The Pleasant Family pt. 3

While others in the neighbourhood advanced in their careers quickly and without effort, Mary-Sue, to whom success mattered so much, failed. She gained a promotion, but was demoted again soon after, because she had been trying to run as a candidate before she was ready for it. Decisions that had worked for others were wrong when she made them. She had remained in politics because she was unsure whether she wasn't too old to achieve a good position in another career, but she really began to wonder if she should not give up trying in a job that did not suit her.

One reason to stay on was Enrique. When David was a child, working together was always a good excuse to invite him and Enrique had assumed a much bigger role in the life of her son than she had initially intended. Because she and Daniel became happier in their marriage, her love affair with him had not continued after she got pregnant with David. It was when David was already a teenager that she slept with Enrique once more. She had come back with him after work one day and somehow they ended up in his bedroom. Actually their friendship was not the best at that time and it had been one reason why she had chosen to visit him (which did not happen often). It had been a while since they had a longer conversation and they both enjoyed it, then eventually their friendly hugs became more romantic.

Mary-Sue felt more guilty than before, because Daniel had turned into a good husband and she had no justification for betraying him. At the same time she thought fondly about the woohoo with Enrique. She had forgotten that he was such a good lover.
It was not repeated though. Enrique did see a few more women after Mary-Sue (with one of them trying to make her jealous and destroy their friendship), but one day he called and told her that he had asked Kaylynn to move in with him and would try to be faithful from now on. Mary-Sue felt some regret, at the same time she was to a certain extent relieved that David's real father would have a steadier life. She also hoped that her son would never find out about her woohooing with Enrique again. Since he had turned into a teenager the sight of her and Daniel did not bother him anymore and she did not want to confuse him.

David met Wendy in school at a time when he really wished to find a girl he could fancy and although he did not know her well, she was at least good looking. He had called her a couple of times, but his attempts to make friends with her did not succeed. He had almost forgotten about her when he met her at a friend's house.
They did actually get on really well and a few days later he invited her home after school. Why he started to flirt with her, he did not know. She looked nice, they had similar interests and their personalities were similar too, but he had already made up his mind about wanting to be with Ashlee. He also did not think that Wendy would have a crush on him so quickly. David was a bit embarrassed. He had to admit that she was attractive, at the same time he did not want to carry on with his approaches. They talked a bit more and then he told her he had to do his homework.

Ashlee was very different from him in many respects, but maybe that was exactly what he liked about her. They were seeing each other often now and a few days after Wendy had visited him, he invited her to come and see him after school.
As soon as he put his arms around her, he knew that she was the girl he wanted to be with and the girl he wanted to be the one he kissed first. His opinion regarding steady relationships had changed since his age transition. Many of his friends were going out with someone by then and after he met Ashlee he had begun to understand what it was like to have one person that was special. He always felt comfortable and happy when he was with her.

'Would you like to go on a date with me? Right now? We could take a taxi to the town, you choose where we go'.
Ashlee hesitated for a second, telling him she would have dressed up if she had known, but she was very fond of David too and so she quickly agreed before he would change his mind or think she had refused the invitation.

The date started off really well. They called a taxi and went to town, to the diner, where David started to flirt with her while they were dancing. His friend Melanie was there and when he looked over to her she was giving him a knowing smile.

If he had looked in the other direction he might have seen Wendy approaching, He did not and so she seemed to appear out of nowhere, angrily attacking him.
'You could have told me the other evening you had a girlfriend! I wonder what she would think if I told her you flirted with me!'
David was immensely relieved that Ashlee had turned away to pick a song on the jukebox only a moment before and did not see what happened behind her back. And he was frightened that Wendy could realise her threat and talk to her. 'I don't know what you mean, you must have misunderstood me. I wasn't flirting with you. I thought we had fun together, but you are only a friend to me, I didn't think you were seeing it differently.'

'Yeah, tell me.' Wendy sarcastically applauded his performance. 'Liar! I don't believe a word you say.'
Ashlee was now approaching again but although his head was still hurting from the slapping he had received from Wendy, on the outside there were no indications what his conversation with her was about. Even if she did not believe him, he could see that Wendy was beginning to doubt whether she had really mistaken his actions and he was reasonably convinced that she would keep her mouth shut.

Ashlee did not suspect anything. 'Don't you start flirting with other girls while you're on a date with me', she said on her return. He was startled for a second before he understood that it was nothing but an innocent joke.

It might sound strange, but in a way David was not too unhappy about Wendy's appearance. She had talked of Ashlee as his 'girlfriend' and he liked that. It also did not bother him too much that Wendy was angry with him as long as Ashlee was not. The event had made it all clear to him that he did not have to worry that he might like another girl better.
'Ashlee, I really like you. Would you mind if I kiss you?'
She looked at him and moved towards him as a response. Her lips were just as soft as they looked.

They had planned to eat out but they were not hungry, so they danced some more, smiling at each other and thinking about their first kiss.

For most teenagers the first kiss is only a starting point for wanting to explore kissing in more detail and David and Ashlee were no different. Soon they were making out on the dance floor.

Then they sat down on the couch by the entrance and started to cuddle. Ashlee was sitting on his lap and was putting small kisses on his neck. It was all very exciting.

'Mmh', Ashlee sighed when he returned those kisses, holding her very close to him. 'I love you', he whispered almost inaudibly, but really meaning it.

'I love you too', she replied. Ashlee had very sensitive ears.

