarrassed and did not admit their intentions for coming there.
Finally Beau had the heart to tell her that he would like to go upstairs into the guest room with her.

The experience she was least acquainted with was that of her body controlling what she wanted instead of her head. In the back of her mind the new impressions were processed: Beau's naked body (she liked it), his erection (she had seen it rise when she got undressed) and many other details up to the afternoon sun giving their bodies a golden glow. But when they got excited it was her body telling her that she wanted Beau.

Beau promised that he would never leave her when they were lying in bed afterwards. Louise was trying to get another scholarship before she went to college and she also wanted to get to know her new sister or brother, but at the moment she wished she could grow up tomorrow and live with Beau on the campus.

The only serious competitor for her heart was Baron. He had become 'her' dog and the other family members including James had to accept this.

She was his master and when she went to school in the morning, Baron sat on the street and guarded the school bus until it was leaving.

James decided to talk to Mary about his doubts and fears with regard to another child one evening. 'I feel like I am betraying this child before it is even born', he said. 'I wish our daughters would not grow up so soon, but maybe there was a part of me that looked forward to me and you being on our own again. We haven't aged and it would have been as it was when we started living together.'
'And now it will be like the time when Louise was born. Is this worse? There isn't a period in our life that I would not want to repeat. If you don't know yourself at the moment, I do. Once this baby is born you will love it just as much as you loved the others.'

'I'm glad I talked to you Mary. I feel better already.'
'I haven't even mentioned yet how proud we can be of our daughters', Mary smiled, 'and they are lucky to have a father like you'.
'No, I'm terrible. I worry about them far too much.'

It was Alice actually, who James worried most about and maybe not without reason. She had a need and she had a mobile, a combination that could be fatal these days. At the first opportunity she called Alistair and asked him to come over.

Alice was waiting for him outside when Alistair arrived. Already on the day of her birthday he had stuck out to her (even if the question would always remain if it would have been different had Patrick not been a child then) and apart from being in love with him he had always appealed to her physically. She had trouble finding the right words, but even without them Alistair understood what she tried to explain.

If there would have been any resistance from his side it would have melted away when Alice - still wearing her school uniform - looked at him seductively.

They went upstairs into her parent's bedroom, but even if they already took some of their clothes off they still talked for a while. Alice - who had a preference to bring up such topics in the most unusual moments - was talking about college and that she hoped to graduate with honours one day. She realised that she had never asked Alistair about his ambitions before and suddenly it seemed terribly important to know.

Alistair had difficulties to have an opinion about it while he was lying on a bed together with Alice wearing nothing but underwear.

He was trying, but then Alice remembered that she had not asked him to come over to talk. Alistair still found it hard to believe that he wasn't dreaming.

He only had enough time to tell her how great she was before she closed his mouth with another kiss.

Every attempt to put his experience into words afterwards ended with 'Wow!'. Alice decided that woohoo was something she wanted to do a lot in the future and the way Alistair looked at her, she appeared to be quite good at it too.

His glances continued the whole evening, while they talked much less than usual. Most of the little conversation they had consisted of romantic and rather meaningless flirting.

Louise who was in the living room teaching Baron a trick, had seen Alistair and Alice going upstairs and could guess what had happened. She left the living room before she started staring at her sister again. Alice always looked so different when she was with Alistair and sometimes Louise felt as if she was the younger one.

Mary was very big by now and James said that he was planning to take a holiday, to make sure he'd be there when she gave birth.

The baby came in the middle of the night though and the whole family was there to welcome another girl.

One by one the sisters had woken up and were coming downstairs to say hello to Jean, as the baby was called.

Jean stared at them with curiousity even she was not yet able to differentiate their faces.

After she had greeted her new sister Alice looked happily at her father, who in turn looked surprisingly serious.

But Mary was right and after Jean was born James soon could not understand anymore why he had feared having another child.

The Simmon Family pt. 5

Actually, it was a lot easier to look after the baby. Jean became the centre of attention for the entire family.

And there were three teenage girls around who could look after her when their parents needed time for themselves. Louise in particular wanted to make friends with her sister while she was still living at home.

'Louise, come here and give Jean to me. You still have to do your homework'. James had not expected that he would have to fight to spend time with his baby daughter. Louise resistantly passed Jean on to him. 'She is so cute, I could just hold and cuddle her all the time', she said.

