Another group of students here. Those were friends of the first generation of teenagers in Pleasantview and they followed them to university shortly after. For some reason I had not much to say about them in the beginning, which is why I have not added their story earlier.

The Forgotten

Sharlene and William Thayer (not related) and Sophie Miguel called themselves 'The Forgotten' because their acceptance to college arrived at a time when they had nearly given up the hope to become students.
Sharlene was glad when she was finally able to begin her studies. The way she had dressed and acted as a teenager everyone had guessed her to be a popularity sim, but instead it was knowledge which was most important to her. She was nevertheless an open and playful girl and a good friend of Charlene Layton.

Although she was untidy and disorganised, she had prepared well for university and therefore was usually the first to complete her term paper.

For Sophie it was not so easy. She was ambitious but the circumstances of her life (which remained unknown to her housemates) had not given her the chance to train the skills which were demanded at university. She was a friend of Charlene as well and also of Angela Pleasant, but apart from that she did not know many people. In the dormer she quickly became friends with BJ Roenecke, a guy, it was rumoured, belonging to a secret society.

William used to work together with Dustin and like him he wished to put his criminal past behind when he entered university. He got on very well with Sharlene because apart from their second name they shared a lot of interests. He was a very different character though. He was rather serious and so tidy that his cleaning habits bordered on compulsive behaviour. Sophie was more like him, but it still took longer, until the completion of their first semester to be exact, before they became really good friends.

The life at the dormer would have been more peaceful if chance had not put two people together who seemed to be incapable of getting on with each other. If Venkat Vu and BJ Roenecke were in the same room it usually wouldn't take long before an argument ensued.

Eventually they hated each other so much that they would have a fight almost every other day.

Luckily there were more entertaining disturbances too, like the streaker who simply loved to pick their house to show off.

When they all went to university her friends found out a few things about Sharlene which they had never known. Already as a teenager she had become friends with Komei Tellerman, but had never mentioned him to the others. There was no specific reason for it, it was simply that he was a friend outside of their group.
At university she began to think about him and realised that they had overcome the age difference that had kept them from having a romantic interest in each other. The protection of minors was taken very seriously, but there was also some kind of biological barrier. But now she was an adult and it did not take long before she started to see more in Komei than just a friend. She had always liked him a lot and understanding, that he might have been the reason why she had never had a boyfriend as a teenager, it seemed a natural development.

The day after her exams and the completion of her freshman year, Sharlene and Komei went on their first date and her crush on him turned to love just as quick. Her feelings were returned by Komei, who thought that Sharlene was the most wonderful girl in the world. He was eternally grateful that she had grown into an adult. It was a development that - if at all - often happened only after a long delay if you were a townie sim like Sharlene.

After they got out of the taxi they stood outside for a moment and talked to each other. It's hard to say how they became aware of their love. Maybe it was a hug, or a flirt or maybe it was just looking into each other's eyes. What can be said though, is that the love had most likely been inside them all along.

Komei had already liked her a lot when she was a teen and when he had first met her as an adult she was so lovely, it took his breath away. He smiled at her and sighed and then said: 'You look absolutely stunning here in the sunshine, but maybe we should not stand around outside all day. Are you hungry?'

They went inside to order a meal, but then realised that they were not in the mood for it and much more into other physical pleasures. Although Komei had not kissed many girls before and was lacking experience, he immediately noticed when he kissed Sharlene for the first time that it was special and that it must have been her very first kiss.

Their first date was short, because Sharlene had class in the early evening and had to return to college, but they had a great time. She kept on thinking about her first kiss and that she didn't need to tell Komei how much it meant to her. They way he had laughed and hugged her afterwards, a bit surprised, but also happy, she knew that he understood without words.

Instead of 'The Forgotten' they could have chosen 'The Unkissed' as an alternative, because none of them had been going out with anyone, when they were teens. Sharlene had been more interested in reading and meeting her friends (and maybe she had already sensed that the age difference to Komei would not matter one day), Sophie was too involved with her difficult family situation (about which she still didn't talk) and William had a job, which was keeping him from going out much.
One day, when they were in their second semester and he had gone downtown to shop for some clothes, he met Diane Tsirkunov and was immediately attracted to her. Diane was not a romance sim, but she was very beautiful and received a lot of attention. Apart from Darren Dreamer, who had been close to go out with her, until he resurrected his wife, it was rumoured that she had an affair with Enrique Martinez.
This did not matter in the least to William. Apart from being beautiful, Diane was also a very kind person and she seemed to like him too.


William was very shy, which was another reason apart from his job, why he never had a girlfriend. It was not easy to overcome it and when Diane saw how much effort it was costing him to compliment her, she had to smile.

She liked William a lot and after some encouragement from her, he became more daring. And so the evening of her first visit ended with the first kiss for William.

There was another girl at the dormer which he also liked very much. Her name was April Hutchins. She was quiet and introverted just like him, but he had the impression that she was indicating an interest in him.

Since they all had a short break after their exams, he also chose the completion of their freshman year to invited Diane on a date. It was only a week after he had kissed her for the first time. They had talked a lot on the phone and met in town, but she had never visited him at the dormer before that.
It had been on his mind the whole week and he was very glad to see Diane again.

Now that he knew that Diane liked him as well, he did not feel so intimidated anymore and after a few drinks and some dancing, they began kissing and making out.

Their first kiss was good, but he had felt inexperienced and slightly clumsy. Making out with Diane was much better and William, who had cared mainly for learning and knowledge so far, was beginning to discover what made romance interesting.

When they were sitting in the hot tub later on, he was already thinking about future engagement and marriage. Diane had casually put her leg over his and he was very aroused by her body being so close.

He coughed and looked pleadingly at Melissa Fancey, who understood the hint and got out of the hot tub.

As soon as she disappeared inside, Diane moved on top of him and they started to kiss. William would have liked to woohoo with her, but the idea of having his first woohoo in a public pool did not appeal to him at all.