When David returned home he found his parents involved in very similar activities. Daniel and Mary-Sue had used the opportunity that they were alone at home and were cuddling in the living room.
He looked at them and started thinking about the recent changes in Gabriella and Enrique's life. Eventually he had gathered that his father and his aunt were easygoing with respect to their lovers and initially it had looked like a good way of life. But now they had both opted to live with a partner and a cousin had been born recently. Daniel was known to be a romance sim as well and at the same time he and his mother were happily married.
He had inherited the romance streak, but it was about to become a burden. Before Enrique had asked Kaylynn to move in, there had been a dirty scene in one of the downtown shops and today he had experienced himself what fiasco could result from flirting with too many girls.

He had been back for hardly an hour when the phone rang. It was Ashlee. 'I am sitting here on my bed', she said 'and I am not tired at all. I didn't realise that it was so early when we left. It's still too early to go to sleep, I mean it's Friday, we don't have to get up tomorrow morning. Would you like to go out again?'
David was tired, but not enough to stop him from seeing her. His parents were still in the living room and he did not want to join them right now.
They met at the Hub only to be confronted with another disturbance. David had always liked James and Mary and he had not expected James to get so upset about seeing him with another girl. He and Lisa were only friends, although they still liked each other more than that, but James was acting as if they were going steady. He threw angry looks at David and when he was flirting with Ashlee he always seemed to stand nearby watching them and indicating very forcefully that he did not like what he saw.

Fortunately James was not the type to start fighting, especially not with a teenager, who was still a child after all. But his family mattered to him above all and he clenched his teeth while he tried to restrain himself from expressing his anger and start shouting at David.
It was simply impossible for him to imagine that a boy Lisa liked, would prefer to go out with another girl and the possibility that it could have been Lisa who had chosen not to go out with David did not cross his mind.
That he did manage to restrain himself and actually leave the couple alone is something that speaks in James' favour, especially if it is taken into consideration that he - although generally open minded and kind - was a man who did not take unfaithfulness lightly. When Gabriella Martinez had once, more playfully than with serious intentions, flirted with Andrew Gardener he got very upset and it had impaired his friendship with Gabriella for quite some time.

When James finally stopped following them the date became as great as the first one. This time they sat down for a meal and when they finished it, they started to cuddle again. They were in a more playful mood though and David began to tickle Ashlee and she tried to wrestle him off and tickle him too. They were giggling and pretending to fight and every once in a while David snatched a kiss from her.

'Leave me alone!', she said, giggling and gasping for breath.
'What do you do if I steal your food? Will you hit me?'
'Yes. Leave me alone and leave my food alone too.'
The waiter had accidently brought another plate and after no one had claimed it, Ashlee decided that she was still hungry.

When Ashlee was finished David paid the bill and they went downstairs to the dancefloor where they stayed until it was time to go home. The evening had been a lot of fun and David thought that Ashlee was not as serious as he first thought.

Lilith and Angela at College pt. 3

After Brandon visited her at the dormer she studied very hard for the next days until she was sure that she would not need much more preparations for her exams when they were due. As a reward she had promised herself a date. She was constantly thinking about him.

Another place had opened in Bluewater recently which was like a mixture between a wellness centre and a hotel. Brandon had a day off and they met in the morning. They got a room for the day and after a coffee and a quick dip into the whirlpool they went in there and locked the door.
'You must not think I am under pressure from you', Lilith said, 'I really want this. I've been thinking about making love to you every day since our first date.'
They began kissing, but then Lilith paused again, because something had occured to her. 'You understand that this is my first woohoo with anybody, not just the first time with you?', she asked.
'For me too', he replied.
'What!? You can tell me, I know you'd have no problems finding a girlfriend.'
'I worked a lot and I like to see my friends. And then you know what it's like, you don't just want to do it with an anybody, you want to find the right sim to do it with. I guess until now I didn't find the right girl.'

'Does that mean, I am the right girl?'. She was leaning over and started to kiss him.
'Lilith! That's just coquetry', he said, but then added 'Yes, you are that very special one'.

When they decided to get up again some hours later they wondered that it was still daylight. They had forgotten that it had been quite early when they met and when they started to make love the world around them ceased to exist. Lilith wondered if her friends had experienced the same loss of control and Brandon was wondering about the same. There was a lot of wondering going on.

The kissing and making out she had known before, but sex was a brand new and very intense experience. She knew by the way he smiled and looked at her, that when he said that she was special, he really meant it. She was still excited and returning his glance she wanted to hold him and be close to him once more.

As if he had known it he put his arms around her and pulled her towards him. He loved her very much, but on top of that she was also sexy, especially at that moment and he would have liked to woohoo with her again.

He kissed her passionately and began to caress her thigh.

They ended up back in bed and when they got up the second time it was already late afternoon. 'I love you', Lilith said, realising that she could not remember saying that to him before. She had often thought it, but never said it to him.

Lauren had been close to woohoo for the first time before Lilith, but it did not happen. She and Ben had chosen the Martinez club for a date too. It was a good place and they liked it, but they knew why they had picked it and it all seemed a bit too obvious and forced.

They went into the bedroom of the club, but Lauren could feel that Ben was hesitating. Although he held and caressed her, he was doing it affectionately without passion. They talked for a while and then he said: 'I know what we planned, but it just does not seem the right moment. It has nothing to do with you. I am in a mood tonight, where I can not imagine anything better than to hold you like this and talk and I keep thinking that I should feel different or that you might be disappointed.'
Ben did not tell Lauren about the doubts that always overcame him when he was about to make an important step in their relationship because there was no way he could explain them even to himself. Lauren had never doubted that she and Ben were meant for each other and since her impression that he loved and liked being with her was not wrong, she could not really find an explanation for his restraint. On the other hand she too noticed that the atmosphere was not quite right. 'Let's go outside', she said.