He looked at Mary, who was sitting at the table and suddenly he felt such a deep gratitude towards her. With her by his side nothing would ever go wrong.

The whole woohoo thing still confused Louise a bit, but she and Beau were slowly gaining experience. The whirlpool in the garden proved a good place for it, because inside the house she was always aware of the others. Outside it was quiet and she could forget that there was anybody else apart from her and Beau.

When they went into the kitchen afterwards Alice was feeding Jean and Louise's thoughts immediately turned back to her family.

When she saw that she was awake she took Jean from Alice and showed her to Beau.

Then she went into the bathroom to bath her and for the moment Beau, who was still in the kitchen talking to Alice, was completely forgotten.

When Louise returned, Jean was passed on to Lisa who also wanted to hold and cuddle her for a while.

'What a memorable moment. We actually have our baby all to ourselves', Mary said when they were in the bedroom later that night.
'I know. And now we have to put her into the crib because she is about to fall asleep in your arms'.

Mary had exagerated. While all their daughters loved the baby they had other interests too. Although Alice and Lisa were younger than Louise it was possible that they would follow her to university shortly afterwards and seeing their friends was important to them. There was an age difference between them all, but once the university terms started, it would not matter much. One by one they would leave the neighbourhood and never be teens again. While they were, they wanted to make the most of it.

Lisa was thinking along similar lines when she invited George over one day. He had some friends among their group and she liked him a lot too. She wondered if he would move to college with them or be like other townie teens who had continued in this life stage for an incredibly long time.

It turned out that the whirlpool was indeed a good place to be alone with someone and Lisa and George got very close that afternoon.

When the sun set, Lisa asked him if he was hungry and they were on their way inside when he stopped and caressed her. Lisa had recently fallen in love with Barry again and was thinking a lot about him as well as Alexander, but for the moment her heart belonged to George.

She felt that kissing him was a good response to his caress.

This in turn encouraged George, who until then had never kissed a girl before. 'I'm not really that hungry. Would you like to go back into the whirlpool?', he asked.

It appeared to Lisa that George, who did not have much romantic experience before this evening, was quick in finding out how you had to treat a girl.

After his first kiss, less than an hour earlier, he appeared to have gained an immediate insight that there was more to explore, because he was learning at an astounding pace.
Lisa had not planned to take it this far when she invited him over, but the way this was going she knew that she was about to have her first woohoo tonight.

George left no doubt that this was what he wanted and he strived for it with so much enthusiasm that Lisa was not in the least inclined to resist him.

He left very abruptly afterwards, but it was already past midnight and Lisa did not think that it meant anything.

Mary was very happy about her life. When she reached the top of her scientific career it satisfied her aspiration for knowledge, and even if it was unplanned it had been a good time for another baby. She was even considering if they should still have one more.

Her older daughters were growing up and she had reason to be proud of all three. Mary knew very well that they were seen as being special by the neighbours. Most families had done everything to bring up their children well and they were clever and beautiful too. But her daugthers were still sticking out, shining just a little bit brighter than the others.

James she still loved as much as ever. She was not the type who often showed her emotions, but he meant everything to her.

This was her current state of mind when Lilian called her one evening and asked if she would like to go out with her, Brandi and Cassandra (who didn't turn up).

It made it even more difficult to understand what happened next and why.

In a way Mary knew what was going to happen when she and Ryan started to cuddle. She had thought that there wasn't anybody she could possibly love as much as James until she met him, but since they were both very happy with their spouses they had carefully avoided any gesture that risked spurning a romance.

She could not believe that she was doing what she did and yet she could not stop either. She sincerely hoped that she could rely on the secrecy of her friends, because she did not want James to ever find out. Lots of neighbours had problems to handle the new atmosphere in Pleasantview and she was not the first married sim who cheated on her partner. But not only had she believed to be safe; while there may have been only a few sims who could not be tempted, she was sure that James was one of them. He was taking such matters very serious and to hear that she was unfaithful would break his heart.
Knowing all this made Mary feel more like a victim of her longing than a sim who was free to choose.

For the following days she felt terrible whenever James told her (as he liked to do) how wonderful she was and she swore to herself that she would never be unfaithful to him again. She met Ryan again a few times when she was in town and the feeling for him increased, but she kept her promise and agreed with him that they would not put their marriages at risk.