Before their date ended he was seriously in love with her. She said to him that he was the nicest man she had ever met and that she hoped they would carry on seeing each other.

Since William was already thinking about engagement, he was quick to assure her that he did not see a reason why they shouldn't.

The combination of youth and modesty gave a special charm to William. He gently kissed Diane's hand and told her how lovely she was and Diane thought that it was very sweet.
Before he went home, he said that he would try to take her out again as soon as possible.

While the relationship between Sharlene and Komei took longer to develop, it was based on a very solid foundation.

Komei would come over whenever his job allowed it and Sharlene was usually already waiting outside to leap into his arms as soon as he arrived.

There was an intimacy and closeness between them, which was only found with very few other couples and one evening when they were cuddling on the sofa, Komei told her that he wanted to marry her after she graduated. He did not propose to her, but it was enough for Sharlene.

They were full of longing and since there was nobody around to disturb them, they started to make out on the sofa in the upstairs living room.

Komei was not much older than Sharlene, only that instead of going to college he began to market computer software and had been very successful with it. But he had always been quieter and more serious and he admired her for her youthful liveliness.

While the other two were making good progress with regard to their romantic relationships as well as college, Sophie still had to struggle. Her family had simply been very poor and often she had been the only one bringing home any money. She had done a job, which did not require any skills, but was badly paid because of it, and often she just managed to do her homework before going to sleep. Her parents neither had the means nor the will to encourage their daughter to study and only her determination had brought her to college.
When she arrived there, she realised that she would have to work very hard to succeed and they were close to the completion of the first semester of their sophomore term, when she finally could throw her books to the side for one day and have some fun in town.
She had hoped to meet someone she fancied, but although she met a lot of people that day the only one that appealed to her was Stephen Tinker, and the ring on his finger clearly showed that he was married.

It did not stop Stephen from flirting with her and she got a bit of a crush on him too. It was all very harmless though. By the time it got dark some more guests had arrived in the club and she was already spotting another sim, who she found even more attractive than Stephen (it happened to be Kennedy Cox though, who was only interested in Gabriella and his newborn son at the time).
When Stephen Tinker left, she talked a bit with Geoffrey Royce and a guy called Corbin Lind and then went home. Geoffrey she had met earlier, when they both relaxed in the hot tub. He was good looking and so was Corbin, but she did not find them in any way special. Corbin she even found slightly repulsive, maybe because she had hardened when she was a teen and his optimism and ease was almost annoying.

The rest of the semester passed without any major events. Sharlene, who had wanted to be at college so much, now wished the semesters would pass quicker, so that she could finally be with Komei. She also wished he could have stayed overnight, but he was very busy and often had to leave after only a couple of hours (still trying to see her even if it was only for a short time). He also pointed out to her that it was explicitly stated in the college rules that non-students were not allowed to stay at the dormers. It was a rule that was not always observed, but he was worried that she could get into trouble.
Like the other townie sims he only had a tiny apartment, where visitors were not allowed at all, and so they could not meet there either. She once asked him, why he did not buy a house and he only said: 'I will. Once you finish college I'll get a house, but it will be ours, not mine.'

Then the exams came and the second semester of their sophomore term. Sophie congratulated Sharlene on her test results, which were excellent as always.

Afterwards William turned round to her and said: 'You can congratulate yourself Sophie. We all know how hard you have to work. I don't know if I would manage if I was in the same situation as you.'

The second sophomore semester passed quickly. By the time they all finished their term paper it was almost over. William decided that he deserved some entertainment for a change and one day he headed downtown. In the billiard room which was situated near the corner shops he sat down and watched the neighbours. Brandi Layton was there and she was talking to her friend Lilian Gardener. William was thinking about age difference and how it was showing in sims. Due to rejuvenating potions and the individual pace of each sim, it was really impossible to determine, but William (who studied maths) wondered if it would not be possible to calculate some sort of experience index. There was no sign of age in either of the two and yet he immediately sensed that they were grown up and mature women.
It was something that occupied his mind a lot lately and the reason for it was his increasing doubt about his relationship with Diane.

His mind was still set on marrying her, but although he did not really admit it to himself, he was not comfortable with the idea. It was not the other men before him that bothered him, but there was this difference in experience which made him feel he was too young for her, and he was not sure if she would not get fed up with him eventually. Then Sophie had one day told him about a scene in one of the downtown shops, which involved Enrique Martinez, Diane and some other sim women from the neighbourhood.
It was rumoured that Diane had intentionally set up Enrique and William became a bit suspicious that she was still feeling more serious about him than she admitted.

This was his state of mind when he met Elise Benson, who he recognised only when she greeted him. 'What happened to you?', he asked. 'A terrible make-up accident and I am unable to get this stuff of my face. Unfortunately Nina has closed her shop and I don't know where to go.' Elise had liked William right from the beginning and was embarrassed that he saw her like that.
There was colour smeared all over her face and it was hard to tell what she looked like underneath. They had met only once before and were hardly acquainted. He tried to recall her features, but couldn't. Although she looked pretty awful, her disguise made him curious and apart from that he also liked talking to her very much. He regretted when he had to head back to university.

Sophie would have liked to go out too, but before she could start with her term paper she usually had to do research and study the basics for a long time. At least she had kept in contact with some of the people she had met downtown. Stephen Tinker had become a friend, although she only talked to him on the phone. It was obvious that he was attracted to her and she did not want to interfere with a marriage.
The other one, curiously enough, was Corbin Lind. He had called her a few days after her visit downtown and then they had met a few times at college. When she got to know him better, she did not find him repulsive anymore, actually she began to quite like him.

'Isn't it strange how much your opinion of someone can change sometimes', she wondered when she became aware that she had a crush on him.
She now liked him for the positive attitude, which had annoyed her at first and lately she had noticed his good looks a lot more too.

She did not want to admit to him that she had never kissed anyone before, but since the first kiss usually had a special magic to it, it was hard to hide it. She didn't know whether he was putting extra effort into making it a good one or if it was the way he usually kissed, but she liked Corbin even better afterwards.
Sophie had not known much affection in her life although until this evening she had not known how much she had missed it.