After they had been sitting in the whirl pool for a while, Ben regretted that they didn't woohoo earlier. Maybe he always underestimated Lauren, because it was all too easy with her. Saying yes to a life with her would have fulfilled what he always thought to be his strongest wish. A wonderful wife, was a clear cut and happy future. His doubts stemmed more from the fact that he was still not completely sure if that was what he really wanted or if he was able to fulfil his own role in it.

He thought that Lauren was very beautiful and there were times, when he just wished to throw all his doubts overboard and stop taking things so serious all the time.
Lauren wished he would be more easygoing at times too.

Although they didn't woohoo it turned into one of the best dates they ever had. Ben told her that he felt like he only fully understood during that night, what a precious person she really was.

A few days after their date, Ben called her and asked if she would like to come over and see him. He greeted her outside when she arrived and the way he kissed her she immediately understood that this would not be one of the usual visits.

Soon after they were in his room and on his bed. For a moment Ben appeared as if he was about to change his mind again, but when he looked at Lauren she had this expression on her face, as if she was asking: 'So what's wrong with being happy?' and this time everything was right.

They made love until they were exhausted and fell asleep.

Ben did not sleep for long though and after two hours or so he got up again and sat on the bed next to Lauren. All his concerns about possible future implications had kept him completely from wondering what it was like to woohoo. He now learned that he liked it very much.

When Lauren woke up, he moved up to her. 'Hi there,' he said, 'how are you? Still tired?'. Lauren shook her head, knowing that yes was definitely the wrong answer.

She was really happy that they had waited now, because they were completely at ease.

The first half of their junior term had been an exciting time for all of them, but eventually it was over too and they took their exams, got excellent grades and received large grants.

Their appearance probably changed a bit...

and they slowly began to realise that their university studies would not last forever and they would move on to the next stage of their life.

They were still young enough to enjoy childish amusement though. Lilith was very pleased to see one of the cow mascots starting a fight with the cheerleader, who could not be stopped from visiting them (the cow won).

But since they had discovered the adult forms of entertainment they were keen to explore more in that direction.

One day Angela and Ben went out shopping for clothes. Ben felt that he needed a completely new outfit and was trying on a sweater and a new pair of jeans.

When he went into the clothing booth to change, the curtain was suddenly pulled back and Angela slipped in. There was a small stool inside the clothing booth and she moved him to it and then sat on top of him. This was too much for Ben who was not yet dressed and he woohoo'd with Angela right then and there, although they both guessed that this would not go unnoticed since it was such a small shop.

Lilith was longing to see Brandon more rather than less since their first woohoo. She and Lauren usually worked extremly hard at the beginning of the semester and then had plenty of free time afterwards. Sometimes she would meet Brandon downtown, but if his work schedule allowed it, he tried to visit her at the dormer.

There they usually disappeared into Lilith's bedroom after a while.

Sometimes Brandon, although it was officially not allowed, stayed overnight.

That way the second semester of their junior term passed quietly apart from an incident when Lauren was out on a date with Ben and Mary-Sue, Lilith's mother, started an argument with her.

It escalated so much that Lauren ended up fighting with her, although she found it inexplicable why Mary-Sue was acting so aggressive towards her and had tried to calm her down first. Ben had a faint idea what it could be that upset Mary-Sue so much, but not even Lilith (when she heard about it from Ben) could fully understand first how her mother had guessed that she was feeling more for Ben than friendship and secondly why she reacted in such an exagerated manner.

Once again Lilith started working on her term paper almost immediately after her exams. She had chosen a very ambitious topic, but it was interesting and soon she was fully concentrated on it.

It was near dawn when she stopped writing. The term paper was completed.

Lauren had gone to bed at one point, but seeing her sleeping didn't inspire Lilith to do the same. Instead she went outside and played the drums. It was exactly what she needed after all those hours in front of the computer and she regretted that she was playing so little now.

Angela followed the example of Lilith and Lauren this time and worked a lot harder at the beginning of the semester. She and Lauren finished their term papers shortly after Lilith.

Lauren had joined Angela in her efforts to get Kenneth out of his room, where he still spent far too much time. While she was talking to him one day, she noticed that he was in a very good shape. He had become a close friend of hers, but she realised that he was quite attractive too.

Ben was the only one who still hadn't bothered to write his term paper and when he finally convinced himself to do it, he was interrupted.

The secret society student found him in a compromising situation, when he was smelling his armpits to check whether he should get a shower before he sat down at the computer.

First Ben felt a bit silly when he was dressed up. He was not used to wearing a suit (contrary to his father who never wore anything else).
Generally he didn't know what to think about the secret society at first. He was curious to find out how they managed to hide such a big building, but overall he could not fully see the point of it.

When he found out about their funds he enjoyed the visit more and spent almost all of it making the lodge house a cooler place.

The Pleasant Family pt. 4

Even if her life had not turned out too bad, Mary-Sue was often dissatisfied. Especially with regard to her career she had not done well. But every once in a while even Mary-Sue had a lucky streak and one day she was awarded a large bonus.

It was around the time when cats and dogs began to roam the streets and the Pleasants were one of the first families to get a dog. The choice was left to David, who only needed one look to decide that Jerry was the right one. He and Daniel both wanted a big dog.

When they returned home it was quite late, but David still stayed outside for a long time playing with Jerry.

He was out with him again a few days later when a police car stopped in front of their house.

The police man came over and asked him to follow him. 'Your new dog is in the car', he said.
David was puzzled for a moment, but then he saw Daniel looking out of the window and giving him signs that it was alright. Daniel thought that David had made a very good pick and had started thinking about breeding with Jerry. It seemed like destiny that there was a female available from the adoption centre that was the same race.