Lisa liked to take walks in the neighbourhood and meet new people and even if she was seeing Alexander as her boyfriend, it did not mean that they were together all the time. One day he called and invited her over. Already on the phone she got an idea what he was planning and she realised that Alexander was one of the few who hadn't had his first woohoo yet.
What had been unthinkable for the generations before them - who had sometimes waited a good share of their adult life - had become a normality.

Lisa sensed that Alexander was a bit afraid of doing anything wrong and she felt inclined to assure him that there was nothing complicated about woohooing with each other. But this would have also informed him that it was not her first time and she did not want to tell him about her and George (or her recently refreshed feelings for Barry, who she would have liked to be the first).

It was good to do it with Alexander too though and they spent a long time in the former bedroom of his sister.

The woohoo was good, but Lisa could not quite forget the excitement with George. Although she loved Alexander, she was not sure if their relationship would survive the step into adult life. So far, despite her interest in others, she had always found that she liked Alexander best and he had been very sweet during their woohoo. Would it always be like that?

Alice was most likely the one who got most from this new experience. It was mainly Cary and Alistair who made sure that they were meeting in groups from time to time, but of course they wanted their girlfriends to be with them too. As much as she enjoyed being with the others and having Louise around, when they had an outing at the No issue one evening she would have preferred to be alone with Alistair.

When he asked her if she would like to come home with him afterwards she gladly accepted. They immediately made their way into his bedroom.

Louise still had to come to terms with the emotions that came with woohooing and without Beau she would have been likely to wait with it, Lisa was still a bit undecided who was the right one for her - Alice just loved it and all the feelings connected with it, the longing, the excitement and the floating feeling that overcame her at times when she was with Alistair.

When they were at her place it was not much different. Louise still did not feel comfortable making love to Beau when her family was around, Alice knew no such concerns. Alistair usually understood the glance that signalled that she wanted him to come upstairs with her.

He was fully convinced to be the luckiest teen boy in the neighbourhood.

Everytime he went to bed with Alice it was as overwhelming as the first time and he was still unable to find any words which were suitable to describe the experience.

He was convinced that if Alice ever decided to split up with him, there'd be someone ready to take his place at any time, but to his everlasting surprise she seemed to be perfectly happy and said that she loved him.

Meanwhile Louise was spending a lot of time with her baby sister, unless she was seeing Beau.

She was very happy that she did become close to Jean before she left for college. At the moment she was still torn between her love for Beau and her family. He would leave in a few weeks and she could not bear the thought to be separated from him, on the other hand she hated the idea to leave her parents and her sisters.

James was the most important sim in Jean's life and when Louise wasn't at home he tried to spend every available minute with her.

His family observed that he looked like he was meant to hold a baby in his arm, but there weren't many chances to see him like that anymore. Like sim babies do, Jean was growing up quick and close to become a toddler.

On the day of her birthday the girls invited some friends over. Patrick and Louise didn't know each other well, which the twins considered a pity, because they were so predestined to become good friends. Barry she hardly knew because she was only seeing him when she was with Beau - and then she was with Beau. Louise had asked Lisa to invite him, so that she might become friends with Beau's brother at last. Melanie came round by chance but was immediately asked to join them, because Louise did not fully trust Lisa with respect to Barry.

As everyone expected, Patrick and Louise were getting on very well and were soon involved in a lively conversation.

When Jean woke up, Mary carried her downstairs and called everyone inside.

They all cheered and watched Jean turning into a toddler amid a cloud of sparkles. Up to then everybody had a great time.

This changed soon after. When they all cheered Jean, Barry had been standing right behind Lisa, but that's a rather lame excuse for her subsequent behaviour. She had been watching him the whole day, thinking how much she liked him and eventually it must have blinded her to the fact that Melanie was in the same room. It is unlikely that she expected it to go unnoticed, when she caressed Barry's cheek. The next moment Melanie was standing next to them.
Before he turned round to Melanie, Barry had looked into her eyes and Lisa was convinced that he had the same strong feelings for her.

She realised that she had acted very selfish when she looked at Melanie, but even then it was hard to feel regret, because she would have really liked to be with Barry.
Watching the scene, James, who usually sided with his daughters, later felt the need to remind Lisa that this was not how friends were treated.