Then it was already time for the next exams. They could hardly believe that they already gone through half of their studies.

They still stood outside for a while talking about their grades. Sophie could congratulate her housemates without regret or jealousy, because due to her intensive studying she was doing much better than she had ever hoped.

The life at the dormer continued as before, but they began to feel that they were slowly going towards a new stage in their life. Sharlene regretted that they were seeing so little of their college friends. It was nice to have fun with the other students who sometimes visited, but she was seeing much less of Charlene or Orlando than she would have liked. On the other hand she was always glad when Komei was over and when she was not studying she spent most of her time with him.

William on the other hand had not seen Diane much until she began calling him, asking him what was up. He could not explain, because he loved her and apart from being busy he had no reason except a vague feeling that something was not quite right.
When they met downtown for lunch he laughed about his stupidity. Diane was kind and beautiful as always and he enjoyed being with her.

When they were making out he thought that it was probably only necessary that he gained experience too and woohoo with Diane for the first time.
They stayed at the restaurant for a couple of hours until Diane had to return to the office.

It was too early to go back, William thought, and so he headed into the direction of Bluewater, where a new wellness centre had recently opened.
When he was about to order a coffee, he saw Elise Benson leaving. She looked very different again, but this time he recognised her straight away. He got out his mobile and dialled her number, which she had given to him the last time they met. 'Hey, I arrived at this new wellness centre, when you were just leaving. You must still be nearby. Would you not like to come back for a while?'
Elise told him that she had only left, because she was bored and a few minutes later she was back. 'What happened to your stylish make-up?', William asked.

'Oh, thank goddess, I finally managed to get rid of it, but I have no idea what did it in the end. I never bought so much removal pads and creams in my life before.'
One thing that the make-up had not covered were her warm and friendly eyes. Now he saw that they paired with a really nice smile.

He looked at her and before he knew what he was doing, he leaned over and kissed her.
Afterwards he was unsure if he should be more surprised about his spontaneity or about Elise returning his kiss.

She giggled nervously, but her eyes smiled at him. 'I didn't know, you were a dare-devil.'
'I'm not, at least I don't think so. I don't know what came over me.'
'But it was nice.'
'Yes it was.'
William would have liked to kiss her again, but he decided to buy her a coffee instead and they sat down at one of the tables and talked.

It was late by then, and Elise told him that she had to go home. Outside she closed her eyes for a moment and whispered: 'Please, let this be more than a flirt. I hope he calls.'

William knew that he should have gone home too, but he was restless and very awake. After a quick jump into the pool, he sat outside and stared into the direction into which Elise had departed.

William stayed out all night and it was late in the morning, when he returned. When he arrived, Sophie and Corbin were standing outside, talking to each other.
Sophie's feelings about Corbin had changed drastically. In the beginning she really did not think much of him, but whenever they met she had started to like him more and now they were about to fall in love with each other.

Corbin could kiss really well and Sophie felt warm and comfortable in his arms. She had never imagined that she would develop such strong feelings for him.

The first junior semester had required more work than the previous ones and Sharlene had not been able to see Komei much. After her exams Sharlene thought that it was a good opportunity to go on a date. Komei had just finished a project too and they could both enjoy the free time without any pressure. Charlene had told her that the Hub was a good place for a dream date and they decided to go there for a dinner and some dancing afterwards.

But they did not stay there very long. They had flirted heavily over the dinner table and when they went downstairs, Komei looked at her and said: 'I want to go home with you tonight, now, shall we head back to your place?.' His voice was hoarse and Sharlene understood what he meant by it. She was longing to woohoo with him just as much.

'Would you call a taxi?', she asked.

They were kissing the whole time during the ride home and immediately went into Sharlene's bedroom.

Between more kisses they began to take each other's clothes off. Komei had a strong and surprisingly fit body, given that he was working at a desk most of the time.

After their woohoo Komei smiled at her and searching for her hands under the blanket, held and caressed them. 'I love you so much, Sharlene. This was the best experience in my life.'
'For me too', she replied.

They were lying like this for a while and then Komei said: 'It must be late, I think I should leave.'

'Do you really want to go?'
'No, of course not. I hate to leave, but you know that it is not allowed to have visitors stay overnight.' While he said that he was beginning to caress her and a moment later they were kissing passionately again.
'Oh, fuck it, who cares..', he mumured as they moved back onto the bed.

Komei didn't leave that night and after they woohoo'd again, he turned and put his arm around her and like this they fell asleep.

The woohoo with Komei filled her with new vigour and on the following night she completed her term paper within a few hours. Of course it did not make her university time shorter, but at least it felt that way.

The Forgotten pt. 2

A few weeks later William and Tara were sitting in the kitchen and talked why they were having breakfast. 'We don't know each other that well, so please forgive me for interfering, but the way you talk about that girl you met, don't you realise that you are going out with the wrong one? Your girlfriend, who came over here a few times, Diane, she's beautiful and seems to be really nice, but believe me, she's not the one', Tara was saying. William was embarrassed, not only because being so shy, he did not like talking about personal matters so openly. It was like he got caught and he felt guilty towards Diane.

Sharlene had been standing nearby with another student. They were talking too, but Sharlene could still overhear the conversation between Tara and William.
'She's right, William', she butted in. 'Everyone can see that and you're not even talking about your private life much.'

It was not that William had not been thinking about inviting Elise on a date, but he was not the type to take things easy and maybe without the others he would have carried on with his steady path and got engaged to Diane eventually. But although he felt commited to her, they were not engaged yet, and after some inner debate he decided that strictly speaking he was not unfaithful to Diane if he went out with Elise. He had not made any promises yet.
So, a short time after his conversation with Tara, he called Elise and asked her if she would like to meet him in town. When they were standing outside the little restaurant talking, William felt like he had known Elise all his life.

After the meal they were dancing and William was holding her very tight.