The following Sunday David and Daniel were having breakfast together and David used the opportunity for a 'men's talk'. David was sometimes unsure about being a romance sim. The aspiration which came with the age transition into a teen was more a discovery than a choice, the most probable outcome given the experience and personality of that particular sim. Some were more clear cut than others though. David was becoming aware that he was rather mixed up. Like his (real) father he had a preference for girls who did not usually appeal to romance sims. He still thought that the most attractive girl in the neighbourhood was Alice Simmon, a knowledge sim. And then Ashlee of course, shy and also interested in knowledge. It wasn't only the fear of getting caught, why he did not want to cheat on her. He asked Daniel how much damage unfaithfulness was causing in his opinion. Daniel did not know what to say. He was wondering if his marriage would have been happier without him seeking other women.

David got a shower and then called Ashlee and invited her over to see their dogs. Cleo, the female, was already playing a lot with Jerry, but at the moment she was sleeping on the lawn. David liked her too, but Jerry he liked better, because it was the dog he had picked.

Once again more people were over at the house - Brandon Lillard who walked by and was invited in and Gabriella.

Since he had not been able to ask Lilith, David would have liked to know what Gabriella thought of Ashlee. She had met her before and they had talked earlier. He did not get the chance to ask, but in the end it didn't matter what any of them was thinking. He really liked Ashlee.

Of course Lilith and Angela should meet the new household members too and so they were invited soon after.

Mary-Sue who was standing nearby didn't like it that Lilith was talking so openly to David, but he was very interested what she had to say. Woohoo was a hot topic among his friends at the moment and some of them had already made their first experiences (David had been very surprised when Patrick told him about his encounter with Wendy).

Later that evening Wendy walked by and David greeted her and invited her in. He had the suspicion that Wendy had pulled some pranks on them since their encounter at the diner, but he didn't mention it and only asked if she was still angry with him. He told her that he was sorry that their friendship had only lasted for such a short time, because they had been getting on so well. Wendy seemed to be relieved that they were making up and she stayed on, relaxing with him and his sisters in the hot tub.

Jerry and Cleo made a good pair. They played a lot with each other and soon they were the best friends.

Before long the first puppies were on their way.

David suspected that it wasn't by chance that Wendy walked past their house so often, but usually he would greet her and invite her in. First he only did it because he wanted to be friends with her again, but then he had to admit that he fancied her too, although he was still determined not to cheat on Ashlee. On top of that his curiousity was raised when he heard about her and Patrick.

They had been hanging out with each other for most of the afternoon and in the evening David went into the kitchen to make some food. Wendy followed him.
'I still like you a lot', she said and then she put her arms around him and kissed him. At the Diner she had pretended it would have made a difference to know he had a girlfriend, but David felt it didn't really matter to her when she wanted someone.

When she had kissed him first, David still thought that it had been a lot better with Ashlee, not the kiss but the whole situation. Wendy didn't stop there though.
The last of his resistance was melting away when they were making out. Wendy was hot and she really seemed to like him.

He forgot all his good intentions regarding Ashlee and held Wendy close to him when he responded to her kiss.

Afterwards Wendy let out a short laughter. 'She knows she has won', David thought.
'Maybe you could show me around the house?', Wendy asked. 'Yes, alright', David replied. He understood what she meant.

The tour ended in the bedroom of his parents and when Wendy was taking her clothes off David followed her example. The situation was pretty obvious but David still thought he should ask. 'You're sure?'
Wendy just looked at him.

Then she put his arms around him and pulled him down on her.

David was excited and wanted to woohoo for the first time, but when he was in bed with Wendy he also started to feel differently about her. She looked very beautiful and he didn't care that she was probably easy to get. She was a nice, outgoing and lively girl and did not deserve to be blamed for it.

Of course he did not know enough about it to make a comparison, but he was sure that Wendy liked him better than Patrick.

After lying in bed for a while, cuddling and kissing, they got dressed again and she left.

David had only been asleep for a few hours when he woke up from the burglar alarm going off.

By the time he came downstairs the police had already arrived and arrested the burglar. It was still a bad thing of course, but tonight David could not really get upset about it. He was still thinking about Wendy and his first woohoo.

Mary-Sue was taking it much more serious. As a fortune sim she was particularly sensitive to every attack on her material possessions.

Lilith and Angela at College pt. 4

It was around the time when he became a member of the secret society that Ben was beginning to make moves towards Lauren. One night he flirted heavily with her while they were both in the hall.
He loved Angela, but had always thought that Lauren and Lilith were attractive girls and had only refrained from flirting with them because of her. In the last few days he had perceived a strange atmosphere in the dormer though and apart from his interest in the other girls increasing to a point where he forgot his commitment to Angela, he noticed a similar tension in his housemates.

Lauren found out that night that she could love somebody else apart from Ben (or not because the new target of her love carried exactly the same name).
It was a first sign that something in their minds had changed, but since neither of them had talked much to their relatives lately they were not aware of the effects that resulted from it.

Lauren was to find out more soon after. She and Kenneth had been in the hot tub for some hours and now had a meal together. She really liked him a lot and could not understand why he was acting so shy sometimes. He was interesting to talk to and, as she found, rather good looking as well.
During their conversation she caught herself looking at his body a lot more than a girl in a steady relationship should.

One thing led to the other and Lauren discovered that she was well capable of woohooing with somebody else apart from Ben too.
When she got up she recalled how much thought she and all of her friends had put into their first time and noticed how different it was all of a sudden. It had been the first time for Kenneth, but neither he nor her had made an effort to make it special. When she realised that she wanted it, nothing had kept her.