But before that Lisa learned another lesson, when she saw Barry's reaction towards Melanie. She understood that she had no chance as much as Barry might be attracted to her.

When Melanie was at least prepared to talk to him again, he looked so happy and relieved. Even if Lisa did not like it, Barry obviously loved Melanie.

It was at this point that Lisa became ashamed of what she had done and for the rest of the afternoon she tried to pretend that she had never wanted to be more than his friend (actually she thought that he was the hottest guy in the neighbourhood and often wondered why it had taken her so long to discover how gorgeous he was).

James and Mary left the teens to themselves and went into the front room, where James began to teach Jean to walk.

James was sure that while he had given them their particular appearance, their daughters had inherited their intelligence from Mary and Jean made no exception to this.

In the kitchen everyone had observed the scene between Barry, Melanie and Lisa and they had not taken any notice of Patrick and Alice, who played punch you - punch me with each other. Then the party spread and nobody realised that they were gone all of a sudden.
'I still like you a lot, Alice', Patrick said when he put his arm round her.

'I like you a lot too', Alice replied. 'But we shouldn't do this, it's not fair to Alistair and Jasmyn', she added hesitatingly.

But that was as far as her hesitation went and the next moment she and Patrick were kissing in the whirlpool.

'I want you so much', he whispered and Alice pressed herself against him, and how much she wanted him. They had been so close since they were children and despite being happy with Alistair, she had never stopped loving Patrick.

Maybe it was the destiny of Darren's boys to already stumble into a romantic confusion while they were teens, because this afternoon Patrick followed Ben's example and went even further since the times had changed since then.

But like Ben and Lilith they felt that it would have invariably happened eventually, most likely as soon as they went to college.
'We should go back in', Patrick said, 'the others will be wondering where we are.'

When she walked around the house, Alice came across Lilith and she greeted her and invited her in. She had met her once before shortly after her graduation and was surprised to see her pregnant already. David had told them that he could remember how much time Lilith had spent with him when he was a toddler though, so maybe she was much fonder of children than one would think. Alice thought that she was a very interesting sim and had the impression that Lilith liked her too. They talked for a while before they joined the other teens sitting outside.

In the meantime James had already trained Jean to walk. She was tired now, but James was very proud about another one of their daughters learning so easily.

With the exception of Lisa, who still had to swallow the fact that Barry loved Melanie more than she had believed, they all had a great evening. Barry and Melanie had not made up yet, but he looked and smiled at her and was trying everything to make her forgive him. Since it seemed to work, they could enjoy the party as well despite of what had happened earlier.
It was another one of those days when they became aware that it was most likely the last time they would be together like this. Beau was about to go to college and they knew that they would most likely feel ready to grow up soon after.

James and Mary had a look at the group from time to time, but had spend most of the day inside with their youngest daughter. James had underestimated Jean's energy and he still had to read to her for a while before she was ready to go to sleep.

When it was time to say goodbye, Alice and Patrick separated from the others and went into the house. Alice wasn't sure what would come out of this. She loved Alistair a lot and until today she had never cheated on him. After falling out, she and Patrick made a great effort to rebuilt their friendship and as a result they had seen each other more often. They had carefully avoided to create any complications though, and Alice had tried to ignore what a good looking boy her friend was.
They would have both liked to go to college with a clear idea of who they wanted to be with.

This had become very unlikely after today. Alice could not let Patrick leave without telling him how wonderful the woohoo with him had been and he replied with a look that told her that it had meant a lot to him too.
Alice knew she had a problem. Patrick was good looking, sweet and they were very close, but she could say the same about Alistair. At the moment she was unable to tell which one she liked better and she was pretty convinced that this would remain so until they went to college.
Actually.. Alice became aware that her favour was swinging towards Patrick, but she reminded herself that he was going steady with Jasmyn and that it was possible that he preferred his girlfriend over her.

Eleonor had drawn her own conclusions from the jealous scene earlier and she was glad that she wasn't in Lisa's place except for the moment when she walked out of the door and saw the two embracing each other. But then she heard what Barry said to her.
'Look Lisa, I like you a lot and you are very beautiful, but you have to understand how I feel for Melanie. I really love her. I want to be with her and I think I want to be with her when we become adults. I'm sorry, but I'm sure you and me will always stay friends.'
Eleonor wondered if he would have said the same if it had been her and not Lisa, but it sounded like he really meant it.