He understood what Tara had meant, because Elise was expressing her love without words and if his feelings were written in his face the same way they were hard to overlook.

'I have to disappear for a moment. Don't go away', he said. 'Don't worry, you'll find me outside. I am getting a coffee for us, alright?'

Elise was sitting at the table with Gabriella, when he returned from the bathroom. 'I waited until you came back. Shall I get a coffee now?', she asked and got up. Instead of a reply, he put his arms round her and kissed her with a lot of passion.
They were almost falling over Gabriella, who didn't want to disturb them though, and tried to ignore the couple instead, even if it was hardly possible.

'Do you want to go somewhere else?', he asked. 'We could go to the wellness centre where we met the last time.'
'It has a bedroom, you can stay there overnight, can't you?'
'Yes, I think so', he stuttered, being perfectly aware of the room. But then he decided that he wanted to be honest with her and he admitted that there was nothing he wished more than to make love to her even if it was only their first date.

'Let's go', she said when he was finished.
'Really?! I did not even dare to hope...'
'Ssh. You don't need to explain. From the moment I met you I felt we belong together. Maybe it's a mistake but I'm not afraid to make it. Let's go.'

A while later they were on the bed of the Bluewater wellness centre.
'It's hard to believe this is truly happening', he said, 'what you said earlier about us belonging together, do you really mean it?'
'Yes, I do. I really want to be with you.'
'I feel the same. I want to be with you too.'

'and not only tonight', he added before he turned over and slowly moved on top of her.

William would have never expected his first woohoo to happen like this - so sudden, with Elise and in public -  but it did not impair the experience at all.

He followed her when she left the bedroom and kissed her once more.

He never wanted to let go of her again.

After a while they went downstairs and into the hot tub, but they both rather wanted to be alone. There was another small sitting room and they chose to go in there to play a game of chess and talk some more.
'I don't know how to tell you, but I think you should know that I've been going out with someone else before you.' It was the first time in many hours that William remembered Diane. 'I didn't make any promises, but I was serious, ..I thought it was serious..'

'I can live with it, if you don't want to have two girlfriends at the same time', Elise replied. 'What do you intend to do now?'
'I don't know. I want to be with you. I guess I have to tell Diane.' William didn't like the idea because even if there was no doubt that he loved Elise, truly loved her, Diane had always been nice and she had given him no reason to drop her.

It was close to dawn and William had to leave. He found it hard to part from Elise though.

Sophie was seeing Corbin regularly, but she also liked going out on her own when she had the time for it. She worked hard and had acquired the qualifications needed for her business studies, and almost for the first time in her life she felt that she had a fair amount of leisure time.

Her term paper she wrote mainly at night. There was not much time left before the completion of the junior year and every one of her friends and acquaintances had woohoo'd by now. It was not being the exception that bothered her, but they had all liked it very much and she was getting curious. And she thought that it was right to do it with Corbin, who she had really come to love.

As soon as she finished her term paper she called Corbin and asked him on a date. They met at the downtown leisure centre, but Sophie soon indicated that she would like to make love to him. Corbin had been hoping for this and they decided to go somewhere else. Sophie called William and asked him for the address of the wellness centre in Bluewater.

Corbin looked at Sophie as he followed her outside to the taxi. He had thought she looked nice when they first met, but in his opinion she had become a lot more attractive since.

'Look Sophie, I really like you and I want to woohoo with you very much. But if you do it only because you think I expect it, then tell me. I can wait.'
'No, you never put any pressure on me, not with anything.'

So they went into the bedroom and sat on the bed, where she moved up to him and rested in his arms. Once again Sophie was thinking about their relationship and how much her attitude towards him had changed.

and it changed even more after their first woohoo. Sophie did not really have an expectation, she had always liked it, when Corbin touched her body or when they kissed, but that was about it. Affection and warmth were relatively new experiences to her and passion she had only glimpsed at so far. She had not known how much of that was in her.

When they got up Corbin appeared in a completely new light and she thought that he was simply irresistible.

She looked at him with eyes that were widened from excitement.

Corbin took this as an invitation (which it was) and they went back onto the bed, where they spent many hours holding each other and making out. They did not woohoo again, but Sophie did not think that the first time would remain the last.

The rest of the semester passed quietly. They were trying to see more of their friends, especially Sharlene, who found the idea very sad that the people who had been close when they went to college would not be so anymore when they left it.

After their exams they would be in their final year and it was natural that they were thinking more about the time after college.

The exams came and they all got excellent grades.

'Sophie, I told you once before, but I am still impressed by you. I heard that you achieved one of the best results of your class, that's absolutely amazing.'
They didn't know at this time how turbulent their final year would become.

In the beginning their life went on quietly without any exceptional events. Sharlene finished her term paper quickly and then began to prepare for the final exams.

Sophie and William had to work on their skills before they could write the term paper, but then completed it shortly after Sharlene.

Maybe this one evening when most of their housemates became temporarily semi-transparent was an indication that something strange was about to happen in the neighbourhood.

On the other hand it could have been a scientific project that BJ and Tara were working on. However, soon after a new spirit rolled over the neighbourhood of Pleasantview and then swept the dormers of Sim State University.

At this point Sophie and Sharlene both noticed a slight change in their sexual relationships. Sophie was getting very edgy one evening when Corbin was over and really appreciated it when Sharlene offered her bedroom to them.

William was one of the few sims who felt a reverse effect, at least that's how it appeared to him. He had invited Elise a couple of times, but apart from romantic kisses nothing happened between them. He felt it had been a lot easier when they woohoo'd for the first time. Although he wanted it, he just couldn't bring himself to propose it to her.
He thought it might be better if they went out, but it didn't help much. He remained tense and nervous and found it harder to enjoy the time with Elise (though it was not her fault).

To make things worse they saw Andrew Gardener cheating on his wife with a townie woman called Sierra Hourvitz. William knew Ben Gardener only from the conversation of friends, but it didn't stop the scene from being very embarrassing to him.