She thought that she should feel guilty, but couldn't. She had liked it too much.
Maybe in a way she expected that this experience would actually improve her relationship with Ben. She still had the same determination to get married to him, but if she lost him she knew that there would be others, maybe not Kenneth, but someone she could like nearly as much.

Kenneth went to have a shower and she walked into the kitchen to get some food when again a student arrived, this time to pick her up.

Lauren was familiar with the ritual that followed, because her friends had already told her about it. She spent a few hours at the secret society and then went back home.

Slowly the news reached them that everyone in Pleasantview and around had noticed a change in their mental attitude and with it the rumour came to Ben that his father had been seen woohooing with a townie woman called Sierra. He could not believe it to be true, but it did surprise him a little when he found him standing in Lilith's room, when he was over for a visit one evening.
'Dad? What are you doing in here?'
Andrew looked slightly embarrassed. 'I got mixed up, I thought this was your room.' After a moment he added: 'It's late and everyone else is asleep. I think it's time to leave.'

Lilith felt that Andrew had flirted with her a little and it made her aware that she was loosing some of her former restrictions too.
Lauren had told her about Kenneth and when she realised that she too was close to woohoo with the next sim available, she decided that it was about time that she invited Brandon over.

One minute later they were in the hot tub together.

Later she told him how much she liked the sex with him.

Ben was still flirting and made one attempt to seduce Lauren, but he never really became unfaithful to Angela.

It would have never occured to him that Lauren might think that he was unfaithful to her, until she was in the room after he had just made love to Angela and started shouting at him.

Her boyfriend was Ben Jenkins and she was well aware of his relationship with Angela. What did she expect they were doing when they were alone in their room? He could not understand the jealous scene that followed.
Lauren had a notion that she would deeply regret her behaviour soon, but she just couldn't think straight at the moment.

'What was that about?' Angela inquired.
'I don't know, Lauren is out of her mind', Ben replied and kissed her.

As she had expected Lauren did feel sorry for her stupid reaction very quickly and she apologised to Angela and later to Ben.

Ben was very upset, because the way she had acted Angela could have believed that he had cheated on her. With regard to Angela the friendship had only suffered from Lauren's side, because she needed a while to free herself of the jealousy towards her. By the time their exams were coming up they were good friends again though.

When Lilith returned from her exams the limousine of the secret society was already waiting for her.

Lilith was not surprised that the secret society was so keen to accept her and her friends. With the exception of a few, like Kevin Nanale, she thought they were much cooler people than the old members.
Of course there were some advantages to the society and if she would not have had excellent results already, it could have helped her to achieve them. They also had access to some rare devices and distributed them freely among their members. Lilith got a camera (which was usually reserved to artists) and - this pleased her the most - a punching bag.
The anger she had felt as a teenager did not return very often, but she still missed boxing. Further than it being a good way to keep fit she always felt very relaxed afterwards.

A lot of apologies were passed between Lauren and Ben. Both were aware that they didn't have much time left to repair their friendship and neither wanted to leave college still being angry with the other.

Her own actions made her outburst of jealousy look more silly all the time. One day when she and Angela returned from class, Dirk was over and as soon as he spotted Lauren he ran up to her.

Lauren did not think that Dirk was seeing anything but a friend in her and he was also Ben's best friend. So she was surprised when he flirted with her but she liked the attention.
On top of being a family sim, she had always been the one who had taken the idea of the "one and only" more serious than anybody else in their group. When she moved to college she could not imagine to ever be interested in anybody else but Ben. But things had changed and it seemed she could end up being the one who had more romances outside her relationship than any of the others. She wondered if she had repressed her secret desires more than any of them.
Whatever it caused, feeling a more radical change than most inside herself made it even more stupid to be so jealous and not accept that she was not the only one who had a different attitude now. She promised herself she would never make such a scene again.

Her intention was tested almost straight away, because Lilith called Dirk over and asked him to join her in the hot tub. Lauren noticed that Lilith wasn't wearing a bikini. So did Dirk.

The main reason why they hadn't continued their relationship was the conviction that they were moving into different directions and weren't compatible to each other anymore. Lately Lilith had been wondering if this assumption was still true. When she had visited Ben or him at their dormer she realised that she was still attracted to Dirk.
She asked him if he was thinking about her sometimes. The way he looked at her when he said that he did, she felt that it was true and he wasn't only saying it to please her.

They were chatting for a short time, but they were both aware that there was a tension between them.

Eventually Lilith couldn't take it any more and started kissing him. A lot of her former feelings returned at this moment and even if she couldn't tell if Dirk was feeling the same he was definitely getting very excited, when she moved on top of him.

They were alone outside by now and it was very romantic.

After kissing for some time Dirk slowly moved her around until he was on top of  her. It was one of the best woohoo's for Lilith so far.

Lilith was hungry afterwards and went into the kitchen. She had expected Dirk to follow, but instead he disappeared. When he didn't return after a while and Lauren was also absent, Lilith realised that he was in her room.
When Dirk joined the naked Lauren on her bed he decided that whatever happened he would never tell Ben about it. Maybe he would guess it one day, but none of his friends wanted to be the one who confronted him with the fact that Lauren was not as loyal to him as she used to be.
Dirk had learned with Gabriella that it was easy to interrupt the flow of events with the wrong action or word, but after some hesitation he asked: 'I was game when I saw you coming back from class today. But are you sure you want it too?' Lauren made a noise of the kind used to replace a clear yes.

But then she moved closer and smiled. 'I have given up trying to find out what I really want. I like you a lot Dirk. I want you to be with me tonight.'

They fell asleep afterwards and when Lauren woke up the next morning Dirk was still there sleeping with his arms around her.