The Simmon Family pt. 6

It was late and since toddlers never slept for long Jean had woken up again. Louise picked her up and carried her downstairs.

After she had dressed her she sat down and practiced speech with her.
'We have no chance, James', Mary said, 'unless we kick this girl out we will not be able to participate much in the upbringing of our daughter.'

But then they convinced Louise that she needed a shower and something to eat and Mary continued with the training of Jean.

Louise was very excited about Jean's age transition and after she had showered she returned to the kitchen to see how her little sister was doing. She had enjoyed the day with her friends, and talking to Barry as well as Patrick, but now she regretted that she had not watched how Jean had learned her first steps.
She was amazed how fast these small children learned (her mother said that she and her sisters had been no different). By the time she was tired again, Jean could already call her by her name.

The use of smart milk on toddlers that were smart already increased their learning ability substantially and Jean was potty trained not much later.

When Jean began to walk around in the house, Baron saw it as his duty to look after this little creature.

Jean made it easy for him because she followed him around too. When she reached him, Baron would lie down and she snuggled up into his soft fur.

Louise had hoped to be around longer but when Beau started college she realised that the wish to be united with him was stronger than the wish to be with her family.

There had been many events in Beau's family lately, his sister had grown into a teen, his older brother got married and Brandi was pregnant again, so they had not seen each other as much as she would have liked. On the day he was going to college he called her and she went over to his house.

He introduced her to Joy, who she had never really gotten to know when she was a child. Louise thought that Joy was one of the sweetest looking teens that she had ever seen. She combined the looks of both her parents and had obviously gotten the best of each.

She did not talk very much to Joy because she and Beau wanted to spend the last remaining hours together. She was not quite so intimidated anymore to woohoo with him when others of his or her family were at home, but they still did it less often than her sister Alice for example. That day she really wanted to be with Beau though, wanted to be as close to him as she could, in case she would have to feed on that memory for some time.

Beau made Louise very happy when they woohoo'd, whispering into her ear how much he loved her and how he would miss her, but afterwards she felt like her heart would break. She tried to smile and pretended to be confident when they said goodbye, inside she was close to crying. Louise was not sure if she would be admitted at college or if they thought her too young and would make her wait until the next term.

She knew it when Beau arrived at university and turned into an adult because she suddenly felt a big dark emptiness where her love for him had been. This was too much for Louise. The next day she started calling a variety of offices and authorities and by the late afternoon she had gained a place at college which she could take immediately.
'They said I could move tomorrow', she told her sisters when she came out of the house. 'I will be so sad to leave you', she said hugging Lisa, but she did not really look like it. Alice glanced at Louise and smiled. Even their parents had participated when they placed their bets on how many more days Louise would stay at home after Beau went to college (Alice won, her mother was close second).

'And you of course, Alice. You two have to hurry and join me, I can not do without my sisters.'

Her parents weren't surprised to hear about her decision and told her that they had made arrangements too and had bought a few things that would be useful when she was a student.
So the next day when Louise returned from school it was time to say goodbye. She started with her sisters, kissing Alice

then she hugged Lisa.

Afterwards she had a shower and then said goodbye to Jean,

and to Baron (Louise was so sad that she could not take him with her)

and last to her parents. For James it was very hard to see his oldest daughter leave home and he was close to tears.

He felt that they had grown up much too fast. Despite his reflections when Mary was pregnant with Jean, he could have happily lived the rest of his life with his daughters at home. Mary was sad too, but she was also very proud to see Louise go to university.

After all those goodbyes Louise had to leave quickly. Her family was very important to her and even if she looked forward to being with Beau, it was not easy to part from them.

Alice had not expected that Louise's departure would upset her so much. She became aware how different it was to think about something that was going to happen in the future and watching it become a reality. When they would get up tomorrow morning, Louise would not be there. Despite Lisa being her twin sister, Alice had always been a little bit closer to Louise and she began to miss her already, although she had not even gotten into the taxi yet.
There was another emotion apart from the sadness in seeing Louise leave. Barry must have felt similar, and their friends would also notice that their group was slowly dissolving. She and Lisa were even younger than Louise, but Alice suddenly knew that they would soon grow up and leave too.