Despite all this he and Elise made it into the upstairs bedroom eventually, but William remained thoughtful. He really wanted Elise, so what was making it so difficult?

When he was back home he tried to do an assignment, but found it impossible to concentrate on it. He put down some personal thoughts instead, hoping that it would help him to clear his mind.

He could not keep this hope for long. He had put all his difficulties during the last date with Elise down to being the serious knowledge sim type. And then all of a sudden as if it was the most natural thing in the world he and Sharlene were naked on her bed, kissing and being in love. How did that happen?

From there it went further, again without any effort from either side. Actually, he did not feel like he or Sharlene had really initiated it. It just happened.

Sharlene fell asleep afterwards and he got up to go into his own room. He had liked the woohoo with her a lot but trying to make sense of it all was very hard. Maybe his hesitation with regard to Elise resulted from the fact that she was the girl he wanted to marry and that he wanted to make experiences with other women first. He wasn't sure though.

Sharlene was confused too. She was thinking a lot about William the next day (thoughts that even involved engagement), but found it hard to comprehend what they had done. She could have confirmed that it did not appear like either of them had forced it, but it hadn't happened against their will either. She began to understand that this new liberty or change that everyone was talking about, also uncovered some hidden attraction that they had successfully barred from becoming conscious before.
The most difficult part was to put her feelings towards William in concordance with her feelings towards Komei, which hadn't changed.

She also had difficulties to come to terms with the fact that she had become a very popular girl almost overnight. The next day BJ Roenigke flirted heavily with her and made some obvious suggestions.

Even Tara signalled her attraction. It was flattering but weird.

She was almost glad when BJ shifted his attention to Sophie. She had told him that she liked him very much, but felt committed to Komei. She listened to herself when she said it and thought she sounded like a liar.

Sophie was more open towards BJ's advances. She had always liked him a lot and did not see her relationship with Corbin as binding.

They could hardly believe how quickly the semester went. Only one more before their graduation.

Although it was late, Sharlene called Komei and invited him over when she returned from her exams. While she regretted that she had cheated on him, she would not have put a bet on not doing it again. As much as she was simply happy to see him, he was also a safeguard against ending in bed with William once more.
His job had kept him busy lately and when he arrived she noticed how much she had missed him. She was looking forward to spend the few hours that were left of the evening with him.

But before she could even go inside with him, a limousine stopped in front of the dormer and a guy stepped out of it and approached her.

She was handcuffed and forced to enter the limousine.
'Don't you dare leaving while I'm away', she shouted at Komei who looked a bit puzzled by the scene. 'I'll be back soon.'

Abducted while she was about to have a romantic evening with Komei, Sharlene could not find as much interest in the secret society as she would have under different circumstances. Like Ben Jenkins before her, she arrived, went through the welcoming ceremony, got her blazer and then left again, apologising for being in such a hurry.

She was glad that she managed to get back before much more than an hour had passed. Komei was still standing outside chatting to some of her housemates.
The interruption had only increased Sharlene's longing for him and it appeared that Komei was feeling the same. He looked at her when she got out of the limousine and without a further word they went upstairs into her bedroom.

While she was getting undressed and ready to join him on the bed, she wondered again what had driven her to cheat on him.

He was her true love and always would be.

After their woohoo she held his hand and looked at him. She wished he could stay, but he had already told her earlier that he had an appointment in the morning.

In the meantime Sophie and BJ were at it in the whirlpool.

BJ might have initiated it, but Sophie warmed up to the idea very quickly. They had to wait for some time before all the students were asleep (or at least in bed as was the case with Sharlene), but then they headed for the hot tub without further hesitation - in fact, they had been in quite a hurry.

When he got out of the hot tub, BJ realised that they had been wrong to assume that everyone was asleep. Venkat Vu was walking by the very moment and looked at BJ with interest. With the help of Sharlene they had finally stopped fighting and were actually getting on with each other now.

Her last term paper did not require more work than the others and Sharlene had time to think about the last night and Komei. There was only a short time left before him and her would be living together.

Meanwhile they would have to meet at the dormer and Sharlene made sure that there were no long breaks between his visits. William was giving her looks all the time and she had to admit that she was tempted to woohoo with him (actually it had happened again another evening and regretting it afterwards was not good enough to stop her).

Tonight there was no danger of that though, even without Komei being around since it was William's turn to become a member of the secret society.

One by one the whole Pleasantview crowd was getting accepted, although none of his friends were around when he arrived at the society. William was wondering if this was one reason why the funds of the secret society had shrunk rapidly. 
Except BJ, William didn't know anyone there and he left again after a few hours.

In the final semester Sharlene became best friends with Venkat. It had taken them a long time to get to know their housemates.

Sophie and BJ were at it again, this time in Sophie's bedroom. She had decided that it was high time she got a better bed, so that they could go to her room if they wanted some privacy.

It was the first time Sophie could take a close look at him. After their woohoo she said: 'I don't know how to put it, but it seems to me that you are very well fitted compared to other men.' BJ looked down on himself. 'Of course I don't have your experience', (Sophie laughed and pinched him on that) 'but yes, compared to my schoolmates I must have been bigger at this age already. I got a few stares for that.'

About two hours later the limousine arrived again and this time it picked up Sophie. She was the last to become a member of the secret society, shortly after her friend Angela Pleasant was accepted. While some had been indifferent about it, Sophie thought it was a cool thing.

What she liked even better was the fact that BJ was among the group of people who welcomed her, and after they had given her the society blazer she walked up to him and hugged him romantically.

She had become very fond of him and was close to dropping Corbin. They were getting on great until Sophie, who had talked to the other students too, flirted innocently with one of them. She had not even been serious, but BJ got very angry and upset and although he calmed down a bit later he remained angry with her for days to come.

The next day Komei came over. He was usually in a very elevated mood now that he and Sharlene were close to living together. He had left his business early and headed straight to the campus.