Meanwhile Lilith was telling her sister about her experience with Dirk and how great it was. She was not so stupid as not to know what went on in Lauren's room, but it didn't make her jealous. Lilith did not believe to be immune to jealousy. If she made a commitment to someone, she would not want that one to cheat on her. But while they were still students it was a different situation. Because it involved Lauren it was a different situation. She was more amused than upset by the behaviour of her closest friend, who was woohooing with the same guy who had been with her shortly before. Lilith liked it that Lauren wasn't such a clear cut family sim after all.


It was very early in the morning when Lauren got up and it hadn't dawned yet. It dawned on her very shortly after though, that she and Dirk had spent the night together and that it was the second time she had felt such a need to woohoo that she had thrown all her family sim values overboard.

But it just felt so good!

Dirk stayed on for most of the next day and he and Lilith used the opportunity to woohoo with each other again.

After he left, the limousine arrived once more and picked up Angela. She was the last one before Sophie to become a member of the secret society.
Orlando had started it, but since then the latest fun at the society house was to give people a new style. There was a guy who had the most ridiculous hairstyle Angela had ever seen and she asked him if he would let her try a new look for him. She was not aware that this way she became a reason why Sophie and BJ would fall out a short time later. Angela did a good job and Warren looked much better when she was finished with him. Maybe with his old hair cut Sophie would not even have noticed him.

Back at the dormer Lauren was tired but couldn't sleep. She got up and went to Lilith's door and knocked on it. 'Lilith, are you asleep?', she whispered while she walked into the room. The light was on, but Lilith was snoring quietly in her bed. Lauren looked at her and then sat down on the other side.
Being the type who fell in love when she woohoo'd with someone, she would have had a lot more reason to feel jealous towards Lilith than she had with Ben and Angela. And yet, with Lilith no such feelings arose. It was strange, but she would even be prepared to share Ben with Lilith and that was really saying something. It was as if Lilith had become a part of her and it was easy to share that way.

There had been further changes since she acted jealous towards Ben though. A while ago a friend had asked her out and there was a whole group of people when she arrived downtown. She became aware that she was admired by a lot of men and she got a couple of compliments from Andrew (Ben's father) as well as Darren (Dirk's father). Darren looked far too young to be the father of an adult son and there was something about him that Lauren found extremely attractive.
Maybe it would have been different if Ben had not kept her at a distance for so long. When she noticed how appealing she was to others, she slowly got angry that Ben had taken it for granted that she would always wait for him.

It was usually forgotten when she was with him.
Her attitude towards him had changed though and while she still loved him as much as before, she was prepared to let him go if he did not put his heart into their relationship. But Ben, maybe because he sensed this or because he was more relaxed now, was giving her no reason to complain.

They had not seen each other for some days and Lauren led him straight into her bedroom. As much as she had enjoyed woohoo with somebody else, there was a time to end the party and concentrate on the one you loved. The end of the semester was near and they all had their future on their mind.

They were both yearning for it and came to the point without much foreplay. Still Lauren thought that it was better with Ben than any of the others.

They had some food and then went into the hall to play a game of chess. Lilith was there too practising her speech.

When the game was finished, Ben got up and started listening to Lilith. Lauren used the opportunity to look at his face which was always worth looking at. After a while she became aware of the strange expression it carried. He looked very serious and thoughtful, but also full of admiration.
'Are you going to make this speech somewhere? It's really good.'
'No, I'm only practising. Maybe I will make it when I get my first award.', Lilith joked.

When Lilith indicated that she wanted him to come to her room, Ben looked at her with surprise.
Lilith did not want to test her friendship with Lauren, but without talking to her about it in all detail, she was sure that she wasn't going to hurt her if she woohoo'd with Ben.
Actually, she did not feel like she was interfering with their relationship. She and Ben had something special but they did not consider living with each other.
She was in fact relieved that Lauren would know about her and Ben now.

Because it wasn't the first time. When Lauren had reflected on her willingness to share Ben with Lilith, it had all happened. They were in a different dormer in a room similar to hers.
Lilith had not felt guilty then. It was clear to both of them that one day it would have happened anyway. And she was tired of feeling bad about loving him. There was nothing bad in their love.

After she assured him that he did not need to worry about Lauren (who had gone to bed by then), Ben relaxed and they could enjoy being with each other.

Ben did not think it a good idea to stay overnight (whose bed he should have slept in, the last one he'd been in or the one of his girlfriend?) and he left after a very intense experience making love to Lilith.
When he got dressed he was thinking that not that long ago, he probably would have thought very different about Lilith or Lauren for acting this way. Lilith had told him that she was hoping that Brandon would move in with her and Lauren, who surely must have noticed, did not seem to find any offense in him cheating on her.
As much as they researched on the subject in his psychology department, it would take a long time to explain it. Sims were obviously more liberal in their behaviour and they made their first experiences earlier. But some changes were much more subtle than that.
Ben was still not sure what he really wanted, but he felt much easier about it now.

Lauren had not gone to bed for the night but only had a short rest before doing an assignment. She had chosen the floor for it and when she was finished she was very stiff.
Lilith offered her a massage and while she was rubbing her back they talked about the evening. When Lilith had convinced herself that Lauren wasn't only calm, because she had not seen Ben going into her room or coming out of it, she told Lauren how much her confidence (because Lilith was seeing it as such) impressed her, but that she was glad as well because it showed the strength of their friendship.

They promised each other to always stay friends. Lilith loved Lauren almost more than Angela, her twin sister. She and Lauren were not even very similar characters, but maybe this was exactly the reason for their strong bond.