She went after her sister and waved a last time. 'Louise! We see each other soon.'

James was very glad that they had Jean now. He sensed as much as Alice that a generation change was taking place. Their friends, like Brandi or Lilian and Andrew Gardener had already seen one of their children leave, but this was the first time his family was affected.

Although Jean had become very fond of Louise, she received so much attention from the remaining family members in the coming weeks that she wasn't too sad. Lisa and Alice stayed at home more to practise their skills and get another scholarship, but they also tried to be with their little sister and become close to her. On top of that Jean was still small. It was easy to distract her and they were also not sure if she was already able to understand that Louise would not return.

Lisa did not stop loving Alexander but in the last weeks before they became adults her interest in him declined. It had started one evening around the time of Jean's birthday when they were invited by David who wanted to show them the puppies which had recently been born.
Wendy did not hide that she fancied David a lot and still Lisa could not get rid of the feeling that something was going on between her and Alexander. She did not think they woohoo'd with each other, but she also believed that neither of them would object, especially if David would stick with the other girl he was going out with.
She did not even hate Wendy for it, she never denied that she liked having fun and was overall good company. When she talked to her, Lisa realised that she was not completely commited to Alexander either. She still liked him better, but she could not forget George (and at that time she was still thinking about Barry a lot as well).

Louise had left and it was the end of summer (for some reason they knew that this summer would have an end) when Lisa decided to ask him out on a date.
George said that he would like to see her, if she did not mind that he would still be wearing his work clothes and Lisa told him that she did not care what he was wearing (actually she believed that he only had this one set of clothes although it still surprised her that he hadn't even taken off his apron).
A short time later they met at the Hub. George admitted that he had never been on a date before and said that he was looking forward to it.

Lisa congratulated herself on her idea too, because she had a really good evening with him, even if some rather strange reflections went through her head. When she compared him to Alexander, she still came to the result that she fancied Alexander more and at the same time she had a strong premonition that she and George would get together. The incident at Jean's birthday party played a role, but why her disappointment with regard to Barry increased her interest in George instead of taking her back to Alexander she did not know.

After a meal they went downstairs to dance and Lisa thought once more that with regard to romance George had enough natural talent to replace any lack of experience.

In comparison to the behaviour of other couples their kisses were harmless, but they were still shocking enough for Ms Crumplebottom. This very old lady was notorious for her speed and like many before them, Lisa and George were still too engaged with each other to see her approaching.

The next moment she started lecturing George, underlining each sentence with a beating of her purse.

He took it like a man and it did not stop them from having a great date. They played darts for a while until Lisa realised that they had met early and that they could still spend some time at home if she asked George to come back with her. George was very much in favour of the idea, since he was guessing what Lisa had in mind.
He liked Lisa a lot.

When they were sitting in the whirlpool, Lisa told him that she had been unable to forget the first time. George had fondly recalled their woohoo many times as well and he was more than willing to repeat it.

This time he did not leave afterwards and they went into the living room to dance. Although the entire evening surely worked as a background influence, it was still a rather unspectacular moment when Lisa realised that she simply found it much easier to imagine a life with George when she was an adult than with Alexander. Maybe she did not become a fortune sim when she grew up, because it was not wealth as such that interested her. Lisa wanted success and Alexander was rich, but never seemed to strife for anything. George was much more rooted in reality and as cute as Alexander (why did she always use this word to describe him?). He was what she wanted on a long term basis.

'I know this comes a bit sudden, but have you ever thought about going to college?', she asked him.
'Of course I have', George replied, 'but when you are a townie you never know when or if it will ever happen. Sometimes I think that I will spent all my life working in that shop.'
'I can not make any promises but if it's okay with you I will find out if there is a way that you can come with me and my sister when we leave.'
George said that he had been ready to grow up for a long time and would be extremely happy if he had the chance to go to university.

Not long after Louise had gone to college she called them one evening and happily told them that she and Beau got engaged. When the first leaves were falling David went to university together with his girlfriend Ashlee and Cary left home soon afterwards. As Alice had expected, the age difference between them was melting away and she realised that she and her sister belonged to a generation that had to make way for a new one, which was growing up in the houses of their friends.
Even Jean was an example for it. A lot of women were or had been pregnant and todays babies and toddlers would soon turn into school children, replacing the older ones, who in turn transitioned into teenagers. It was all a big cycle.