It was great to have almost the entire day together. They were hanging out outside, had some food and in the evening they went upstairs into her bedroom.
Afterwards Komei went back into the kitchen because he was still hungry and Sharlene followed him.

But before she reached the kitchen, William stuck his head out of the door of his room and asked her to come in. He was already naked and almost automatically Sharlene undressed and joined him on the bed.
But suddenly she paused and then got up again. 'No. I'm sorry William, I can't do this.'
She explained to him that it felt completely wrong to cheat on Komei while he was out there in the kitchen, even if he would not notice. 'I know it sounds hypocritical, but we have talked about this, didn't we? You don't want to break up and neither do I. I can not think of being with somebody else when he is around.'
William sighed and apologised. He knew that Sharlene was right, but tonight he was feeling very desperate.

His desperation continued the next day and then he and Sophie were naked on his bed and about to fall in love.
Sophie's emotions were a bit unstable because of her argument with BJ and she and William had become very close friends. There had always been a fair amount of attraction too, and if Sharlene hadn't been around William might have made a move at Sophie earlier.

For a split second it occured to him that he could have waited until the afternoon and invite Elise over, but he was worried about becoming inhibited with her again.
Although he still could not understand why, it was so much easier to woohoo with his friends and housemates. And it was non-commital but not meaningless.


William got the impression that Sophie really liked to woohoo and he was right. So far it had been equally good with Corbin, BJ and William.

As if there wasn't enough romantic confusion already, a late evening conversation resulted in some more. Venkat was talking to a student who had moved into April's old room.

Sharlene had joined them at one point and after listening to Venkat for a while and realising that he had absolutely no romantic experience, she moved a bit closer and they cuddled. It was meant as a joke and her tone of voice made it clear that she wasn't serious when she flirted with him, but while Venkat was aware of it, it did not stop him from falling in love with her (and the other way round). They were both embarrassed about their fickle emotions, especially Sharlene who was slowly beginning to guess why Venkat showed no attraction for Suzanne, who she had expected to be his type. She also began to understand why Venkat had been so easily hurt by BJ's provocations.
Venkat's love for her was mainly gratefulness. He still had problems coming to terms with his preferences and Sharlene was someone he could turn to.

After thinking about it again, Sophie had made up her mind that she would live on her own first. The recollection of BJ's furious outburst made her angry and her thoughts turned towards Corbin again. But she realised how undecided she was and therefore living alone after college would be the best alternative. Seeing him again raised her opinion of Corbin once more. She had almost forgotten what a nice guy he was.


They went outside and into the hot tub. Of course Sophie had not overlooked BJ and when she got in she glanced at him gleefully. She had come to the conclusion that he had no right to make a scene and shout to her in front of others. She wasn't even his steady girlfriend and he acted as if he owned her.
Corbin on the other hand, as if he knew that it was a good time to gain points, was saying all the right things.

When Sophie asked Corbin to come a bit closer, BJ had enough and got out.

The other guy who had been hanging out with them left a short while later and she was alone with Corbin. She wasn't sure if she wouldn't regret provoking BJ even more, but at the moment she didn't care. For being a rather incompatible couple she and Corbin got on remarkably well.

The next day she did indeed think differently about BJ and she apologised for her behaviour. It had helped that she had made her point though and BJ was a lot more understanding.

Planning their future and dealing with the challenges of the present, the last semester passed even quicker than the previous one. Then suddenly it was the night before their exams, then came the next morning, they passed and then they were not students anymore but graduates.

Sharlene and William had both strongly wished to graduate Summa Cum Laude and Sophie congratulated William on achieving his goal.

Sharlene returned later. She had graduated with honours too and was in a fantastic mood.

The Forgotten pt. 3

She had to admit that it still wasn't much of an excuse for the woohoo with BJ which followed later that day.
When she looked at him she silently agreed with Sophie and what she had said about a certain physical feature.

But her curiosity whether this would make a great difference was not a good excuse for her woohoo with him either. In a way Sharlene was glad that only a few days were left before she would leave the campus. Even if she had not been able to resist an affair they had not really made her happy and she was looking forward to her life with Komei.

If he hadn't been angry with Sophie, BJ probably wouldn't have started anything with Sharlene. He and Sophie both weren't the type to forgive easily, but they were equally unhappy about their quarrel.

In the evening Sophie suggested that they should try to express their anger and get it out of their system.
'I really liked you and you just turned to the next best guy and started flirting with him. That was so cheap. We had been in bed together only a few hours earlier and you treated me as if it didn't mean anything to you.'

'I can not stand someone shouting at me, especially when I have done nothing wrong. If you would have trusted me, you would have seen that I wasn't serious with Warren. You only got upset because you were suspicious from the start. And you never even said that you wanted our relationship to become serious.'

When they were finished they did in fact feel much better.

'Do you think we can forget about our argument now?', Sophie asked.
'Yes, I'm sorry. I know I can be a pain sometimes.'

The next morning they ascertained that they weren't angry with each other anymore.

William, who realised that he had not seen Elise for too long a time invited her over and they spent the next hours in the hot tub.

William was very glad that it was now as easy to become romantic with Elise than it had been with his housemates, even if he didn't know what had brought about the change.

He would have liked her to stay the night, but after sleeping for some hours (they had spent a good share of her visit in his bedroom) she got up and left. William, who had started to develop strong feelings for Sharlene, now thought it was only due to not seeing Elise for some time. He didn't want to ask her yet if she was going to live with him, but it appeared like a very good idea to him at the moment.

Despite her excellent exam results and making up with BJ, Sophie did not feel as happy as she should have during her last college days. She worried about her future. Suddenly she realised that apart from wanting a good job, which earned her a lot of money, she had not really made any plans for her life after college.

Sophie guessed that BJ wasn't too happy to see them together, but he accepted that she had been with Corbin before him and if anything he was the one she was cheating with, not the one she was cheating on.
One reason for inviting Corbin was to get a better idea what and who she wanted. She was aware that she had left it too long and one evening was not enough to make a plan for the future, but maybe it would at least help her to get a prospect and approach it more optimistically.