Once Ben Gardener stopped being angry with Lauren he began to flirt with her again. Despite often being busy with Angela when Lauren or Lilith had a visitor, he felt left out somehow. He simply couldn't understand why Lauren, who was obviously attracted to him, did refuse him what she gave to others. They got very close to it one afternoon, when Angela was at class, but Lauren stopped him and said that she did not want to cheat any more on Ben.

It was true, although it was not the only reason for her refusal. She did not want to add another sim to her list of lovers.
When Ben came over to visit, he made a stop in Lauren's room first. Lauren was more demanding than she used to, but Ben liked her that way. It was almost frightening how patient and clement she had been at one time.
She was more of a sim being now instead of an angelic creature on a pedestal.

After spending some time with Lauren he made a second stop in Lilith's room. In a way it was as if he was the victim of a conspiracy between the two girls. He was young, willing and able, he did not object.

The times they had together were always special.

One day when Lilith and Angela were over at their parent's house, her mother got a bit angry with her for talking so enthusiastically about the topic (while her father had his own thoughts and said nothing). David was very interested, because more and more of his friends were having their first sex.
Angela smiled quietly to herself. Amid all the muddle and (now) unnoticed by all the others, she and Ben were having an active love life too.

Lilith and Lauren did not forget their studies over it and when they had their exams they were well prepared.

They had graduated with honours and now they could take a deep breath and enjoy the last days at college.

Lilith and Angela at College pt. 5

Ben and Angela arrived shortly after and congratulated each other on their graduation, also with honours.

Lilith had not forgotten Brandon, although they had seen each other less. She called him shortly after she came back.
Like Lauren she thought it was time to think about the life after college. Brandon was her constant.

She was thinking a lot about Dirk, but as with Ben, she had no intention to live with him. Brandon would always be her safe haven, even if her life was stormy (which did not mean he was a boring lover).

Ben was the only one who probably understood her better than Brandon, or at least that's what she thought until the next day.
She was glad that he had interrupted Ben Gardener (before she had to do it), who apparently had given up on Lauren and was making moves at her now. Lilith was a bit surprised that Angela acted as if she did not notice that he was flirting with their housemate and her own sister.
What she also did not understand was Ben's (Jenkins) behaviour afterwards. She thought that he had not a right nor a reason to get as angry as he did. For a moment she thought he was going to hit her.
After a while they decided to drop the argument, but they did not forget it.

The following day Ben came over to visit Lauren. When he arrived, Lilith was outside playing drums. Ben didn't notice how she was searching his face. He felt sorry for the way he acted though and the hope that Lilith was not angry about it anymore, was one reason that had brought him over.

Before he was going in, Lilith stopped him and they talked about it some more. Lilith, although she did not think she needed to, apologised to him and told him that she was sorry for hurting him.

He looked sceptical and sad. His anger was gone but his friendship with Lilith had taken a heavy blow. He respected her relationship with Brandon and he believed that she and Dirk (he had managed to guess a few things) were fond of each other. He could not see though why she would start anything with Ben Gardener, already because of Angela. As much as he liked Ben, he believed that he was only looking for novelty.
He had no friendship for Ben at the moment, but for Lilith he just cared too much. He could not bear to fall out with her.

Lauren came out shortly after and she and Ben went into the hot tub for a warm welcome. Meanwhile Ben Gardener had decided to throw a party and the first visitors were arriving.

He had met James through his father and they had become friends when he went to college. They had not seen each other for some time and he was one of the first he thought of inviting. Ben had bought a bottle of champagne for the party and they were toasting each other, James on Ben's graduation and Ben on James' new baby daughter.

Later he and Lauren had a drink together. Lauren also didn't know what to think of the way he had acted recently, but when he wasn't trying anything he was good company. She felt that Ben's main problem was that he was faithful by accident and not because he had chosen to be.
Angela had not been blind to his flirting, as her sister had suspected, instead she reacted with her own strategy. Slowly Ben realised that even if it was always with the same woman he was getting a lot of woohoo and he calmed down.
Maybe he and Angela had become lovers by chance, but they turned out to be a good couple. From the women he met so far the only serious competitor would have been Charlene Layton and he knew that he didn't even need to start dreaming about it.
'You know what?', he said to Lauren, 'I might cut my hair when we move back.'

When they noticed that the everyone was inside, Ben and Lilith went out for a moment, to talk in private. After a short discussion and more apologies from both of them, they were ready to make up.

Ben was probably more glad for repairing his friendship with Lilith, because he had been annoyed with Lauren earlier on. He didn't understand why she kept telling him about her new friend Darren Dreamer and what a great guy he was, especially in situations like this.
Lauren wasn't sure herself why she did it.

Most of their guests including Ben had left when Dirk came around. Lilith was still outside. After she greeted him she congratulated him on his graduation.
Dirk had not cared much about his degree and Lilith was a bit surprised that he did as well as everybody else. She wondered if he would always stick to his choice to be a pleasure sim. Somehow she could see that he would be fed up with it one day.

Not that she was against pleasure. She intended to limit herself to Brandon, the man she wanted to live with, but Dirk and Ben made an exception.

The next night Ben called her and asked her if she would like to go on a date with him. They had never been on a date, although when they were teens they had been out together many times. They went to the Hub and started the evening with some dancing.
Lilith thought that one reason why her relationship with Ben was special was that she was getting to see a hidden side of him when they were together.

But tonight, being on a date created a different atmoshpere, although they still had a lot of fun.

For the first time she wondered what it would be like if they lived together and when Ben said that he was about to fall in love with her, she understood what he meant.

The moment passed and they were back on the level of 'friends+', close friends who happened to love each other.
'Are you hungry?', Ben asked, 'I was starving when we arrived here.'