After Barry and Melanie were gone, it was the turn for the younger ones, their turn. The last weeks all their friends had worked hard on their skills and the time had passed very fast.
Mary came into their room on the day they were leaving.
'You don't have to say a word Alice, I know that you look forward to college more than your sisters and maybe any of your friends. I would have been the same if we would have had this option when we were teens. I believe that all of you will do well, but with regard to you I am absolutely sure.'

'I am very excited, but even though I want to study I don't need a college graduation. I will go into science just as you. It would be a dream if we worked side by side one day, Mom.'
Alice was nevertheless very touched. She had become distracted from learning in her late teens, but knowledge had not become less important and it mattered to her a lot that her mother put so much trust into her abilities.

After she had talked to her mother, Alice went downstairs to say goodbye to her father. Mary had given them confidence and strength, James added the security that even if they failed and everything in their life would go horribly wrong, they had someone they could always rely on.

Lisa had played with Jean in the meantime.
'You don't understand what is going on, do you? You will have Mom and Dad all to yourself now.'

'Oh, come here you sweet little thing'. Lisa was sad that she had not found more time for Jean. There had been a lot of competition and even a toddler had to sleep from time to time. She was as fond of her as the others though and she and Alice were already planning to visit home regularly.

Then she passed Jean to Alice and went into the hall to say goodbye to James.

'Lisa, if you and your sisters don't visit I will be very angry.'
'Yes, Dad.'
'Lisa, I'm serious. It's such a short time since Louise left and now all of you are gone. I will miss you terribly.'
'Dad, do you honestly believe Louise would ever forget her family? Do you think Alice and I are cold hearted monsters? We go to university to study, but we will miss you too and we want to come and see you as soon as possible.'

In the kitchen Alice was telling Jean the same thing. She would not be a toddler that much longer and so all of them would return home to celebrate her age transition in a short while.

Alice knew that she had to get ready, but she wanted to enjoy this moment of peace a little bit longer. It was a big day and in a few hours her life would be completely different. After talking to Lisa she had made arrangements with the friends who were going to share a dormer with them. She had thought for a long time about this and was aware that it could go wrong and turn into a disaster with pain, jealousy and hurt feelings for everyone. But she was prepared to take the risk.
She hugged Jean one last time and then set her down and got a shower.

While Alice was getting ready, Lisa said goodbye to their mother. She was also full of anticipation regarding their life as students. She had talked to Alexander and got the impression that he had hoped that they would go together, but he wasn't too upset when she told him that she and Alice had a different plan. She was glad, because she did not want to stop being friends with him. Her mother had helped her to get a college place for George and he was going to move in with her and her sister. She did not know if it would work out, but like Alice she was willing to try.

It was in the morning a few days later and Mary and James were in the living room.
'I know you find the house very empty at the moment, but have you ever thought about the advantages? We do not have to worry about someone coming in, we have more privacy ..', Mary said and gave James a significant look.
He responded with a slightly embarrassed chuckle. 'I'm not sure.. with Jean around..'
'James, we only put her to bed half an hour ago. She is fast asleep.'

'Yes, I can see what you mean', James said as he moved closer to his wife.

The woohoo with Mary that morning was a very special experience for James because it corresponded to the nostalgic longing he sometimes felt. In this moment it was like there was only him and Mary, just like it used to be when they had moved to Pleasantview. Or like it probably would have been, if they had been as free in their behaviour as they were now. In all this time he had never met a woman who came close to her and he still loved her as much as then.

James went to work with a cheerful smile on his face. Before long Jean would turn into a schoolchild - and be around in the morning - but until then he could imagine to repeat this a few more times.

When he came home in the evening he usually played with Jean, who was learning a lot from both parents.

She made sure that they would not forget her at night either and they got used to not sleeping more than four or five hours in a row.

They didn't mind. Mary liked to play with Jean as much as James.

Jean usually got a lot of attention and so she could also be left alone for periods of time. They had bought her a new toy, which did not serve any useful purpose but was a lot of fun to play with.