She had a very relaxed evening with him and some of the other students.

When Komei came over, he and Sharlene were not seen for most of the evening. They had just gotten dressed again when BJ, who apparently needed to distract himself from Sophie and Corbin, came into her room and congratulated her on her graduation in a very passionate way.
Sharlene tried to make it look like a joke and laughed nervously. She was worried how Komei would react on this gesture, especially because BJ completely ignored him and acted as if he wasn't there.

But Komei was above making a fool of himself and only slighted BJ with the look of a man who knows that he has already won.
Sharlene did not see it, but she saw BJ's expression and she could almost feel Komei's self-confidence and composure behind her. It convinced her once again that she wanted to spend her life with him.

Two days later Sharlene had enough. She could have stayed at the dormer for longer, but all their friends had recently left college and were getting settled in their new homes. They were too busy to want to come to a party, especially since they had already partied a lot after their own graduation. She and Sophie had both visited the secret society once more and all three of them had split the money that was left from their grants. Sharlene felt there was nothing left to do and she was missing Komei badly.

BJ had tried to get into her bed again, but she didn't really want it, not because she didn't like him but because she felt that she left that period of her life behind. No, Sharlene was ready to grow up and begin a life with the sim she truly loved.

In a way William would have liked to be with her one last time, but for the main part he was sad that a sim that had become one of his closest friends was leaving. It also reminded him and Sophie that they would have to depart soon. Like Sharlene they did not really have any business at the dormer anymore. They had celebrated with their lovers, but they were not in the mood to have a party. William did not like parties very much anyway and Sophie was too occupied thinking about her future.
They both gave Sharlene a hug before she went into the taxi.

Some visitors came round and William and Sophie enjoyed a typical college evening.

While William talked to the Llama mascot, Sophie, who was lounging on the sofa next to him, suddenly looked up and said: 'I wonder if I really want to stay on. Maybe I should be leaving too. It is very strange not to have Sharlene around.'

'I know what you mean', William said after the Llama had walked away. He hugged her. 'Do you think we should make a move now? I don't really see the point in staying either.'
William had gotten a place downtown, where it was easier to find a cheap home than in Pleasantview. He had looked at a small home there, but he was planning to ask Elise to move in with him and there was not enough space for two sims. It was right opposite Sharlene's new house on the outskirts of Pleasantview and when he found out that Sophie did not have a place to stay yet, he told her about it. It was cheap and she could always sell it again if she found something better.

They went downstairs and William called a taxi. Sophie told him that she would have a last look around to see if they had left anything.

She watched William when he walked up to the taxi.

When he had left she checked BJ's room first and there was a last kiss to take with her.

She was very fond of him and sure she would miss him.

Then BJ told her he had to do an assignment and Sophie realised that it was time to leave. She didn't believe that BJ was indifferent about her departure. It looked more like he did not want to see her go and tried not to think about it.

After her age transition all her worries disappeared for a moment. She had done well and would succeed in her future life as well.

When she walked to the taxi she became thoughtful again, but it was meaningless. There was no way back and whatever awaited her there she had to move on to a new stage in her life.

Sharlene Thayer

Sharlene had a mobile but it seemed more appropriate to use the phone in the new house to call Komei.
'I have arrived', she said 'I really like it. What time do you come over?'
Komei told her that there was only one more thing he had to do at work and that he would be with her soon.
As he had promised to her Komei had bought a house in Pleasantview for himself and Sharlene. It was not so easy to get one in the centre of Pleasantview anymore and he said that he still hoped to get a better one some day. Sharlene thought that he had chosen well. The house was small and not all of the furniture had arrived yet, but it was a cosy place.

While she was waiting for Komei, Sharlene noted her first impressions in her diary.
'We could buy garden gnomes now', she wrote. Not all her friends knew what it was like to grow up as a townie and how different it was from their own life, at least in some respects, but Komei shared this experience.

When she saw him approaching she came outside to greet him.

They didn't stay out there long. A few minutes later they were lying in the bed that was theirs now, but before they could make love in it some visitors arrived and were ringing the door bell.

Reluctantly they got dressed again. Sharlene's thoughts were circling around the fact that she and Komei were living together - finally - after such a long wait. She was very much in the mood to woohoo with him and so was he.

Soon the house was filled with guests though and for the next hours she and Komei didn't even get much chance to talk to each other. She didn't know many of the sims who had graduated shortly before her, although most of them were friends of Charlene.

Brandon Lillard, one of Komei's friends, joined them a bit later and they were all dancing in the living room. Sharlene felt that it would have been more of a party if she hadn't been the only female, but they still had fun.

Later Komei sat down and he, Brandon and Malcolm were discussing business. Malcolm compared their work experience with his life as a local business man. Generally it sounded like it was less exhausting to work for a big company, on the other hand you weren't so directly involved in the profit making. He had earned a lot of money with the electronics store lately, usually when he and Dina were in the shop together (he was a bit suspicious with regard to her laziness and wondered if she had kept it closed when he was working) and since they were both fortune sims it had been a very satisfactory experience, even if they were both tired at the end of the day.
Daniel was interested in the conversation as well. He gathered that Brandon hadn't reached the top of his career yet as he had thought, but he was in a very high position.

When Malcolm got up (wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to go home and have a shower), Brandon and Komei talked about work some more, although they agreed that it was not what mattered most in life. Brandon could relate to the feelings of Komei, who was glad to leave the timelessness of townie life. Some sims had appeared in the neighbourhood at a later date, but he and Komei had already been around when Pleasantview was still a very small town and even if a townie was excluded from aging for some reason it did not stop them from having a history. Komei explained that it had led to a whole new life for him when Sharlene managed to make the transition into adult life and became a student.

Daniel thought that it was a good moment to join into the conversation and maybe inquire a bit more about Brandon's financial situation. Since they had already moved on to a different topic, Brandon - as well a Komei - was a bit startled, but reacted in the same friendly manner that he was showing towards everyone.