Over their dinner Lilith explained that in her opinion many of the confused feelings of late boiled down to physical attraction. 'You have to admit that it feels great. Before I felt like I never could let myself go. Something stopped me from just doing it when I wanted.'
'Yes, I know what you mean', Ben replied, staring thoughtfully at the plate in front of him.
'Now those barriers are gone and we haven't yet learned how to handle it.'

'It's not easy when you go off like a rocket, who still thinks straight then? And at the same time you're meant to know what you subconsciously wanted all the time and what is just physical desire?'

Later she wasn't so sure anymore if what she said was right. Maybe there was a way to tell. Ben was her best friend and it was the most important aspect in her definition of their relationship. New feelings had mixed in with it, when they submitted to their longing and woohoo'd with each other. Because of the strong foundation of their friendship they were true and honest though.

Now they knew that there had never been a reason to feel guilty. Sometimes they just fooled around and their kissing was more friend's play than real romance.

Tonight it turned into true romance more often though, especially when the sun rose and they were agitated instead of tired from the lack of sleep.

Before they went home they returned to the dance floor for a while. Lilith had to admit that going on a date had affected her, even if they had spend most of the evening the same way as many times before when they were out. Tonight though, she had been more aware than ever what an absolutely lovely guy he was.

She was seeing him in a new and different way. Tonight she had been ready to believe that he might be the One after all.

Angela's strategy to keep him occupied had worked and Ben relaxed in the last days at college. Whenever he had tried to cheat on her, it had usually resulted in damaged friendships and anger and he was not sure he really wanted such complications in his life. He was getting enough loving from Angela.

One morning when they were having breakfast together Angela decided to tell Ben that she did not miss what went on but had chosen to let him find his way to her (or not).
Ben was impressed. In the last two semesters Angela had assumed that slightly indifferent attitude again and he had actually believed that she had not noticed any of his flirting.

Lilith was glad that Ben was his old self again. He was attractive enough, but she had always felt that he belonged to her sister.
She preferred him as a friend, someone to have fun with. Lilith realised that she had not pulled a prank on anybody in all the time she'd been at college. It was time to change that and make Ben the target of a water balloon.

He ventrilo-farted her in revenge. It was fun and they both enjoyed it, although Ben was quite wet from the water balloon.

It was a good way to start the party and just in time Lilith's guests arrived. She was looking forward to see Dirk as well as Ben, but she had also invited Emmy, not only because they had recently become friends but also because she wanted to see if Dirk acted any different when she was around. At least he wasn't trying to flirt with Charlene again, which all his friends found embarrassingly foolish. That Dirk apparently still believed to have a chance was astounding. Lilith thought that the sim who could bring Charlene and Dustin apart had yet to be born and if it did happen it would make her really sad.

She had bought some more champagne and went outside with two glasses to toast with Dirk.

She also had a toast with Charlene during her party and already began to feel sligtly dizzy. None of them were used to drinking.

But she was far from drunk, even if she felt intoxicated. Everyone had a good time and she was drifting from one friend to the other. One moment she was giving a romatic hug to Dirk

the next she was turning back to Ben, toasting on their exam and the honours they received.

It was like a dream, there were no upsets or hard feelings. Dirk actually smiled when he saw Ben caressing her, thinking that Ben seemed to like Lilith much more than he thought.

Then, shortly before the party ended, Dirk started to flirt with her and soon they were in her bed. When they had just stopped woohooing Emmy came in, but to Lilith's surprise she didn't get upset about seeing them together.

She got up and dressed and then turned round to Dirk with a questioning look. He guessed what she wanted to know and assured her that Emmy liked her a lot and was not the jealous type anyway.

She walked out of the room and into the kitchen where she ended up in Ben's arms shortly after.

Once again she had an observer but Lauren was as easy as Emmy before. Lilith had worried for a second, because Lauren knew about them but had not seen them together before.

She used the opportunity to toast with Lauren and decided that it was time to stop drinking after that.

'On our friendship!', Lauren said. 'I hope we will always remain so close even when we don't live together anymore.'

It was a fantastic party, the best one Lilith ever had.

When everyone had left Ben and Angela had a glass together

before they went into the bedroom for a romantic ending of the evening.

'You know, I think I needed those last days to clear up my mind about us. I am really looking forward to live with you now', Ben said.
They decided that they would move back to Pleasantview in the next days.

Lauren ended the evening with Kenneth. He had asked her if she would still like to get into the hot tub for a bit. When she joined him he embraced her and told her how sad he was about her leaving. 'I will never forget you Lauren. I will miss you so much.'

Then he began to massage her back..

Lauren thought that it was all too sweet to resist.

Lilith decided that it was still early enough to invite Brandon. She had sobered up, but was close to getting drunk again when she had another glass of champagne with Brandon.
He stayed for most of the night, but left before Lilith woke up. She still hadn't asked him if he wanted to live with her when she left college, she was convinced though that he wanted it too. It seemed unnecessary to talk about it.

In the morning Angela told her that she and Ben were planning to return to Pleasantview in the next days. 'I might be gone before you', Lilith said, 'I already packed most of my things.'

When it was time to leave Lilith (who had agreed to stay on for Charlene's graduation party) said goodbye to everyone

and then called the taxi. As soon as she hung up the phone her age transition started.

When it arrived she was ready to start a new period in her life.

One by one they left. First Ben..

then Angela.

Lauren was the last. When the taxi with Ben left, Kenneth came back from his class and she said goodbye to him again.

Shortly before Angela's taxi arrived they finished the bottle of champagne. 'I'm giving you a call as soon as I get back', Lauren, who was going to visit some relatives before her return to Pleasantview, said.

And then Lauren had a last look around, packed the last things and called for a taxi.