Brandon guessed the reason why Daniel was so interested in his income and assured him that he was well capable to support a family if he ever chose to settle. Daniel apparently wasn't too pleased with his wording and for a moment Komei wondered if it was necessary to interfere to stop the conversation from turning into an argument.
It only lasted a moment though. Daniel liked Brandon and approved of the sim his daughter had picked. He was a romance sim, but had never made use of his freedom, despite going out so much and tonight Daniel had been able to observe once more that he was very charming and got on with everybody.

'Easy', Brandon said when Komei followed him into the kitchen,
'You don't have to worry, I wasn't offended. Lilith asked me only a short time ago if I wanted to move in with her and I am looking forward to it. I didn't see a reason to tell her father, it was quite amusing to detect the hints he was dropping into our talk.'

It had been a good evening, but Komei and Sharlene weren't too unhappy when their guests were leaving and they could finally return to the activity that had been interrupted earlier.

When Sharlene got up with him in the morning he hugged and kissed her. 'Our first night together - officially - it was wonderful. I only hate it that I have to go to work soon.'

Sharlene checked the paper for a job in the medical profession and then went out to shop for some clothes while Komei was at work. In town she met Lilith. She hardly knew her (she was another very close friend of Charlene though), but thought that it would make a good anchor for a conversation to tell her that Brandon had been at their house the day before. Unfortunately this subject appeared to embarrass Lilith.

Komei liked to bring friends back from work and they had sims over most evenings. There was nothing certain yet, but it appeared to Sharlene that Corbin was hoping to live with Sophie eventually. It occurred to Sharlene that her former housemates had chosen townie sims like her, while the sims who had grown up in the direct neighbourhood tended to stick to their group. She did not believe that it was some kind of prejudice, but an interesting observation nevertheless.
Sharlene had a teenage sister and she wondered how long Pauline would have to wait before going to college. Having a neighbourhood friend was definitely helpful with regard to age transition and so far her sister had not met many of them.

Sharlene enjoyed having friends around, but the night belonged to her and Komei alone and they simply ignored any potential intruder who felt the urge to give them a late call.

Those nights as well as the days she spent in his company, soon reinforced Sharlene's wish to get engaged to Komei. Already when she was a student he had said that he wanted to get married to her after her graduation and she saw no reason to wait for him to make a formal proposal. One evening, when they happened to be alone for a change, she asked Komei if he would marry her.

Since Komei wished to get engaged to her too (and would have proposed himself had she not done it before), he happily accepted.

Actually it struck him as typical for the confident and energetic girl he loved so much, that she had asked him. Apart from that it did not make a difference. The result was the same whether she proposed to him or he to her.

Although they continued to have visitors they sometimes could not wait until they were leaving and they had to get comfortable by themselves, while Komei and Sharlene paid a quick visit to the bedroom.

Sharlene had many reasons to be content with her life. As she had hoped she found a job in a hospital shortly before their engagement and was working towards her life goal to become chief of staff. She liked the house and the evenings socialising with their friends. But Komei continued to be the main source of her happiness.
Sharlene was rather shy, but it didn't show because she was such a vital and fun loving sim. She sensed that it was not that easy for someone like her to remain faithful in those days if you weren't seriously comitted to a sim, which had been one reason for making her proposal. Knowing that she could be too easily tempted if the right situation arose did not mean that she wanted it to happen.

She loved Komei with all her heart and he used every opportunity to show her that he felt the same.

Both of them looked forward to getting married but they were in no hurry. When the weather changed and the leaves began to fall off the trees, they intuitively guessed that the autumn would be followed by a winter and they decided to have the wedding before it was too cold outside, but at the moment they were happy enough.

One day when Komei was in town to look for some warmer clothes for himself and Sharlene he met Gretchen. Although she did not know many students, or many sims in general, Gretchen and Komei happened to be friends and he went up to her for a chat. She only got married to Orlando in the summer but was already close to give birth to her first child and very happy about it.

When Komei got up the next morning he thought about her. He and Sharlene had not talked about having children but he was convinced that she shared his opinion about it.
Scientists were slowly digging into the details of some of the changes that had taken place in their life and he understood that there was now a certain risk of a pregnancy if you woohoo'd as often as he and Sharlene, even when you were taking precautions.

The risk they had to live with, because Komei had no intention to lower the frequency of their lovemaking but he had no wish to have a child this early.
Sharlene did in fact think like him already because she wanted to advance in her career first and it was another reason - apart from their unfavourable current work schedules - why they delayed the marriage. If they looked at the couples who had recently gotten married, they noticed that even those who had thought like them seemed to be overcome by a wish to have a baby right afterwards. There was no guarantee that they would not be the same.

Sharlene was happy she got promoted but it only increased their difficulty to find a date for the wedding because she was now an intern and worked until six o'clock in the evening and worse, she worked on the weekends when Komei was at home. Sharlene decided that she could only solve this problem by climbing another step on the ladder as quickly as possible.

Then something happened that changed Komei's opinion regarding the wedding. Sharlene had indicated that there had been some incidents at college when she didn't stay true to him and he believed her when she said that even a love as great as hers was not enough to resist temptation at times. Komei did not apply this to himself though. He was an even-tempered knowledge sim and could not imagine to be so affected by a momentary fancy.
He had miscalculated the risk from being friends with a romance sim. He liked Mary Mendoza and she had it easy to create a situation where he suddenly found himself in her arms.

He fancied Mary but she did not pose the smallest risk to Sharlene, nor did she intend to. He knew that she had been merely interested in the fun, what had driven him was much harder to explain. He had to admit (with some regret at least) that the woohoo with Mary had been a very enjoyable experience, but it was not one he wanted to repeat. Apart from the consequences that could result from getting caught, there were emotional reasons for not wanting to be unfaithful. Komei was convinced that secrets you had to hide from the other could gnaw on a relationship and destroy its happiness over time. Marriage was not an absolute guarantee, but appeared to offer at least some protection from silly affairs.